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Fancy directing your own gay porn movies in Men Bang?

Nutaku’s LGBTQ+ gaming platform has a range of gay games on offer including Men Bang which features animated characters based on real life porn stars.

And all of these guys are willing to be talked into performing for you…if you know how to give them the right encouragement.

From sweet talking, bribing and cash payments this empire-building title gives you everything you need to set yourself up as the hottest new porn director in town.

In this review, we take a closer look at the gay dating sim game that is Men Bang.

What is Men Bang?

Men Bang is one of several gay games available to play for free on the Nutaku platform, which also includes the popular Gay Harem.

Owned by MindGeek (the internet pornography company behind sites like Pornhub, Reality Kings and Brazzers), Nutaku is an adult gaming site that specializes in the hentai genre – an increasingly popular subgenre of the adult gaming industry.

We’ve recently featured all of the current titles on offer at Nutaku in our guide to the Best Gay Games on Nutaku: From CockVille to Men Bang.

Men bang review nutaku gay games

Men Bang itself is a casual clicker style dating sim game where you play the lead role of semi-professional porn producer. Yes, it’s your mission to pick up guys and seduce them into performing for you by any means necessary.

You start out with a taxi that you have, conveniently, just inherited and this is your primary tool for cruising for amateurs.

Using your charm and persuasion, you can pose as a fake cab driver or offer any number of other lies to get your way; offer them a massage, a date or even the truth but just make sure that they get their clothes off on camera so you can capture the action.

Every guy you meet will need a different approach so there is some strategy to the game play as well as the raunchy rewards of the resulting ‘films’ and pics that you record.

It’s a tantalizingly addictive game that has tons of features that make it a richly complex title to play, which is why we listed it as one of our 16 top gay gaming titles.

Playing Men Bang

When you launch the game, you will get a quick video recap of the story before being presented with a map of the city on which your ‘taxi’ is set to go.

The scene kicks off when a handsome hunk flags down your cab and you agree to take him for a ride.

Once he’s in your back seat it is up to you to decide how to handle him. You have different options to seduce your passengers and each guy varies in terms of what he wants before he gets naked for you. Some want money, others want gifts whilst most will need some sweet-talking.

Each action you take results in a kind of mini-game which you must complete before advancing to the next stage of the scene. For instance, by ‘sweet talking’ your guy, you will need to swipe away bad words in the style of Fruit Ninja.

You can give gifts to help sweeten the deal which include lube, jock straps, handcuffs and cock rings. And some guys want a ‘fake’ backdrop to their action. All of these things cost money which you can earn in the game.

nutaku gay games men bang review

Once you’ve finished a scene, you can publish it and start making money before moving on to the next cut or pick-up.

The idea is pretty basic but as the game advances you will get to develop new skills and be rewarded for your efforts with ever-more saucy scenes. You can also work on scenes with several guys at the same time which is handy as building up the skills for some can take time.

As the game advances, you slowly start building up your adult empire, completing new challenges and unlocking new locations. You can continue earning money from the videos you produce as well as by collecting rent from the buildings you purchase.

To begin with, the game is pretty simple but, as with many games, the layers of complexity will build and the difficulty will increase over time.

The ultimate aim is to keep completing your missions, building wealth and creating a catalog of raunchy videos featuring hunk after hunk in the back of your cab….or other filming location.

The dialogue is pretty good and the animations are also quite hot for cartoon guys so there is lots to like about this Nutaku title.

Men bang nutaku gay game review

Men Bang: Technical Specifications

Men Bang can be played on your mobile or Android device or in-browser.

For the best experience, it is recommended that your system has the following minimum specifications:

  • Windows 7 or higher: Chrome ver.30 or higher, Firefox ver.30 or higher, Internet Explorer ver.11
  • MacOS 10 or higher: Chrome ver.30 or higher, Firefox ver.30 or higher, Safari ver. 10 or higher

You can launch the Men Bang game in browser or use the Nutaku desktop app. If you are playing in browser then you will also need to make sure that you have a plug-in like Unity Web Player which lets you play 3D games.

Oh, and you’ll also need to ensure that your browser is set up to accept cookies.

What Does Playing Men Bang Cost?

Playing Men Bang is entirely free though there will come a point in the game when you run out of momentum as you wait for your slots to come free, energy to be recharged and wait for skills/missions to be completed.

The only way around this is to be patient, use your free spins to collect rewards or to buy credits to skip tasks and buy more stuff.

Credits can be purchased via the Nutaku website and can be used across all of their mobile and browser games. Known as ‘Gold’, you can buy these in bundles as follows of 1,000 for $10, 2,000 for $20, 3,000 for $30 etc.

nutaku Men bang gay game review

Men Bang Review: Our Verdict

It’s easy to see why this title is so popular and there is plenty of gameplay to be enjoyed as well as erotic rewards and good old-fashioned competition with national leader boards to compete in to show off your prowess as a porn magnate.

There is an obvious appeal to the progression in the game where you build your own empire and there is not much difference in this than in traditional online games of this kind such as Farmville or other social network sim titles.

The difference with Men Bang, of course, is the homoerotic content; all of which is pretty good.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say that playing this game is quite satisfying. After all, what’s not to like about the fantasy of picking up willing men and getting them to perform exactly what you want, naked on camera.

The best part?

All of the guys depicted in the game are hot cartoon versions of real-life porn stars. Yes, if you are familiar with gay porn then you will recognize names such as Diego Sans, Kit Cohen, William Seed, Damien Stone and Johnny Rapid.

Men bang nutaku gay games

A good offering from Nutaku that takes the ‘fake taxi’ genre to the gaming community; buckle up, this game could give you a wild ride!

Men Bang has an active community of users online; you can find out more about the game by visiting one of the following social media platforms:

Or get started and play Men Bang now.

You can also sign up on Nutaku for regular newsletter featuring updates about the game.

This will also notify you of any new followers you get in the game, messages from other users as well as alerts when you are invited to play.

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