How To Make Money On Streamate

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Want to give camming a go on Streamate – but not sure where to start?

Being a live cam model is an attractive career choice with flexible hours, being able to work from home and the potential to earn some serious cash.

With millions of daily visitors, Streamate is one of the top cam sites to partner with to give you the best chance of reaching a wide audience and making the most profits.

In this feature we’ll show you how to make money on Streamate including some advice on how to profit from selling digital content and subscriptions.

Making Money with Streamate

Streamate offers you the opportunity to earn up to $10,000 a week as one of their top models.

It is certainly one of the better ways to make money from the adult industry.

Though most will struggle to get close to this income, it is entirely possible as long as you know how to max your earning potential.

how to make money on streamate as a new cam model
A quick filter on ‘New Models’ shows just how much competition you have on Streamate when you first register. Image via Streamate.

It doesn’t happen overnight and there is a lot of time and effort involved in establishing yourself as a ‘brand’ but you could be earning anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a day.

If you want to know how, then follow our step-by-step guide to getting started and making money on Streamate.

Getting Started on Streamate

As long as you over 18 and can prove this with some photo ID, the only thing you need to get started is a computer, webcam and internet connection.

Registering As a Model on Streamate

Registering as a model on Streamate starts with a simple email application to which you will receive an automatic response.

Once this has gone through you can create your profile and set up your account.

You’ll have the choice to set up as a Performer or as a Studio. The choice depends on whether you are an individual or whether you are running an account for several other models to perform on.

During the set-up, you will need to confirm your real name as this will be used to confirm your identity and for payment processing.

Don’t worry, you can choose your own Display Name to protect your privacy. However, it is really important that you think carefully about what this will be as once chosen (and approved) you cannot change it.

Choose something that is easy to remember but that isn’t too generic. It should be catchy and playful and say something about the kind of performer you are.

If you already come to Streamate with an active adult fan following on social media then you will need to try and match a display name to your existing performer credentials.

how to make money on streamate as a cam model
Spend time getting to learn your way around your Dashboard and get your profile set up as fully as you can.

Once you have confirmed these details, your initial application will be approved and you will then need to:

  • Sign the E-Agreement
  • Upload Photo ID
  • Confirm Your Address and Tax Status
  • Provide Payment Details and Select Payment Method

Setting Up Your Profile

There are several parts to your profile which need completing carefully in order to maximise the kind of exposure you have to audiences on the site.

Personal Information

Here is where you can set up the specifics of who you are, including:

  • Ethnicity
  • Sexual preference
  • Star sign
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair & Eye Color
  • Build and Physical Attributes

You can also enter a ‘virtual’ age which may differ from your real age. This is pretty useful if you are in your late 20s but look younger and want to capitalize on that fresh, youthful vibe.


You can choose to be tagged with up to 5 Kinks and these will help customers when they are searching for you. Its good to be as broad as possible here to capture as much potential traffic as possible but, obviously, not to select anything that doesn’t fit with your style.


Next you will be able to choose which category of show you want to be listed in and you can check all that apply but, again, do so only if you think this is (broadly) appropriate.

You can also select to be registered as a non-nude model here if that is your deal. Remember, not all cam girls get naked to earn money.

Read more: our guide to non nude camming.

make money on streamate
Do some research and find out how the top performers use their profile to sell their shows. Image via Streamate.

Show Information

Choose the main language you will be broadcasting in and then complete the following sections as fully as possible:

  • Headline – (50-64 characters) This should be attention grabbing and simply tell audiences what you are about.
  • My Show – (50-255 characters) This should be a brief description of what you will do in your broadcast. Be specific and explicit but leave room for surprises.
  • Turn Ons – (50-255 characters) Identify those things that turn you on sexually.
  • Expertise – (50-255 characters) If you have any specific skills or a unique selling point, here is where to shout about it.

If you are in any doubt about what you should be writing here then check out the way the top performers on the site have done this to get some ideas.

Bio Picture

Your public profile bio picture is one of the most important images you will use to attract an audience and should be as clear as possible and show off your best assets. Often only visible as a thumbnail, it should be sexy as hell and leave people in no doubt about the kind of broadcasting you do.

So, if you are into BDSM then leather up and whip out some accessories. You can change this over time but it pays to get the best photo you can as soon as possible.

Cam Show Setup

The best performers on Streamate and those who earn the most money are not only easy to find and produce a great show but they are also the best prepared.

Whilst you can certainly start broadcasting with just a webcam, PC and internet connection there is a lot more to setting up a cam show.

We’ve covered all of this with a full checklist of how to get yourself set up to start camming, including some helpful advice and tips on how to:

  • Stage your home ‘studio’ as a professional cam den.
  • Prepare yourself for the camera.
  • Set up those additional technical requirements such as good lighting.
  • Have the right accessories and props on hand.
  • Get your interactive sex toy charged up to maximise profits (see Lovense Toys for Cam Models).
make money on streamate using interactive lovense sex toys
Image via Lovense.

Set Up Your Rates

The Streamate Dashboard automatically sets your private chat rate up at a price of $2.49 per minute so if you want to go premium or budget then now is your chance to change it.

This can be set anywhere form $0.49/min to $9.99/minute and can be adjusted at any time.

For newcomers who arrive without any followers, it is thought that the best way to attract new customers is to offer a low rate in chat.

You can also set up any block session discounts you want to offer here as well. Again, there are no hard and fast rules about what the best tactic is but offering bulk buys on longer chats is certainly one way to get ahead of the competition.

Best Ways to Make Money On Streamate

Ok, so what are the best ways to make money on Streamate?

How do we start earning?

There are plenty of ways to monetize your time spent on Streamate with the most obvious one being your cam shows themselves.

You have the option of performing for a public group for free and working for tips or to offer private or exclusive chat.

Public Cam Shows

The benefit of working for free is that your can host multiple users in a single chat room and perform to dozens of customers at once.

These kinds of shows attract tips from the viewing public and you can publish a tip-menu (Gold Menu) showing your audience what you will do and for how much.

It is also worth investing in a tip-controlled sex toy for your cam show as these can really get the money rolling in.

Private Chat

Alternatively you can offer a more exclusive chat environment for multiple people at once at a rate of $0.49/min to $9.99/min.

Exclusive Chat

Or, you can offer a one-to-one chat with just a single customer. These are typically charged at a higher rate to your Private Chat.

make money on streamate using gold shows
Start selling tickets for Gold Shows for guaranteed incomes for a single performance. Image via Streamate.

Gold Shows

You have to qualify to be able to offer Gold Shows on Streamate and these scheduled broadcasts allow you to sell tickets up front.

Performers often set an additional tip goal in these broadcasts indicating what extra they will do if the audience reaches the set amount during a Gold Show.

Offer Fan Subscriptions

Models on Streamate can offer exclusive access to followers of their Streamate account to digital content including videos.

You set a monthly subscription fee of between $4.99 and $49.99 and your fans get rewarded with special access to clips. The main benefit for you (other than the regular income) is that you have instant access to a bunch of people who like what you do so you can send them promotional contet.

Think about it, you send a teasing 30-60 second clip to all your fans and tell them that you miss them along with details of when you are next online and ‘Voila!’ you have a roomful of people ready and waiting for you when you log in.

Paying fans all have an icon next to their names in the chat room dialog box so you can give them personal shout outs which all helps with active engagement and strengthen those bonds.

Trust us, guys who feel special and intimately connected with a cam girl are more likely to tip better and renew that subscription.

Selling Videos and Photos

As well as offering exclusive access to all your digital content to paying fans you can also sell individual content on your channel.

Simply upload a clip or pic and set a price and wait for people to download it. This recurring way to earn money is done passively so you don’t have to be online to be earning.

Even better, you can even offer free photos and videos to entice people to want more.

make money on streamate using fan clubs
Get fixed regular income by selling fan club subscriptions and selling digital content. Image via Streamate.

Marketing Your Streamate Account

Streamate is one of the largest white label cam sites in the world and through its partner brands (which include Pornhub, Brazzers, YouPorn and RedTube) they reach a massive monthly audience in excess of hundreds of millions of people.

Despite this, you will still need to do some of your own marketing in order to drive traffic to your broadcast.

With more than 100,000 active models registered on the platform and around 1,800+ online at any given time, the space is ultra-competitive.

Like working with any other cam site, the onus is on you to get found and become an established broadcaster.

You can do this by raising your profile on the site itself by broadcasting to a regular schedule as well as promoting the hell out of yourself across other platforms.

Use social media to drive existing fans and followers to your Streamate account. Twitter is a great place to do this as adult content is allowed (see their terms and conditions over the specifics of how and what you can post to avoid being banned).

You can also use premium channels like Snapchat to encourage new visitors to find your live cam channel.

Other ways to boost traffic to your cam broadcast include posting in:

  • Online communities and forums including Reddit
  • Personal websites
  • Free tube sites
  • Adult directories

If you have your own personal website then include links to your Streamate channel here.

make money on streamate using social media
Use social media to market the crap out of yourself and drive traffic to YOUR channel.

Earning Money with the Streamate Referral Program

Streamate doesn’t actively market its referral program – but once signed up, models can request a referral link directly from their support team.

It’s worth doing as you will get 10% of the earnings from any referred model for their first five weeks on the site.

The Key to Success on Streamate

And finally, we’ve pooled some of the best tips around for making the most of your cam shows and sales channels on Streamate so you have the best chance to earn more:

  • Capitalize on your ‘Newcomer’ Status – You will be considered a newbie on the site by the Streamate platform for the first 30 days of signing up and, during this time, you will feature in this category. A lot of guys will use this filter to find fresh and inexperienced faces so it can drive some traffic to your channel which you won’t see after the 30-days are up. This means that as soon as you are registered, make that first month count by working as hard as you can and broadcasting as often as possible.
  • Link with Pornhub – Streamate is directly integrated to the Pornhub Verified Amateur Program, which means you can benefit from additional exposure from one of the world’s largest tube sites.
  • Sign up to Model Centro and get your own personalized website. They are another brand which is integrated with Streamate and you can simultaneously broadcast on both your Streamate channel and this will appear on your own website too.
  • Always Stream in High Definition – The cost of HD webcams these days are low enough to make it affordable for almost everyone to broadcast in high quality. Those that choose not to are limiting their appeal. Trust us; most guys will hit HD as a priority on cam sites as the visuals are important.
  • Never Mute Your Audio – Guests love to hear the sound of the models’ voices and so many models simply use their keyboard to chat with customers! It makes no sense to us and doing both is pretty easy. By turning off your microphone you are reducing your appeal by a good 20% in our opinion and unless you sound like Marge Simpson (and there are some guys who love this), you’re better off letting users hear your sultry tones, wicked giggles and seductive whimpers.
tips on how to make money on streamate
Don’t turn your microphone off, we want to hear you as well as see you.
  • Ask For 5 Star Ratings – You’ve probably noticed that all of the cam models on Streamate have a star rating beside them. When users are browsing for someone to chat with, they take note of this and those models who have a poor rating stand less of a chance of being selected than a model with a high feedback score. When you give a private cam show, always ask your customer to give you the best rating. If you’ve done your job well and left them feeling floaty and well satisfied then they would pretty much do anything you ask….so ASK. The difference between the default 4 star rating and a consistent 5 star rating from satisfied customers is massive and helps with your cam model placement (see below).
  • Consider Forced ‘Privates’ – Sounds like some kinky army fetish but is in fact a way to get audiences to buy in to a private chat. Quite often during a broadcast, traffic can be slow so if you switch your Streamate account to an external site show, or ESS (such as through ModelCentro) then you chat room will show up as ‘In Private Chat’. This gives customers the option to buy in and see you in action! The benefit of doing this is that you don’t have to be sat waiting around but you won’t appear in searches when you do this. Your only traffic will be from ‘Similar Models’ suggestions clicks and directly linked traffic (from ‘Favorites’ or external URLs).
  • Improve Your Cam Placement Rating – With 1,800+ models on the site at any one time, Streamate uses its own algorithm to prioritize those performers (i.e. put them on the front page) who are more likely to earn them good money. Sounds a bit unfair and doesn’t help newcomers to rise to the top of the pile but sensible enough as a business model for them. To help you get better exposure on the site you have to increase your Paid Chat Percentage. In order to do this you need to ask for tips during your paid cam shows. Gold in free chat is still money for you but wont help your cam placement rating.
  • Appeal to New Customers – It sounds simple enough but on the subject of cam placement ratings, models who can influence new customers to sign up and spend money get a placement boost in return. So, whilst they don’t offer a referral program for new customers, it is in your best interest to get some and get them spending on your channel. You can do this with discounted shows and using your marketing skills.
advice on how to make money on streamate

Don’t forget to check out the Streamate Model Help Files.

Comprising multiple step by step guides from Site Rules and Safety to Building Your Audience and Developing Your Style, these 101s are an invaluable resource to making the most money you can on Streamate.

Good luck.

We can’t wait to see you out there!

Sign up on Streamate to get started.

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