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Looking for a way to monetize your adult fan-base?

Strippers, escorts and porn stars have all found their earning potential severely limited by the coronavirus pandemic.

Which is why many adult entertainers have been turning to sites like LoyalFans.

In this LoyalFans review, we take a look at why adult content creators choose LoyalFans as a way to make money from engaging with their audiences direct.

What is LoyalFans?

LoyalFans is a content subscription and clip sales platform similar to sites like OnlyFans, JustFor.Fans and ManyVids.

what is loyalfans

Launched in April 2020, the site offers creators a space to build a fan following (Followers) and to monetize this by selling premium subscriptions to join a fan club (Subscribers).

Paid up fans get access to all of your timeline updates and posted content whilst followers get a restricted view of what you are up to.

In addition to selling subscriptions for regular and exclusive access to your LoyalFans social media pages, creators can also make money by:

  • Live Streaming
  • Selling Digital Content
  • Creating Custom Content
  • Taking Calls
  • Receiving Gifts and Tips from Fans

In short, LoyalFans offers a range flexible ways to interact with your fans and share your original content whilst getting paid for it!

Though a newcomer to the market, LoyalFans is already getting industry recognition, being named as one of the top five platforms for 2020 and nominated for an XBiz 2021 Premium Social Media Site of the Year award.

Who Can Sell on LoyalFans?

This latest premium ‘social media fan club’ platform doesn’t exclusively market itself towards the adult industry but, so far, the majority of new signups for creators have been from this sector.

This includes webcam models, porn movies actors, clip artists and producers.

selling content on loyalfans

The site is also perfect for gamers, life coaches, models, actors, musicians, stand-up comedians.

The bottom line is that if you are an influencer, creator, public figure or artist who has a fanbase they want to monetize by offering original and exclusive content then LoyalFans deserves a second look.

What Can You Sell on LoyalFans?

Well first of all, LoyalFans has a great feature which means you don’t have to use the platform to sell at all. Don’t follow?

A lot of adult content subscription sites don’t allow you to post free public status updates or content. Instead, fans have to subscribe to view your timeline which is all very well if you have a fan base to convert but if you are hoping to use LoyalFans to market yourself then you can do so.

When posting updates and content to your timeline you can opt from whether this is visible to your subscribers only, your followers or Pubic (i.e. visible to everyone).

making money loyalfans

Live Streaming

LoyalFans offers all its creators a neat little platform which is similar in style and features to a cam site.

However, with Live Streaming from Loyal Fans you get the choice of whether you are broadcasting to the public so anyone can see, those people who follow you or just your paid subscribers

Because of this you can offer far more a personalized experience. Opt to go public to find new fans, stream to followers and convert them to subscribers or reward your paying fans with exclusive content.

Creators can record their live streams and make these a saleable item in their video store plus you can opt to restream directly to other social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter (SFW content only).

Whilst streaming, fans can access video chat, custom tips and private camming.

what is loyalfans video store

Video Store

A key part of any subscription sales platform is the ability to sell your digital content direct to your fans.

The LoyalFans Video Store allows creators to upload and price their clips and set permissions of who can see these.

Just like with your live streaming, you can opt for some videos to be free and made accessible publicly. This can help attract new followers and can boost sales in the long run.


Content creators can make themselves available for direct calls with their fans and offer a naughty phone sex service on a pay-per-minute basis.

Shout Outs

This great new feature is a novel way of getting custom content to your fans by offering a personalized video.

A short video message for an individual fan who is willing to pay, a shout out is a great way to turnover regular income.

The feature is intended to compete with the likes of CelebVM and Cameo (see ‘How to Book a Personalized Video From a Porn Star’) and because LoyalFans is an adult-friendly platform you can set your rates accordingly:

  • Shout Out Price for an Individual
  • Shout Out Price for a Group or Company
  • Nude Shout Out Price
what is loyalfans shoutouts

The LoyalFans App

LoyalFans’s creators can get access to a handy app allowing them to run their business from their smartphone or tablet.

Functionality includes:

  • Post Scheduling
  • Timeline Posting
  • Video Store Posting
  • Price Adjustment
  • Balance Checks
  • Subscription Monitoring

You can also set the app for push notifications so you never miss any messages or engagement alerts.

Currently only available for creators using iOS, an Android version is in the pipeline.

loyalfans ios app

How Much Does LoyalFans Pay?

Content creators earn 80% commission with LoyalFans paying out twice per month on the 1st and 15th.

The minimum payout threshold is set at $50.

Payout methods include:

  • ACH
  • Wire Transfer
  • SEPA
  • Paxum

You can also earn a 5% commission on all referrals made to the site using your unique code. This is applicable for both new fans and new creators so for every purchase or sale that is processed you are rewarded with 5% of the transaction.

how much can you get paid on loyalfans

LoyalFans Review: Good For Monetising Your Content?

If you are someone who already has an established following on platforms like Twitter, Instagram or through niche NSFW channels then you’ll probably already be looking for a way to monetize that fan base.

So, why should LoyalFans be on your shortlist of platforms to consider?

First up, let’s address the fact that they are a new venture as this could be considered a negative.

Certainly, investing time to get set up with a company that may not go the distance might not seem like a great idea and we’d usually agree with you. However, the metrics for LoyalFans after just 10 months of operating look pretty decent.

The platform is reaching regular audience figures in excess of 425,000 hits per month with the majority of these coming from North America, Western Europe and Australia.  And the number of visitors is increasing each month showing a solid foothold in the market.

review of loyalfans

One way of spinning the fact LoyalFans is a new site as a positive is to consider that you have an opportunity of getting involved in a platform at ground level.

With less competition on the site, those visitors simply browsing have a better chance of finding and following you here than on a more established service. And, remember that the Top Creators on platforms like these get more featured spots and tend to remain at the top of the tree!

Okay, so that’s the elephant in the room addressed so let’s take a look at all those positive features that LoyalFans can boast about.

Just like the competition, creators can sell a whole range of digital content and fan club subscriptions as well as offer live streaming and phone sex.

On LoyalFans you can also receive direct tips and gifts plus sell custom content through their Shout Out feature.

Payment wise, 80% is a good slice of the pie and compares very favorably to the competition with some generous referral fees on offer too.

Make money with loyalfans

As for usability, as a new site, LoyalFans has been built for simplicity and offers intuitive navigation with fast access and an easy-to-use dashboard. Uploading content, receiving notifications and staying in control of all your engagement is just plain-sailing.

And, the cherry on the cake?

LoyalFans has a really great iOS app you can use to help you manage your account on the move. Not only can you use it to post content and message fans so you can stay engaged but you can also monitor your site activity.

For a new kid on the block, LoyalFans is definitely an impressive platform and we think it will prove pretty popular with adult content creators.

Sign up here to get started!

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