Lovense for Cam Models: The Best Webcam Sex Toys?

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Lovense for cam modelsare these the best webcam sex toys on the market?

If you’re looking to make your cam show interactive – or want to attract extra tips from your fans – then a Lovense toy is an excellent addition to your toolbox.


Interactive sex toys are the future of live cam shows and not only offer audiences a great way to get involved with your performance (and give you some pleasure), but they are also proven to increase earnings for cam models.

These high-tech devices work by linking your tip button to your vibrator (butt plug, wearable or wand) and can really help to generate massive interest.

The company behind this innovation, and one of the top suppliers in the game, is Lovense.

We wanted to know if they really do make the best webcam sex toys, so we took a look at their latest product line.

In this Lovense for Cam Models guide, we’ll take a look at why interactive sex toys can give cam models a better chance at boosting their earnings, plus the best toys from Lovense.

How Webcam Sex Toys Can Boost Your Earnings

Also known as interactive sex toys, personal devices such as vibrators, butt plugs and wearables are part of a group of adult technology called teledildonics.

If you are interested in becoming a cam girl, these toys can massively increase your earnings.

best toys for cam girls lovense sex toys

The initial forays into this field were pretty unsophisticated to say the least and the first toys available to play with over webcams simply featured a remote ON/OFF function.

Yet, developers like Lovense were working on ways to integrate the advances being made through devices like smartphones using apps and, eventually, combining this with PC based control panels.

The result of this development has meant that the current range of technology available now offers some truly interactive ways for remote audiences to get involved with a cam show.

Using a Lovense toy can break the fourth wall in what was previously quite a detached experience for both the cam model, and her audience.

This personalised way to offer stimulation helps bridge that gap between the visuals and the physical intimacy and makes your audience a part of your pleasure.

Lovense & Teledildonics

“Thank you for making this incredible toy…It’s a huge hit in chat and impossible not to have fun even on slow days!”

@NaughtyxNatalie, via Lovense Website

Lovense was the first company to pioneer the development of these toys with the launch of the world’s first ‘smart’ vibrator back in 2010.

Founded by Eddy Olivares and Dan Liu, it was out of necessity that Lovense’s first product (Remote Pleasure) was created.

In a long-distance relationship of his own and frustrated by the lack of sexual intimacy that this brought, Liu began experimenting with teledildonics.

He found by coupling a connection to existing sex toys that the control of these devices could be ‘handed over’ remotely to a partner using an online platform.

The first design was released using a Skype connection for remote control and vibrations on the device could be synchronized to music.

After some more research and development the company began toying with the idea of two-way interactivity and the addition of Bluetooth connectivity.

Some more prototypes followed but it wasn’t until 2013 that their next Second Generation toys were launched.

best sex toy for web cam models lovense

The Max and Nora were the first app-based devices that they produced and were designed as a his ‘n hers pair of sex toys; Nora was a rabbit vibrator and Max was a male masturbator.

Further tweaks in 2014 gave us a Third Generation of toys to enjoy which included an enhanced design for greater comfort and pleasure along with bi-directional controls.

In 2015, Lovense created a Fourth Generation of the same toys with quieter motors for Nora and improved water resistance with an enhanced size for Max.

“The guys really love it, I’ve had a few people tell me that it was the best money they’ve ever spent on the site. They feel a lot closer and more personal.”

@iamblueblack, via Lovense Website

Recognizing that long-distance couples were just part of their customer demographics, Lovense quickly developed ways in which the cam industry could more easily utilize their products.

If you are one of the many models making money on Chaturbate, then you are probably already familiar with the benefits of a tip controlled vibrator.

Over the next two years, Lovense cemented their name as one of the industry’s leading developers with the introduction of several new products:

  • Lush, bullet vibrator
  • Hush, butt plug
  • Ambi, bullet vibrator
  • Edge, prostate massager
  • Domi, a super powerful mini wand
  • Osci, an oscillating G-spot vibrator

Though pushing the boundaries with its toys, it wasn’t until 2018 that Lovense released a dedicated Bluetooth adapter which made connecting these devices to your Windows PC and Mac even easier.

In 2020, the company announced the launch of their newest toy to add to their stable.

The Mission promises to be another unique and popular web cam sex toy and this G-spot vibrator features ultra-strong vibrations, adjustable depth sensor and extra-long battery life.

lovense sex toys for cam girls

Teledildonics & Live Camming

“I’ve tripled my income here because I use Lovense toys. You can customize the levels e.g. strength, rotations and time and notify the room of what your toy is doing. When the members tip you, your vibe goes off…”

@HyoriCamGirl, via Lovense Website


One of the biggest benefits and the primary motivator for cam girls to incorporate some sex tech into their shows is the money.

Yes, a Lovense device isn’t cheap but the additional income that it can generate pays off quickly.

And, although there are no hard and fast stats about exactly what kind of increase in earnings or return on investment a webcam sex toy can generate, there is no doubting the multitude of cam girls who swear by their efficacy.

Another major benefit is the pleasure that cam girls can derive from an interactive performance versus putting on a show for an audience who is detached from the action.

Though some models express initial misgivings about using an interactive sex toy, most quickly adapt to the sensations and get a lot of side benefits from using one in their shows.

As adoption of the technology develops, there is every chance that cam shows can become a new line of sex work as interactive sex toys like the Max and Nora can simulate real physical contact between cam models and their customers.

Instead of just stripping and performing on cam, it is possible that teledildonics can make screen-based sex work akin to virtual escorting.


The main barrier for many models who want to try sex tech out is the cost but it shouldn’t be.

At around $100-$200 a piece, these toys can and do pay for themselves pretty quickly.

Another sticking point for some people is the perceived notion that setting these babies up is difficult and beyond the expertise of most regular people.

Again, this just isn’t true and Lovense, quite handily, has produced a full guide on how to set-up your interactive sex toy to work with your cam channel.

how to use lovense sex toys for cam girls

The control panel is fully customizable so you can set personalized auto-replies and toy responses to every tip including:

  • Tip levels
  • Reaction times
  • Vibration intensity

You can also pass over live control to high tippers or in private shows, set up personalized games and special commands and it even works when split-camming.

And all of this can be set up for multiple toys using the same software.  

It’s pretty easy to get started and there are multiple help files available plus responsive customer service agents who can lend you a hand if you need help.

Another negative for using webcam sex toys is that they can sometimes become a bit drained and if your customers are enjoying a tip-fest and you didn’t fully charge it then it could fail you during a long show. For this reason, it does pay to have a back-up on standby to ensure continuity of service.

And finally, some models just don’t enjoy the sporadic interactions that the toy gives them and/or if they are putting on several shows a day, they can find them to be a bit of a turn-off rather than a turn-on.

Everyone is different and there are some ways to counter this including setting up the intensity of the vibrations at a low level so they are less of a distraction.

Secondly, choosing the right device for you is important. For some, a wearable (or those that are inserted) can be less pleasant to experience than those that are hand-held and the direction of which you can better control.

Another way to limit the amount of vibrations you get in a single session is to incorporate games like Keno and Dice into your broadcast.

Two simple games offered as standard within the Lovense cam-control interface your guests can take part by tipping but it is only by guessing the lucky numbers or completing rows/columns that activate your toy.

The Best Lovense Webcam Sex Toys

“It is the best toy out there for cam girls. It really gets the guys going when they can get more bang for their buck.”

@Auri_Amos, via Lovense Website
lovense products

As well as being one of the pioneers of the technology and offering one of the most comprehensive range of ways to connect your interactive sex toy with your cam show, Lovense also has one of the best choices of device to play with.

With over ten years in the industry and with the experience of developing toys that can not only be controlled remotely but are also comfortable and pleasurable to use, there is definitely a toy to suit any cam model within their store.

We’ve summarized all of their main products below along with their individual features but you should know that all Lovense toys benefit from the following features:

  • Can be sound-activated to respond to noise
  • Made from body-safe materials
  • USB rechargeable
  • Come with a one-year warranty

All able to be operated using the cam-control panel developed by Lovense, users can add special commands and even let customers play interactive games (Keno & Dice) with your sex toy.

Please note that prices are correct at the time of publication and are as advertised on the Lovense website directly. At the time of our review, a 50% sale was in progress and regular promotions are run by Lovense to give you savings against the RRP.

If you are intending to use any of these devices as a tip-controlled sex toy on a cam site then you will need to purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter for each product at a price of $5 (RRP: $12).

So, what webcam toys should be high up on your cam show checklist?


lovense products nora

The original rabbit vibrator has been given several makeovers since it was launched almost a decade ago and now features:

  • Rotating Head
  • Optimized Shaft
  • Flexible Vibrating Arm
  • Quiet Motor
  • Bead Placement Adjustment

“Nora is fun for me and the tippers like the control.”

@ally_sweethot, via Lovense Website

Designed to pleasure your G-spot, the Nora is IPX6 water resistant and has an insertable length of 4.72”.

Battery life for this product gives you:

  • Up to 4 hours of continuous use
  • 5 days standby time

The Nora has a recommended price of $199 with the current sale price being $99.

Lush 2

lovense products - lush

A fully wearable panty vibrator with an insertable love egg/arm length of around 5.2”, the Lush 2 is a powerful and IPX7 waterproof sex toy.

It’s a pretty neat and compact little device which is comfortable to wear during shows and offers hands-free flexibility. Quieter than previous models and other similar devices the top volume on this is around 45db which is equivalent to a quiet fridge.

We like the fact that it also features a neat little tool on the app which makes it an alternative alarm clock and can start working at set times (this is also a feature on Hush and Edge).

The battery life of this device is around 2.5-3 hours of continuous use.

The Lush 2 has a recommended price of $119 with the current sale price being $99.


lovense products - hush

For some anal stimulation, the Hush is a versatile option that has been designed to stay in place during use yet has a handy spiral design to make removal easy after extended play.

IPX7 waterproof and with a battery life of 1.5-2 hours of continuous use it comes in two sizes:

  • Small – 1.5” in diameter
  • Medium – 1.75” in diameter

Both have an insertable length of 3.8” and have powerful motors for intense vibrations.

The Hush has a recommended price of $99 with the current sale price being $69.


lovense products - ambi

The Ambi is a flexible little bullet vibrator with a unique curved design to offer broad, pinpoint or super-pinpoint vibrations (depending on which bit you use).

Easy to use (and hold) in a variety of positions, this toy is up to 4x more powerful than other popular bullet vibrators and has a battery life of 1.5-2 hours in continuous use.

The Ambi has a recommended price of $69 with the current sale price being $59.

Domi 2

lovense products - domi

The popular Domi wand has undergone some major improvements in this latest design and is now more powerful whilst having a battery life which is 3x longer.

Now lasing 5-6 hours in continuous use, the Domi 2 is IPX6 water resistant and is 9.21” long.

Still one of the more diminutive (and practical) models on the market, this mini-wand features a unique dual rotating head with a reinforced neck meaning you can use as much (or as little) pressure as you want.

The Domi 2 has a recommended price of $199 with the current sale price being $99.

Osci 2

lovense products - osci

Instead of just vibrating, this sex toy ‘oscillates’ which means you get a sensation of ‘in and out’ at the same time as ‘quivering’. The result is an impressive undulation of wave after wave of deep stimulation.

Easy to hold and offering an insertable length of 2.4”-3.2”, the Osci 2 is precisely curved for the female form, promising to deliver pinpoint accuracy when it comes to targeting the G-spot.

IPX7 waterproof this toy offers 4.5-5 hours of continuous use per charge.

The Osci 2 has a recommended price of $199 with the current sale price being $99.

Lovense For Cam Models: Which Sites Are Supported?

“As a cam model I’m thrilled with how toys like Nora and Lush make our shows extra interactive.”

@BrookelynnBriar, via Lovense Website
which cam sites work with lovense

The patented Lovense tip-based vibrations app works with any model of their toys and is currently available on all of the main live cam sites as well as some other adult content platforms.

This includes:

  • Bonga Cams
  • Chaturbate
  • Flirt4Free
  • My Free Cams
  • CamSoda
  • Camster
  • Strip Chat
  • Many Vids
  • Cam4
  • ImLive
  • Amateur TV
  • XCams
  • Naked
  • XVR Chat
  • Camversity
  • Camplace
  • Streamate
  • SkyPrivate
  • MyFetish Live
  • Euro Live

See our top recommended cam sites for models here.

In order to get your device set up with your cam channel you will need to download the Lovense Cam Bundle which includes:

  • Lovense Connect
  • Splitcam Toolset
  • OBS Toolset
  • Lovense Smartcam
  • Lovense Browser

The software will then allow you to set up each device using plug-ins designed to work with those cam sites listed above.

Please remember that you will need a USB Bluetooth Adapter for each toy you want to connect to your PC in order to control these devices through your cam show.

All featured images via Lovense.


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