The LoveHoney Play Box Subscription: How Does It Work?

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Fancy treating you and your partner to a regular dose of sexy treats?

The popular online sex toy retailer, LoveHoney, has become the latest adult store to offer a subscription service for mystery boxes. Called the ‘Play Box’, a regular package includes five new sex toys each quarter to offer variety to your love life. Though the offer is currently only available in the UK, the concept of sex toy subscription boxes isn’t new and there are alternatives on the market for international customers.

In this review, we take a look at what is offered in a LoveHoney Play Box and how the subscription works plus we take a look at some alternatives available for U.S. customers.

What is the LoveHoney Play Box?

Subscription boxes for food have been popular for decades; simply sign up with any specialist supplier and receive a regular box containing a mystery supply of ingredients. In recent years, this method of shopping for goods has also extended to other areas including hair and beauty products, books, magazines, DVDs, clothes, and even niche areas of interest such as bone collecting, smoking and origami.

So, it should be no surprise that, if you can get a mystery monthly parcel of paranormal paraphernalia, you can also get one containing sex aids.

In February 2019, Love Honey became the latest online adult store to offer their products in the form of a surprise subscription box.

lovehoney play box subscription
LoveHoney became the latest sex shop to offer subscription boxes. Image via LoveHoney UK.

This mystery parcel contains a selection of sex toys for him and her carefully selected to bring some extra fun to the bedroom.

Currently only available in the UK but hopefully coming soon to international customers, the subscription is dubbed ‘Play Box’ and will be sent out quarterly.

How Much is a LoveHoney Play Box Subscription?

The cost for subscription to the Play Box is currently £50 per quarter (around $63) with typical savings on the boxed contents being 50%.

Available to buy as a gift or a subscription for yourself, the LoveHoney Play Box subscription can be delivered anywhere within the UK.

When Are Love Honey Play Boxes Sent Out?

The latest mystery boxed sets will be sent out on the:

  • 1st February
  • 1st May
  • 1st August
  • 1st November

Customers should receive their parcels within 5-7 working days after they have been dispatched.

lovehoney play box subscription delivery
The Play Box is sent in plain packaging. Image via Love Honey UK.

What’s Included in the LoveHoney Play Box?

The contents of the LoveHoney Play Box vary each month but will always include sex toys for him and her plus a couples’ sex game. In addition, there will be a few additional items to bring the value of the box up but there will be a minimum of five sexy treats inside.

For example, the Spring 2019 box in the UK currently contains:

  • A G-Spot vibrator
  • A bullet vibrator
  • A stroker sleeve vibrator
  • Oral sex dice (foreplay game)
  • Orgasm balm

In addition, the box contains a Play Box advice booklet that includes some ideas, tips and secrets for a more satisfying and spiced up sex life.

The value of this box was calculated at £101.95 and is dispatched in plain, discreet boxes.

lovehoney play box subscription idea
Image via LoveHoney UK.

Alternatives to LoveHoney Play Box

LoveHoney is just the latest online sex shop to offer subscription boxes containing adult bedroom toys. You can also find regular XXX treats from a number of other retailers including some of these niche offerings which are available in U.S.:

The Date Crate

Created with a slightly different idea in mind, the Date Crate is a mystery box for couples who want to inject some creativity into their love lives. These boxes include an idea for a romantic evening for couples and all the essentials you need to make it happen.

From luxury pamper evenings and bath nights to naughty edibles, the best part of these packages is the anticipation of opening them.

Priced at $34.99, members can choose from a standard Date Crate or a more intimate one which is aimed at some more erotic ways to enjoy each other’s company.

Kink Crate

lovehoney play box subscription alternative kink crate
The Kink Crate will open up your mind to new ideas for the bedroom. Image via Kink Crate.

Kink Crate fulfills monthly adult subscription boxes for couples or individuals who want something a little less ‘vanilla’. Each box contains 5 to 9 different BDSM and kink related items from bondage rope and nipple clamps to gags, books and candy.

Available in the United States, each box is priced at $49 with free delivery. You can order these boxes for international delivery but a shipping charge of $20 is applicable.

Spicy Subscriptions

Sent out monthly, each mystery box from Spicy Subscriptions has one or two intimate toys and one or two accessories. Carefully curated by their sales teams, typical products include massage oils, scented candles and bullet vibrators.

These boxes are priced at $34.95 per month,

LoveHoney Play Box Subscription: We Say…

There are a couple of reasons why people buy subscription boxes; whether this is food-orientated or related to personal goods. One of the main reasons is the element of surprise and anticipation; sort of like getting an unexpected birthday gift. Opening a nicely packaged box that you know contains things you will enjoy has an appeal that shouldn’t be limited to Christmases or Anniversaries and makes a welcome change to the garbage that most of us get in the mail.

Another motivation is one of value for money. With the LoveHoney Play Box, you get at least a 50% saving on a selection of sex toys and cheeky gifts that means you will be getting a big discount from the usual retail price.

But, why not simply buy the products you want?

Okay, so there is no doubt that some people may know what exactly what they want when it comes to sex toys but for many of us, the choice can be a little overwhelming. That’s what’s so great about these boxes; the choice has been made for you. In some small way, you’ve given over an element of your sex life to the powers that be and they will dictate what toys and games you should be playing with your partner. Sounds a little kinky, huh?

Yes, there are the cynics out there who will look at the contents of these boxes and come to the conclusion that this is just a neat way for retailers to offload their end-of-line/sale stock. Whilst this may sometimes be true, the point is that you are getting a good deal on some interesting toys that you may not otherwise have chosen.

When it comes to the longevity of a subscription like this….unless you are someone who goes through sex toys like they are going out of fashion then, yes, there is only so many vibrators, stimulating sleeves, cock rings and massagers that you will want knocking about your bedside cabinets but LoveHoney aim to bring enough variety to their mystery packages as possible.

As for who they are suited for, we think that these boxes actually make a nice gift. Not just for your own partner (though this should earn you some brownie points) but also as a cheeky present for friends. Maybe give it a miss for Mother’s Day though…

With an easy cancellation policy and no fixed length contracts, there is definitely enough ‘buzz’ about the LoveHoney Play Box subscription to warrant an initial trial. And, for those customers outside the UK, there’s plenty of choice to satisfy your erotic demands in the form of other mystery package services. Until LoveHoney launches this service internationally, why not check out some of the competition and let us know how you get on?

Featured image via LoveHoney UK.


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