KNKI Review: Free Adult and BDSM Chat

Looking for a convenient way to find your next BDSM play date?

In a world where apps like Tinder have redefined how we meet partners for causal encounters or niche dating, there are now hundreds of apps available that promise to hook you up with your ideal date. KNKI is a specific platform catering exclusively to the fetish community with a particular bias towards BDSM aficionados. Offering an easy and simple way to browse through interested parties in your area, this app uses geo-data and some basic profile information to give you a long list of potential playmates for kinky chat and NSA fun.

In this feature, we’ll give you a rundown of what the KNKI app offers, how much it costs to use as well as your chances of finding a BDSM play date using this service.

What is KNKI?

Whilst Tinder may have all the advantages of being able to offer huge international coverage, the majority of people using this hook-up tool are on the ‘vanilla’ side. The BDSM community has long needed its own version of this dating app and the folks behind KNKI have gone one better.

KNKI BDSM Dating App Review

KNKI is not just a simple hook-up service but is also a kink-safe social networking platform.

Designed by active fetish community lifestylers, this adult dating app offers fellow bondage enthusiasts an easy and convenient way to communicate with a wide range of kinky friends. From masters to slaves, mistresses to subs KNKI is being used by the curious, the faithful and the veterans of the BDSM and leather community.

But what are these fet-fans using the app for?

For some, the point is simply to chat with like-minded individuals and to network online. For others, the aim is more practical and they may be looking to physically meet kinksters from their local area. This could be for any number of reasons; from casual play to long term dating, even social meets, munches and group activities.

Features of KNKI

Once you have registered your free account and set up a profile, you can use the app to start searching for people in your area. With an advanced search capability, you can tailor your results by kinks to ensure that you only match those people who are into the same things as you.

Tabs let you highlight newest members or you can just browse from the results using saved filters.

However, this is more than simply a swipe left/right, up/down app but instead offers much of the functionality that users have come to expect from social networking sites in general.

Functionality includes being able to follow your friends, search for content using hashtags and post status updates photos and comment on your friend’s activity. You can even use KNKI to find events in your area and join these online.

So, what other features does KNKI offer?

Follow Other Kinksters

In a similar way to Instagram, but far kinkier, you can follow other lifestylers on the app so you receive updates on your FotoFeed whenever they post public updates or new photos. You can also engage with their content using comments and likes.

KNKI App Review

Use Hashtags

Again, like Instagram you can add creative tags to all your favorite photos and start a trending topic. This means finding other people with similar interests and kinks is easy as you can use this method to search for other people who use a certain hashtag.

Local, National and International Dating

Like most dating apps, KNKI app uses geolocation functionality so you can find people wherever you are in the world. At the moment, coverage is good in the United States and parts of Western Europe and Australia but limited in other areas.

Upload Photos

Users can choose how they share their photos but you can add selfies and random shots and images to your profile just as you can with other platforms. Remember, KNKI isn’t just a dating app, it’s a way for communities to connect.

Privacy & Security

Key to the app’s success is the level of discretion built into the design and privacy is at the heart of the platform. The app is secure and allows all users to maintain control over who sees what and how much of their profile and what you are sharing with who.

KNKI App: Technical

At present, the KNKI app is only available to download for iOS users from the App Store.

For Apple users, the app requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Updates are provided regularly to ensure that any bugs and glitches are fixed and the app is currently on version 1.1.5

KNKI Dating App Review

How Much Does Using KNKI Cost?

KNKI is available to download for free but all advanced features like those detailed above will require a premium subscription.

Billed via your iTunes account, subscriptions are currently charged at a cost of $9.99 per month or you can choose to purchase an annual membership for a reduced rate of $89.99.

Fully paid-up members not only get access to all the premium features but they also get to enjoy the app without any annoying ads.

Please note that all subscriptions are set to auto-renew.

KNKI App: We Say…

The app has been receiving a mixed response since its launch in 2016 and there has been plenty of constructive criticism for the developers to work on. Four years on, however, and the app has been attracting more and more subscribers, many of whom are very positive about their experiences using KNKI.

BDSM dating app KNKI
Image via KNKI App (Facebook).

As with any dating app, the key to its success is based largely on the breadth and range of its user-base in any given area. And KNKI is no different. Download the app in Alaska and you may find your local dating matches being far more limited than if you were to try it out in San Francisco or New York.

In this respect, everyone’s mileage may vary in terms of whether your city is catered for.

Local dating opportunities aside, the platform does offer a way to connect online in a safe, non-judgmental (non-vanilla) space for the kink community. As a social networking tool, it offers some great functionality and is fun and easy to use.

The app joins a small but growing stable of kink and BDSM themed dating apps that are hoping to provide an all-round service to the fetish community. You can find more details of the Best BDSM Dating and Hookup Apps in our recent feature guide.

In a nutshell, KNKI may have dreams of becoming the Tinder of the BDSM world but its strengths lie, not with its hook-up functionality, but in its social networking. If you bear this in mind and don’t expect it to be the silver bullet you dream of for finding regular casual BDSM play partners then you will enjoy it a lot more. However, for some people, it just might be the answer to their prayers.

All featured images via KNKI.

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