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Looking for a mammoth way to improve male masturbation?

The Titans were a family of giants from Ancient Greek mythology and the word has come to be used to describe anything that is mighty in size and/or power. So, it’s little wonder that one of the flagship sex toys from the #1 interactive adult accessory manufacturer has adopted this name.

Known for producing electronic bedroom basics that have been pimped up to work with Bluetooth devices, Kiiroo are one of the go-to names for teledildonics.

In our Kiiroo Titan review, we wanted to take a closer look at one of their bestselling vibrating male masturbators – and find out why the Titan is so popular for use with VR porn, and as a long-distance sex aid.

Interactive Sex Toys by Kiiroo

Kiiroo is an award-winning European sex toy manufacturer who has been leading the teledildonics market since 2013.

Based in Amsterdam, they’re an innovative design company who started out with the simple goal of connecting two intimate devices over the internet so that users could feel mutual pleasure, no matter how far away they were.

Their original designs used a simple vibrator (the oPue) and male masturbation sleeve (SVir) fitted with Bluetooth connectivity. The result was an instant success as couples quickly found themselves benefitting from the remote touch of a partner.

who are kiiroo titan sex toy review

Since those first forays into teledildonics, Kiiroo has launched several new designs including the Onyx, Keon and Titan (for men) plus the Pearl, Fuse and Cliona (for women)

All great standalone masturbation aids, the beauty of Kiiroo’s range is the fact that these sex toys can be connected through an easy-to-use to app so that users can benefit from truly interactive playtimes.

For most customers, this means buying two devices which can be paired remotely with a partner whilst others simply want to enjoy their new toys with interactive porn content. This includes adult movies as well as NSFW games and VR experiences.

You can find out more about two-way pleasure in our recent feature on Best Kiiroo Couple Sets.

The Kiiroo Titan

So, what do you actually get when you buy a Titan male masturbation stroker?

In short, this is a powerful and glorified pocket pussy which delivers intense waves of vibrating pleasure. It can be used in manual or automatic mode.

The former gives you a choice of how fast you want the sleeve to stroke and even where you want to pinpoint the action (base, shaft or head).

In automatic mode, there are several pre-set patterns so you can lie back and submit to the sensations.

Of course, being a Kiiroo toy, the Titan incorporates the latest interactive technology so your new device can be synchronized with another users. Or you could link it up to compatible adult content and upgrade your porn viewing experience.

When your new toy arrives you’ll get a black ABS shell with a textured, but replaceable sleeve (see below), warranty card and USB cable.

The Kiiroo Titan is a lightweight bit of kit at around 880g (including the cable) and comes with touch sensitive pads on the casing which allow you to:

  • Turn the Device ON/OFF
  • Vary the Speed
  • Vary the Intensity
  • Select Preset Programs
kiiroo titan

Using the stroker, the Titan accommodates an internal circumference of 4.5cm x 3.14cm (1.77” x 1.24”) and a maximum length of 19cm (7.48”).

Inside the housing are 9 bullet vibrators placed in three rings along the length of the sleeve. This means the Titan can stimulate your shaft and head for maximum pleasure.

You can choose a preset pattern of vibrations or just manually control the speed and intensity to suit you.

The 1000mAh battery can be recharged using the USB cable (included) and should deliver around 40 minutes of use. It takes around 3-3.5 hours to recharge.

The sleeve is removable for ease of cleaning but many users prefer to use a condom with the Titan.

Realistic Remote Sex with the Titan

The design principle behind all of Kiiroo’s range is to help close the gap between long distance lovers and the Titan can be paired with one of several female equivalents, including:

  • Pearl 2
  • Fuse
  • Cliona

The idea is that the devices can be paired over the internet using a Bluetooth connection and the FeelConnect app.

kiiroo titan interactive sex toy review

Easy and quick to set-up, couples can use these toys to feel their lover’s every move. And what we like is that the app also lets you chat or video chat whilst you get intimate. This means you don’t have to open up another app or device.

Once you set up the connection and establish a link to your lover, your devices will react to each other or you can simply use the remote controls to take charge of how your partner experiences their pleasure.

Controls can vary depending on which device your partner is using but the app also offers touch sensitive controls to change the speed and intensity of the vibrations.

It’s definitely one of the main selling points for the Titan and can really help with long-distance relationships.

Interact with Cam Stars Using Kiiroo Titan

Of course, not every customer has a partner to pair their Titan with and this is where the interactivity offered by the Titan comes into play.

In the same way that you can connect your stroker to a long distance partner, you can also pass over control of your toy to anyone who uses the FeelConnect app. This is particularly useful for webcam girls.

In fact, many cam stars offer mutual camming sessions so you can get to play with each other’s toys in the same way.

Enhance Your Porn Experience

Don’t fancy giving up control of your masturbation device?

Well, you can also use your Titan to connect with adult content including 2D and VR.

There are more than 4,000 interactive adult videos available to enjoy across a range of platforms which can be paired with the Kiiroo range.

And this means that when you are watching porn, you not only get your visual senses stimulating but you also get to feel the action too.

Adjustable Pleasure

When it comes to using a male masturbator, we all know that one size doesn’t fit all. Which is why Kiiroo offers a selection of replacement sleeves designed exclusively to fit the Titan.

remote sex toys kiiroo titan review

There are two options of sleeve to choose from so you can upgrade your experience of using this device.

The Power Sleeve is designed specifically for those men who are looking to increase stamina and strength in the bedroom. For this reason, the sleeve has been constructed with less emphasis on sensitivity and more focus of endurance.

As you’d expect, the Tight Fit Sleeve is a much narrower design and creates a realistic simulation of anal sex.

How Much is the Kiiroo Titan?

You can purchase a Kiiroo Titan (device only) direct from the manufacturer at a price of $149 (USD) which includes free shipping.

Additional sleeves cost $39 (USD) or you can order a combo pack for $185 which includes a Titan device and tight fit sleeve.

Kiiroo also sell the Titan as a VR package for $180 (USD) which includes:

  • Titan Male Masturbation Stroker
  • Virtual Reality Headset
  • Kiiroo Premium Toy Cleaner 
  • Kiiroo Premium Water-Based Intimate Lubricant  

Or you can upgrade your purchase of a stand alone Titan stroker with Feel Porn Stars Experience for an extra $10. This gives you exclusive access to interactive adult content.

interactive sex toys kiiroo titan review

Please note that when ordering direct from the Kiiroo website, certain products are not available in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore (this includes accessories).

If you’re interested in purchasing two devices as part of couple then Kiiroo offers some great discounts when you buy them together. You can find out more about what kinds of couples’ sets are available in our recent feature review.

Kiiroo Titan Review: The Best Interactive Stroker?

If you are looking for an interactive stroker to sync with content online or connect remotely with a third party then Kiiroo is the first place you should be looking.

Their range includes several options including the budget Feel Stroker or the premium Onyx. The difference in price can be as much as a few hundred bucks so the Titan occupies an important gap in the market.

Priced at $150, it’s not a cheap solution for your masturbation needs but it does represent a pretty hefty investment for the average Joe.

So, is it worth it?

Well, we can only answer this from our own experience and if you simply take this as a standalone device with powerful vibrating rings then you’re not going to be sorry that you bought it. But if that’s all you intend to do with the Titan then you’d be better off saving your money and looking at a premium pocket pussy instead.

The Titan only truly comes into its own if you are going to pair the device up with another toy or take advantage of the upgraded experience you can get by syncing it with interactive online content.

And it’s here where teledildonics makes a huge leap away from standard masturbation aids.

Offering more immersive entertainment which takes you further into the action, the Titan is responsive to what’s going on, on-screen, and delivers those sensations direct to your cock.

It’s not exactly the same as the real thing by any stretch of the imagination but it is an upgrade on manual relief and certainly a LOT more pleasurable.

But if you are lucky enough to have a decent VR headset as well, then the whole experience of solo play can be elevated to new levels.

remote controlled sex toys kiiroo titan

Of course, the primary goal of this toy is to share your pleasure with a partner remotely and this does take long-distance relationships to another level. Yes, phone sex and dirty talk is good whilst you both have a play but fully handing over control of your pleasure to another can be mind-blowing.

Plus, you don’t need to be in separate states to take advantage of this. Without going into details, let’s just say that the Titan can be just as effective with a partner in the same room!

Though quiet enough, the device is a little clunky feeling from the outside but once you are ‘settled in’ then this won’t matter (trust us). However, the additional sleeves might be worth an upgrade as the standard one might not suit everyone.

In fact, we should point out that the first few times you use this, you’ll need to set aside some extra time to learn the functions. None of the speeds of intensities will hurt but some can take a little getting used to.

If you’re looking for an interactive sex toy on a budget then the Titan is well worth every cent you spend on it but if money is no object then you might want to consider the Onyx. At $250, it’s a step up but does deliver a different kind of sensation (up/down and rotation instead of just vibration) which many users report being more like a blowjob.

In short, the Titan may come with an ordinary price tag but can be colossal fun. Definitely a legendary choice by our estimation and that’s no myth!

Check out the Kiiroo Titan deals page for the latest pricing on this popular bestseller.

All featured images via Kiiroo.


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