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Looking for a next-level sex toy that can blow your mind?

Hi-tech teledildonics aren’t only reserved for female cam models with men also being able to benefit from sex toys designed for long distance interactivity.

The award-winning Dutch adult toy company Kiiroo specializes in products which give you the ability to feel the sensations of a lover’s touch or interact with digital XXX content in a wholly unique way.

The Kiiroo Onyx+ is the latest release of their automatic male stroker which can be connected via Bluetooth for the ultimate solo, couples or online pleasure.

In this Kiiroo Onyx Review, we take a closer look at how it compares to other male sex toys, including its main features and value-for-money.

What is the Kiiroo Onyx+?

An interactive and automatic male masturbator, the Kiiroo Onyx+ is a simple stroking device but with some added bells and whistles.

review of kiiroo onyx

The first major difference between this product and a traditional pocket pussy is that it automatically delivers the strokes but the Onyx+ also contracts in an up/down motion.

The Onyx+ includes a trackpad control on the shaft of the device which allows you to adjust the speed and can reach up to 140 strokes per minute!

Impressive stuff and certain to blow your mind in any solo session but it is the connectivity function of the Onyx+ which makes this a special bit of bedroom kit.

Able to be connected (via Bluetooth) you can pair your device with any other Kiiroo toy including the Pearl, OhMiBod (Fuse and Esca) or another Onyx+ toy.

This means you can have long distance sex with a lover or even offer over the control of your pleasure to a cam model during an interactive session. And, if you want to play alone but still enjoy the immersive qualities of this device then you can also pair it up with digital content including VR and 2D porn.

Competitors to the Kiiroo Onyx+ include the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch, the Lovense Max 2 and the Kiiroo Titan.

See More: The best Lovense devices and our full review of the Fleshlight range.

All are able to automatically deliver similar sensations to real intercourse and with some also offering connectivity to handover control remotely, the Onyx+ is one of the best teledildonics products for men on the market.

Previous versions of the Onyx+ include the Onyx and Onyx2 but as at December 2020, Kiiroo now only manufactures the Onyx+.

FeelPornStar Onyx+

The Onyx+ is also available with a signature pornstar touch and you can upgrade your purchase to get a personalized box featuring one of several adult movie stars.

review of kiiroo onyx+ pornstar experience

The main body of the Onyx+ also includes either a photograph or the signature of your chosen porn star.

The mechanics of the device itself are no different to a standard Onyx+ and is not modeled on the intimate parts of any of these porn stars but you do get 1,500 coins to use on the website so you can enjoy some digital content with your new toy.

It’s a bit gimmicky but is only an extra ten bucks and covers these porn stars:

  • Asa Akira
  • Jessica Drake
  • Lisa Ann
  • Romi Rain

Best Features of the Kiiroo Onyx+

The main internal body of the Kiirro Onyx+ is fitted with a removable and replaceable soft, skin-like sleeve. Durable and designed for maximum comfort, it is a silky channel which covers the mechanism but does not diminish the sensitivity of the strokes.

The sleeve itself can be removed for easy cleaning and is able to be replaced with two fits being available; standard and tight.

The sensory action of the Onyx+ is delivered through a series of 10 contracting rings that move in an up/down motion to simulate intercourse.

The Onyx features three modes:

  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • Interactive

In  manual mode you can use the trackpad on the body of the Onyx+ to swipe up and down to change the direction of the contractions.

In automatic mode there are four pre-programmed patterns to enjoy, each of which you can control the speed of.

In interactive mode you pass over full control of your device’s operations (including speed and style of stroke) to a third party.

So, the device is able to be connected (via Bluetooth) to the internet allowing control of the Onyx to be passed remotely to your long distance partner, a webcam performer or even to 2D and 3D interactive digital content such as interactive porn videos, adult games and VR experiences.

You can find plenty of compatible content online through the usual channels but Kiiroo’s interactive sex toys are designed to work well with the FeelMe platform.

Other features of the Kiiroo Onyx+ which are an upgrade on original designs include:

  • Soft touch outer coating to allow for a tighter and more comfortable grip
  • Touch-sensitive trackpad for controlling stroke speed and connected partner devices

The whole device is constructed using body-safe materials and comes with a full one-year warranty with Kiiroo.

review of kiiroo onyx+

Technical Details

The Kiiroo Onyx+ is USB rechargeable and offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Software updates to the device are provided free of charge and regularly via the Kiiroo website.

The Onyx+ can be connected with any Kiiroo product or device which has Feel-Technology enabled.

When you purchase your Onyx+ you will receive a charging cable which takes 4 hours to top-up and should give you around an hour of user time.

The Onyx+ has a quieter motor than its predecessors but is still far from being whisper-quiet.

FeelConnect App

In order to use the interactive mode you will need to download the FeelConnect app to your smartphone and pair this with your device using Bluetooth.

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the app is simple to use and easy to set up. There are also some great user-guides and manuals on the Kiiroo website to help with any problems you experience with this process.

review kiiroo onyx+

Sizing Information

The Onyx+ isn’t the largest male stroker on the market but it should be suitable for most guys.

The orifice is sized at 4-4.5cm (1.5”-1.75”) in diameter with an internal length of 16.5cm (6.5”).

Weighing in at just 1.3kgs (including box), this is a lightweight design which makes it an easy item to travel with.

How Much is a Kiiroo Onyx+?

The third-generation standard design of the Onyx+ is currently priced at $219 which includes free shipping (check website for details).

If you want to upgrade to one of the Onyx+ FeelPornStar devices then you will be paying an extra ten bucks with a celebrity kit costing $229.

You can purchase replacement sleeves for your device in either standard or tight fit. These come in packs of three and priced at $35.

Additional accessories can be purchase from Kiiroo for use with your Onyx+ including lube and toy cleaner plus a refreshing powder to help maintain the silky feeling of the inner sleeve.

These are all priced individually and are more expensive than similar products on the market. However, if you are intent on looking after your new toy properly then it is recommended that you only use Kiiroo branded lotions and potions with your Onyx+.

kiiroo onyx+ review

Kiiroo Onyx Review: The Perfect Pocket Pussy?

The technology behind interactive sex toys like the Kiiroo Onyx+ is a wonderful thing.

We cannot grumble about the immersive pleasures of automatic syncing with porn – or the pure heady delight you get when handing over control to a partner/cam model.

And Kiiroo are one of the best designers of these kinds of toys- but is the Onyx+ worth over two hundred dollars?

It’s certainly a chunky investment, especially if you buy it as part of a couples set.

The size and fit of the Onyx+ is pretty good and should be perfectly roomy enough for the majority of guys who identify in the “normal” range of cock size.

Even those who would like a little extra length and girth should find that a tight fit sleeve will adapt this toy to a snugger and more satisfying fit.

During use, the sensations delivered in manual mode are responsive to the touchpad controls and are definitely pleasurable enough to make this a premium choice of masturbation aid.

As for automatic mode, the cycling preset waves of contractions are mind-blowing and we liked the fact that you can vary the speed of the patterns so you can work towards your own peak.

In this way, the unit can also act like a sort of stamina training device. How close you get to the maximum speed of 140 strokes per minute is up to you and sounds like a bit of a challenge to us!

So, a decent enough toy to play by yourself with? Definitely….but $200+ worth?

Well, maybe not.

BUT it’s the interactivity which sets the Onyx+ apart from any stroker or pocket pussy toy you’ve ever owned before (and certainly those you’ve created yourself!).

kiiroo onyx+

The Onyx+ is your key to the elite world of immersive digital porn and long-distance sex.

With this humble little device you can open up a whole range of new ways to enjoy solo play with VR and interactive 2D/3D content as well as invite new partners into your bedroom without so much as having to get dressed to let them in the door first!

Yes, the USP for the Onyx+ is definitely the fact that you can partner up online and remotely with another person. While nobody could tell you for sure whether your device is exactly mimicking your partner’s, the sensory explosion of mutual pleasure and control is worth exploring.

So, for our money, the Onyx+ is certainly a great toy to jack off with but it only really comes into its own if you intend to use it with digital adult content or to pair up with another device.

Check out the latest best price for the Onyx+.

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