Best Kiiroo Couple Sets For Two-Way Pleasure

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Looking for a way to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship?

Sexual intimacy is always important but when you are physically separated from your partner it can be tough. Tough to stay faithful and tough to stay connected. So, what can you do to stay satisfied and keep connected?

Kiiroo is one of the leading manufacturers of toys specifically designed to help couples connect with each other sexually, irrespective of how far apart they are. Creating specifically designed sex toys that can be synced with each other over the internet means you can enjoy mutually fulfilling sex….wherever you both are in the world.

In this guide, we take a closer look at the best Kiiroo couple sets that allow lovers to satisfy each other remotely.

The Best Interactive Kiiroo Couple Sets

Since the company launched in 2013, Kiiroo has been the market leader in teledildonics, or ‘sex-tech’.

Creating cutting edge toys which interact with each other over the internet, Kiiroo has been able to open up a new world for couples seeking physical intimacy when they are away from each other.

With a range of individual toys designed for both men and women, there are an interesting combination of ways to achieve mutual satisfaction.

All prices quoted are via direct purchase with Kiiroo and are correct at the time of review (August 2021), please check Kiiroo’s website for updated prices.

Onyx+ Sets

The Onyx+ is a male masturbation stroker with an added twist.

best Kiiroo Couple Sets
Already own an Onyx+ and wondering what to partner it with? Image via Kiiroo.

This automatic device is fitted with a silky inner sleeve which covers a series of 10 contracting rings that delivers wave after wave of powerful up/down strokes.

Reaching speeds of up to 140 strokes per minute, the result is an electrifying explosion of the senses. So, it’s no surprise that this pocket pussy is one of Kiiroo’s best sellers.

Able to be used manually or in automatic mode, you can easily play with this toy on your own (as a hands-free masturbator) or pair it with a partner’s device to take full advantage of the benefits of remote sex….mutually!

We’ve covered the four main sets which include the Onyx+but if you want to find out more about this device then check out our feature review of the Onyx+.

Kiiroo Onyx+/ Kiiroo Pearl2

best Kiiroo Couple Sets onyx and pearl2
Image via Kiiroo.

In this set, the Onyx+ is paired with the Pearl2, an advanced G-Spot vibrator and one of the more popular interactive sex toys for the ladies.

A powerful personal masturbation tool, the Pearl2 is around 7.7″ in length and is a slimline model at just 1.5″ in diameter.

When combined, the two devices translate their motion (intensity and speed) so you both experience the same sensations.

Available to buy as a set in your choice of purple or black (Pearl2) for $289, this is a saving of $29 compared to buying them separately.

Kiiroo Onyx+/Kiiroo Fuse

best Kiiroo Couple Sets onyxand fuse
Image via Kiiroo.

Next up to be sold as part of a two-way pleasure set is the Onyx+ and Fuse.

The latter is another vibrator designed for women but instead of just hitting the G-Spot, this dual stim model can also deliver some intense vibrations direct to the clit.

Featuring touch-sensitive controls, the OhMiBod Fuse is 7.1” in length and delivers up to one hour of playtime per charge.

A USB cable is included with the Fuse and should take about 2 hours to reach maximum charge.

You can choose between a black or pink Fuse and if you are buying these two toys in a set then it will cost you $289. This is a big saving of $79 over the cost of buying the Fuse and Onyx+ individually.

Kiiroo Onyx+/ Kiiroo Cliona

best Kiiroo Couple Sets onyxand cliona

Kiiroo’s next couples set for the Onyx+ is all about clitoral stimulation and features one of their latest models, the Cliona.

A pocket-sized bullet vibrator designed for external stimulation, don’t be fooled by the size of this little gem. Packing some pretty powerful vibrations, the Cliona is a highly advanced bit of kit.

Just like the Pearl2 and the Fuse, this little toy can be synced to the Onyx+ to transmit your touch to their device and vice versa.

Priced individually at $99, buying the Cliona together with the Onyx+ as a set costs $289 and saves you $29.

The Cliona is only currently available in pink.

Kiiroo Onyx+/ Kiiroo Onyx+

best Kiiroo Couple Sets onyxand

The final pairing you can buy of the Onyx+ is a set which includes another Onyx+.

Yes, this means that male/male partners can enjoy the intimate experience of remote and interactive sex together as well.

Whilst it’s possible to pair the Lumen butt plug (see below) with an Onyx+, the beauty of using the same devices is that YOU know exactly what kind of sensations your partner will be receiving. The sensations are apparently like giving/getting a 69 and are well worth the hefty $379 price tag.

Considering how much fun you can have with these masturbators alone, they’re a pretty good investment to prevent any ‘straying’. Priced individually at $219, buying them as a couples set will save you $59.

Titan Sets

best Kiiroo Couple Sets titan

The Titan is another male stroker made by Kiiroo and is their mid-range interactive sex toy for men.

Priced individually at $149, the Titan houses 9 bullet vibrators mounted in three rings which stimulate the base, shaft and tip of your cock.

Still delivering automatic relief which can be synced to another paired device, the Titan isn’t quite as ‘automatic’ as the Onyx+. Most users still manually operate the toy as a stroker but with the aid of sensory interaction from a remote device, the results are mind-bending.

What we love about the Titan is that there are some added accessories you can buy to make your experience more bespoke. With a choice of two upgraded sleeves, one for stamina training and one to mimic anal sex, it might not be as ‘all-singing and dancing’ as the Onyx+ but it can give you a more flexible range of experiences.

You can find out more in our full Kiiroo Titan review.

best Kiiroo Couple Sets - titan sets

At the time of our review, Kiiroo had fully sold out of their range of Titan based couples’ sets but they should be back in stock soon as a combo.

You can however still purchase them individually.

Prices vary but, on average, save you around $30 by purchasing together so it is worth waiting for the sets to become available again.

Just like with the Onyx+, you can choose from the following combination of interactive devices as a couples’ set:

  • Kiiroo Titan/Kiiroo Pearl2
  • Kiiroo Titan/Kiiroo Cliona
  • Kiiroo Titan/Kiiroo Fuse

Kiiroo Lumen

Kiiroo Couple Sets lumen butt plug anal play
Images via Kiiroo.

Although not sold as part of a couples set, Kiiroo also offers an anal plug which can be paired with any other of their devices listed above.

USB rechargeable with an LED for visual feedback of vibrations, the Lumen features a powerful but quiet motor to deliver wave after wave of anal pleasure.

Lumen also features the patented OhMiBod Club Vibe technology which means you can sync this plug to respond to the vibrations of ambient sounds. Yes, that means you can choose your favorite tunes and your sex toy will give you a party in your basement!

It works in exactly the same way as the couples sets and uses the FeelConnect app to sync its vibrations with your partner’s device.

Kiiroo Couple Sets lumen butt plug

Water resistant and made from comfortable body-safe materials, the plug is 101mm in length with a 33mm (pluggable) diameter.

This product comes with a USB charging cable which takes around 2.5 hours to fully complete and offers about an hour of playtime.

The Lumen is available to buy direct from Kiiroo at a price of $119.

Fuse Sets

And finally, Kiiroo also has a couple of options available without a male stroker.

best Kiiroo Couple Sets fuse and pearl2

Designed with ladies in mind, these vibrator sets are suitable for all kinds of users including those from the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Kiiroo Fuse/ Kiiroo Fuse – Pairing up these two dual stim vibrators makes them ideal for the female anatomy and come at a price of $269 (a saving of $29 versus two separate purchases).
  • Kiiroo Fuse/ Kiiroo Pearl2 – Whilst the fuse is more widely adapted for women, the Pearl2 has a myriad of different applications and the adventures you could have with this set are limited only by your imagination. Priced at $219, this makes the set $29 cheaper that buying the toys individually.

Enhance Your Solo Play

The beauty of the range of sex-tech created by Kiiroo is not only that you can play together with your partner but you can also take advantage of tons of other interactive content.

This means your individual toys can get some solo use too.

The porn industry has been keen to get on board with teledildonics and there are more than 4,000 adult videos to stream across multiple platforms which work with your Kiiroo device(s).

best Kiiroo Couple Sets interactive adult content is just one of dozens of great interactive adult content providers. Image via FeelMe.

These range from 2D and VR content across pretty much all the main genres including teen, milf, gay, interracial, fetish and hardcore.

Just sync up your device and watch porn with the added benefit of being able to feel the on-screen action.

And if porn isn’t your thing then you could also hit up some of the live cam networks to connect your sex-toy with a real person. Yes, the camming industry has been all over teledildonics since they first hit the market and it’s a great place to experiment with your new toy.

Failing all that, there are even adult games which can be used with your Kiiroo device to give you something extra.

So, whether you choose to save your Kiiroo playtime exclusively for your partner or want to make your investment really pay for itself, there are lots of options available for solo and couples’ play.

All featured images via Kiiroo.


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