Kasidie Review: #1 Swinging Community For Couples?

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Looking for the best swinging community to join as a couple?

Want to indulge in some partner swapping fun?

Kasidie is an adult community much like Fetlife — or a swingers version of Facebook. It offers adventurous couples (and singles) the chance to network, share information on their local swinging scene, and join communities of other like-minded kinks. With a tagline of ‘Remember my name, you’ll be screaming it later’, there’s no prizes for guessing what the end goal of networking on Kasidie is all about.

This is one of the world’s premier swinging communities.

In our full Kasidie review, we take a look at the popular swingers’ website to find out what kind of erotic dating opportunities it provides for couples. We dive inside the community, weigh up the cost of joining and give our verdict on whether it’s worth taking out a subscription to get involved.

What is Kasidie?

Kasidie review

Kasidie is an adult community website designed for sexually adventurous people, including swingers in the USA.

It’s a close rival to SDC, another swinging social network that is considered the main alternative to Kasidie.

Also known as ‘Sybarites’ (or hedonistic libertines), members all share the same open-minded desire for sexual indulgence.

As well as couples dating and swingers’ parties, members interests include fetish, BDSM, group sex, orgies, voyeurism, exhibitionism, role playing and soft/full swapping.

The site was created in 2006 as an online magazine catering to international swingers but was enhanced in 2008 to provide the social networking aspect. Staff working on the site all hail from a swingers background which has enabled them to produce a unique online community that has been custom built to service the people it is designed for.

kasidie swingers site review
Kasidie: An online community magazine, directory and social network for sexually adventurous couples and liberal minded singles. Image via website.

What Does Kasidie Offer For Swingers?

The site provides a social networking experience for members to meet up with other like-minded adults. They can also use the space to find swinger clubs and events such as swinger parties, local orgies and resort takeovers.

It’s like an interactive swinging forum, but with plenty of extra back and forth between members.

The site has plenty of ways to communicate with other members including chat rooms, forums and instant messaging.

Profiles are completely anonymous with fully customisable privacy settings.

As well as being able to create your own social profile and upload unlimited photos to share with other members you can also join any of the hundreds of online communities that cater for specific interests. Most are public but there are plenty of private groups for the more salacious of activities.

kasidie swingers community review
The site has plenty of ways for couples (and singles) to connect using forums, groups, instant messaging and chat rooms.

As a social networking tool, the site has excellent search facilities and provides users with an advanced tool to find other members, groups and clubs within a specified area.

There are plenty of filters to really narrow down a search and members can stipulate whether to include or exclude any members that are not certified. You can even select whether a member is a ‘celebrity’ though there is some question as to just how many Hollywood A listers you will find using Kasidie.

Kasidie also has a useful directory of services aimed at the adult community that features specialist services, products and travel opportunities. Users can browse from a range of categories including:

  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Gifts
  • Travel
  • Photographers
  • DJs and Performers
  • Clubs
  • Blogs & Podcasts

Some advertisers offer special discounts including the national sex store chain, Romantix, that has a downloadable coupon book with over $150 in savings available.

As well as mainly covering the USA, Kasidie also has listings (and reviews) of clubs internationally. Though not as comprehensive as the domestic listings, it does give users a broad range of options for travelling abroad.

Who Uses Kasidie?

According to the latest web stats, the site is ranked in the top 15000 websites in the U.S. and Kasidie attracts monthly visitor numbers in excess of 600,000 users. Each person hits around 10 pages per visit and stays on the site for around 7 minutes at a time. The site has a low bounce rate of just 24%.

These figures suggest the site is frequented by regular visitors who spend a reasonable amount of time perusing the site and using its features.

Around 9 out of every 10 visitors to the site are from the USA with the remainder being from international destinations including the UK, Germany, Poland and Turkey.

las vegas swingers
You can use Kasidie to search for couples in any U.S. city or state. Image via website.

How to Join Kasidie

Joining Kasidie is free and easy to do with plenty of content accessible even without an elite and certified membership.

Creating a Profile

You can create your free profile by registering your email address, location, age and log-in details but you must upload a profile photograph. Faces can be blurred or cropped and, if you are signing up as part of a couple, it can be of just one or both of you. No graphic sexual images are allowed on profile pages and no genitals.

Once you have uploaded a photo you can complete as much of  your profile as you want including:

  • Sexual preferences
  • Height, weight and other physical attributes (eye and hair color, complexion etc)
  • Description of yourself
  • Description of what you are looking for
  • Private Text (only available to people you grant ‘Backstage Access’ to
  • Interests
  • Things you enjoy sexually
  • Clues about your personality

Very much like an online dating profile, the more information you provide the better the chances you have of getting a good match on what you want.

swingers parties las vegas kasidie
Use the Rendezvous section to find other couples and singles who are actively seeking a hook-up. Image via website.

Cost of Membership

Whilst much of the information on the Kasidie site can be accessed for free including details of clubs, parties and events you will need to join as a member in order to benefit from the full services offered.

Full membership is priced as follows:

  • $19.95 monthly
  • $45.00 for three months
  • $75.00 for six months
  • $129.95 annually

All membership options are set to re-bill automatically and are payable via credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discovery)

Benefits of a Paid Membership

With a fully paid up subscription members can:

  • Send emails
  • Send friend requests
  • ‘Flirt’ with other members
  • Post rendezvous details
  • Join in the forums
  • Use instant messenger and chat room facilities
  • Access more photos and files uploaded by members
  • Host and join more parties

Getting Certified

Being a certified member allows you to build up a profile that can be viewed by other members in the community gaining you that essential currency of an adult community; credibility and authentication.

You can get certified in one of three ways:

  • Send a picture of yourself holding a sign with the current date along with your username. Couples must use a photo of at least the female partner of the pair, if not the two of you. Photos should be sent to the certification department via certification@kasidie.com
  • Meet a member of the Kasidie staff at any party
  • Have another certified (and paid-up) member or club owner verify your identity with Kasidie.

It is important to remember that many swingers clubs and organisations use services like Kasidie to verify guests who wish to attend their parties. The more elite and exclusive an event the more likely it is that your Kasidie profile will be the key to gaining entry.

Getting Involved on Kasidie

The community is not just active on its own forums but is also available across popular social media channels, a community magazine and blog.

life on the swingset swingers online magazine
A sex positive lifestyle magazine, Life on the Swingset is free to all members and non-members. Image via website.

Kasidie Review: An Excellent Meeting Point For Swingers

Operating for over ten years as a specialist swingers community, Kasidie has a strong reputation for providing a safe and functional space for adventurous couples and singles the chance to meet online and find suitably saucy events to attend.

The site is easy to use and even free memberships give you plenty of useful information for finding clubs and parties. However, it is the paid membership which really makes this site stand out. Being able to interact with other members to arrange play dates, rendezvous and travel plans is an exciting aspect of Kasidie’s service.

The environment will be familiar to anyone who has used any form of social network before although it is styled more on the ‘old school’ MySpace or Facebook (pre 2010) with the ability to post to your wall, ’Check-In’ to parties and update your status.

Kasidie and SDC are both excellent choices for swingers. Our recommendation for which site you should join depends on where you are based. Each has strength in different regions.

The price of membership is very competitive and for an annual fee of $130 you get 365 days of regular hook-ups, new parties, tons of pictures and additional content for less than $0.36 a day. As far as value goes, it’s one of the best deals in town.

Sign up here to get started.

Featured image via Kasidie.com


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