JustFor.Fans Review

Looking for a quick and easy way to get more adult content directly from the people who create it?

JustFor.Fans is a relatively new site that provides a platform for adult performers to reach out directly and connect with their fans. Similar to services like Only Fans, models post content to a secure feed which can only be accessed by paying subscribers. In return for their fee, followers get exclusive videos and photos as well as being able to communicate directly with models. It’s not a new idea so we wanted to know if JustFor.Fans is bringing anything else to the table.

In this review, we take a closer look at one of the latest platforms which offer adult performers a way to broadcasts content directly to followers (for a fee) and we’ll give you our opinion of what the site actually delivers.

What is JustFor.Fans?

JustFor.Fans is an adult blogging platform and marketplace where adult entertainers can connect directly with their fans. Similar to sites like Only Fans, it’s like a hybrid of YouTube, Facebook and eBay but where most of the content is NSFW and you have to pay to subscribe to the people you want to follow.

Yes, there is a lot of free content and previews available but the vast majority is premium.

JustFor.Fans is open for all kinds of adult models including escorts, strippers, porn stars and live cam performers as well as amateurs looking to make some extra cash. The service is also used by studios and photographers to showcase their work.

Models can be male or female, gay or straight, LGBTQ and non-binary. It really is a diverse melting pot of people operating in lots of different genres.

The site is already receiving well over a million visitors each month and is most popular in United States as well as in Western European countries like United Kingdom, Germany and France. There is also some good traffic being received from Republic of Korea.

It’s a great service for fans of adult performers who want to be able to connect directly and receive exclusive content first. Fans can message and trade photos and videos directly with their favorite models as well as discovering new people to follow.


At the time of our review the site had over 5,000 models and 70+ studio/photographers listed on the platform. Of these, more than 75% appear to be male and/or gay in content. With this in mind, the service does seem to be aimed more at gay men but that shouldn’t deter anyone else from considering what is on offer here…..almost 1,000 women offering exclusive adult content.

Free Content

The JustFor.Fans main feeds feature a lot of free content including photos, videos and other NSFW posts as well as access to Free Channels (like YouTube). Some of the featured models also offer free previews of their channels to tempt users to subscribe to their profiles.

Initially, your feed will come stuffed full of all kinds of models and performers but you can fully customize the content that you see by selecting the gender of performers in your ‘Settings’. This includes options besides simply ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ but also MTF and FTM transmen/women and non-binary models.

If you know the details of the performer you want to follow then you can simply add them using their Model ID, or you can just use the ‘Explore’ function to find channels and models that you want to follow by genre. This includes categories such as:

  • Asian
  • BDSM
  • Cosplay
  • Fetish
  • FemDom
  • Porn Star
  • Couples


The platform is full of features which can make your experience even better including a couple of nice little additions such as :

  • FOMO – If you have stopped following a model and unsubscribed from their feed, you can see here just what you are missing out on with details of any posts they have made since you left their service.
  • Store – From here models can sell lots of different content and services from discounted Skype sessions and custom DVDs to toys, clothing to Snapchat and Instagram access.

There’s also a nice little tie-in that the site does for those models who have a Twitter account and you can link to their social media accounts using KeepFollowing.Me; this means if their Twitter account is shut down (for whatever reason) then you will still be able to follow them when they open a new account.

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How Much Does JustFor.Fans Cost?

As an audience member, signing up for JustFor.Fans is totally free and you are not obliged to subscribe to any feeds. Instead you can take advantage of the free content that is regularly updated. However, the best material is kept behind the locked profiles of these performers.

Each performer profile offers subscription prices based on their own popularity and can range from as little as a few dollars a month to $50+. Most models offer multi-month discounts which means if you sign up front for a longer period, you make some savings.

The average price for a subscription to a service on the site seems to be around the $10-$15 per month mark.

Currently, each transaction you make on the account also attracts a service fee of $0.75. This is paid to JustFor.Fans and covers their administration costs.

How Much Money Can You Make On JustFor.Fans?

If you are a model then you can set up your own account just as quickly and easily and start posting content for your subscribers.

Models get to set their own subscription rates but should bear in mind that they only get to keep 70% of their income; the remainder is paid as a commission to JustFor.Fans

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JustFor.Fans: We Say…

For trans (MTF and FTM) and gay men, JustFor.Fans is an absolute MUST visit site for fans and performers and is quickly becoming the go to platform for models in this category. However, this should not detract at all from the appeal it has for more ‘mainstream’ communities. There are almost 1,000 women on the site each offering specialist and exclusive feeds of adult content, many of which are available for less than $15 per month.

Every model is different but many are publishing daily photos and videos that are not available anywhere else and regular fans who engage with their favorite models can receive personal communication and information direct to their inbox.

Just like Fan Centro, Only Fans, Many Vids and all the rest of these platforms, JustFor.Fans offers a great service for diversifying your sales of clips, photos and social media content as well as selling private shows through Skype or other media channels.

As for whether JustFor.Fans offers anything over and above these other sites; the answer (for us) is not really.

Sure, it’s an easy enough site to navigate and content is arranged well so you can browse channels by genre plus there are some great ways to store the media you purchase and catch up on those models you follow. However, the interface is a little slow at times and browsing around can be a little sluggish.

What we do like is the sexting feature where models share their contact details and you can contact them directly for some saucy chat and some nude pics/vids.

And finally, where JustFor.Fans actually does have the edge over some of the competition is the fact that the range of models is more diverse. If you are someone who gets a bit tired of the same kinds of models appearing on these platforms then you should be pleased with the choice offered here. Like your adult performers to be non-binary? Prefer some alt-porn amateur stars? What about kinks and fetishes? Well here you should be able to find something to float your boat. And, if you want gay men then this is certainly the option for you.

So, if you are still undecided about whether it’s worth subscribing to any of these models we’d recommend finding some of those feeds that offer free trials. You will have to enter your credit card to do so but it will give you the opportunity to try before you buy.

All featured images via JustFor.Fans.

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