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Fancy an adult sex sim that gives you more?

Whether you want to screw hot orc princesses in the wastelands of a fantastical kingdom or host an orgy in a Grecian mansion filled with cum-maidens, JerkDolls is the ultimate adult game to let you live your fantasies.

This 3D sex sim lets you do more than just design your on-screen perfect fuck buddy and change a few camera angles. JerkDolls offers up every kind of fetish and kink you can imagine.

In this JerkDolls review, we take a closer look at the latest 3D sex sim which is taking the NSFW gaming world by storm.

What is JerkDolls?

JerkDolls is a browser-based adult game that lets you create your own fantasy doll and then fuck her.

jerk dolls adult sex sim game review

Basically, a sex-sim game similar to the likes of 3D Sex Villa or Wild Life, JerkDolls was launched in February 2020 and has fast become one of the most popular new NSFW games of the year.

Players get to customize their whole experience of this game from the characters and their clothing to the sex they enjoy and where they do it.

JerkDolls is all about breaking out of some boxes and letting you choose the kind of sex you want to create.

Playing JerkDolls

Launched in-browser, you need to have registered an account to be able to play JerkDolls (see ‘How Much is Jerk Dolls?’, below).

Once launched you can start creating your own fantasy characters, wild locations and adventurous scenarios in a range of ways.

Jerkdolls adult sex sim game review

Create Your Dream Fuck Buddy

Like all sex sims, the major appeal of playing a game like this is that you can build and create your very own fantasy avatar from the ground up.

Every aspect of physical appearance is yours to customize from the hair on their head and genitals to the clothes they wear.

You Control The Action

When it comes to sex, this is where JerkDolls shines.

Players can fully customize the on-screen action from the kind of roleplay and scene that you want to create down to speed, positions and camera angles.

Multiple Fantasies Fulfilled

One of the things we love about JerkDolls is the sheer scope of what is covered here. Yes, players can choose and create their own fuck fantasy females meaning that pretty much every porn genre is covered but you also get to explore a whole range of locations too.

So, if you fancy a girl-on-girl teen fap-fest in a college or fapping with shemales in the sauna then you can.

Some of the most popular places to play in JerkDolls include:

  • Dungeon
  • Airplane
  • Forest
  • Beach
  • Swimming Pool
  • Movie Theater
  • Beach
  • Yacht
  • School

Those are in addition to the more typical places like bedrooms, cars and public spaces.

As for the kinds of fantasies you can fulfill, these are just as diverse and by creating your own avatars to play with, combining these with the right space, toys and accessories you can build a scene around porn genre favorites like:

  • Lesbian
  • Bukkake
  • Foot Fetish
  • Monster Sex
  • Bondage
  • Gangbang

From banging sci-fi ninjas, futuristic cowboys or fantasy elves to extreme fisting, taboo incest cartoon porn and pregnant anal fucking Jerk Dolls has something for every kink.

Of course, you can stick to mainstream hardcore 3D sex; whatever you like because (remember) you control all the action.

characters in jerk dolls

Modding in JerkDolls

One of the selling points of playing a game like JerkDolls over other sex-sim games is that the development team offer ways for players to modify their experience with new game additions and debugging tools.

Though not an open-source title, the team has created an interface for customers to upload their own content. From new locations to kinky sex positions, this allows players to extend and enhance their gameplay.

Members can join in with modding chat via the Discord platform and there is a really active and supportive community to help with new additions and scenarios.

JerkDolls Technical Requirements

As an in-browser game, you can launch and play JerkDolls from whatever device you like including PC, Mac, Android or iPad without having to download any files.

As long as your device can launch Chrome, Firefox or Safari then you can experience problem-free gameplay.

JerkDolls has been built using a Unity WebGL system which means it runs as an HTML5 program. This means the game is pretty fast and smooth without any glitches and is what makes it compatible in multiple environments.

The development team also releases regular weekly updates so any bugs are quickly ironed out plus you get a fresh supply of new content.

sex in jerkdolls

How Much is JerkDolls?

JerkDolls is a freemium model game which means that you can play the base version for free but customers can upgrade their experience with in-game purchases.

Known as Orgasm Bux, the in-game currency can be used to buy new outfits, sex toys, locations and body enhancements. You can even spend big and import a well-known porn star to fuck!

play jerk dolls for free

You will earn Bux as you play the game but if you want to upgrade faster and play better then you’ll need to buy some credits for your account.

Note: new customers need to register their credit card details on file to verify their age and there are some cross-sales here to uncheck if you don’t want tons of free and bonus porn content!

JerkDolls Review: Hottest New Sex Sim?

JerkDolls is definitely one of the best-looking adult games to be launched in a while and the 3D rendered characters (in places) look almost real. With flesh that bounces and jiggles to the way the light bounces off the sweat-soaked skin of your own avatar, this is high-quality graphics indeed.

jerk dolls sex sim game review

As a sex-sim game, you are getting a lot of customization and there isn’t a chance you can get bored playing it. The sheer volume of options that you have to combine characters, fantasies, positions and roleplay means you could recreate all of Pornhub’s content in the game and then some! It might take you a while but you could do it.

But, as a game?

All sex-sims have their limitations and this one is no different in terms of the playability.

Yes, you can enjoy creating your own XXX content but don’t expect any challenges when playing JerkDolls. There are no missions to complete or XP to earn and there isn’t much by way of interaction.

Instead, this is just one huge play pit with little point to what you do beyond the enjoyment of creating custom porn.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Particularly if you’ve tried other adult games and become frustrated by the lack of extensive locations, customization and sexual positions.

The lack of complex gameplay might be a deal-breaker for some people but it does make this game really easy to access; particularly for those people who haven’t tried a sex-sim before.

For newbies, the controls are pretty intuitive and there are plenty of language choices available.

So, if you are looking for a multiplayer NSFW adventure game to keep you hooked for hours with tons of structure and narrative then JerkDolls won’t be for you (maybe you should check out EroGames).

But if you love getting lost in a world where anything goes and you’re completely in charge then definitely get yourself signed up.

What have you got to lose?

Sign up on JerkDolls to get started.

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