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Can’t get to a strip club but still want an exclusive show?

In the current climate where COVID-19 is limiting our choices to get out and enjoy ourselves, we welcome any diversion which can transport us back to a simpler time.

iStripper is just such an app.

Available to download for your desktop computer, this fun little tool transforms any dull workspace into an exciting and sexy gentlemen’s club.

With a choice of more than 700 hot girls, all ready to give you the virtual show of your life, we find out more in our full iStripper review.

The App to Turn Your Desktop Into a Strip Club

iStripper is a unique app you can download to your computer which displays sexy ovelaid images of erotic dancers right on your own screen.

With no background, it’s like these vixens are living in your desktop and ready to perform on your taskbar whenever you want them.

istripper desktop adult entertainment

It’s a bit like having your own personal gentleman’s club in miniature and you get to choose your very own private dancer from a selection of over 700 women!

The app is owned and operated by Totem Core Limited, a digital media company based in Ireland.

Is iStripper The Biggest Strip Club in the World?

There are currently more than 700 dancers available to watch on iStripper and, between them, this offers more than 2,800 different shows.

From students to pornstars, firefighters to maids there is a diverse choice here which means that everyone should be able to find a suitable dancer.

Within the app itself you get featured carousels with a playlists of models to choose from but you can also use filters to find more suitable dancers.

This includes being able to search by hair color or ethnicity as well as by category, release date and quality. You are also able to filter out the XXX dancers from the erotic ones.

And these aren’t just faceless ladies with super-sexy and hot bodies, you can find out more about each of the girls by hitting up their profiles. Detailed bios include vital stats, country of origin and more information about what makes these ladies tick.

strippers girls istripper

Within these profiles, you can also find more videos and cards which feature any particular model as well as read through customer reviews and check out a gallery of pics and clips. Once you purchase any model’s show on iStripper, these will be unlocked.

Getting Started with iStripper

You can download the desktop app directly from the iStripper website by following the Login button from the main menu.

This initiates a transfer of two files to your computer of about 60mb each. And you don’t need to worry about the security of this download; there is no adware, spyware or viruses.

Next, just follow the Set-Up wizard to install the files; this takes about 30 seconds and then you can launch the app.

Once launched, you are designated with a username and password and you’ll need to provide a valid email address for password recovery.

The dashboard will then open up and the app will run in the background until you disable it.

Right off the bat, even without selecting any options, your screen will become the home for a sexy dancer overlaid on your screen and becoming a delicious distraction.

If she is in the way of what you are doing then you can just click on her and move her around the screen. As you do so, she will ‘struggle’ on your cursor which is pretty good fun on its own!

Going back to the dashboard, there is a helpful tutorial which takes you on a tour of your options which includes:

  • Choosing a type of stripper
  • Selecting a stripper from the carousel
  • Downloading a free preview
  • Managing your downloads
  • Magnifying the girl
  • Buying nude shows
  • How to hide the girls on your desktop

And, once you select your first girl to purchase and set her off, she will perform her show for you over and over again.

how to play istripper

There are quite a few features to this app which mean you can customize your experience including music playback and girls’ sounds. Both of these options will be a huge distraction if you are trying to work but are a lot of fun and really make the experience like being in a mini strip club.

You can also toggle the size of the girls and how they appear on your desktop as well as increase the number of dancers on your screen at any time.

Finally, you can make the girls SFW or NSFW as you see fit and this is a pretty good safety feature if you share your office space. Some of your colleagues might not thank you for switching off nudity in the screen saver mode but it could save you a few blushes in the long run!

Note: The app is certainly not as explicit as some other 3D ‘sex simulators’ that we’ve featured (like Virtual Lust 3D or Chathouse!).

You can also password protect your copy of iStripper so there is no chance anyone can accidentally see a show, or any nudity, unless you want them to.

Oh, and you can only download iStripper on two computers at any time under each license.

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How Much is iStripper?

The iStripper app is free to download but you won’t get much to play with without spending some money.

Yes, you can enjoy unlimited free previews of any of the girls but these only dance around for a few minutes and don’t actually strip.

Each girl costs about 25-40 credits and their individual shows run to around 30 minutes in length.

A European site, credits are charged in Euros and come in different bundles, each priced as follows:

  • 25 credits for €4.99 (+5 free bonus credits) – €0.17 per credit
  • 100 credits for €14.99 (+20 free bonus credits) – €0.12 per credit
  • 250 credits for €29.99 (+50 free bonus credits) – €0.10 per credit
  • 500 credits for €49.99 (+100 free bonus credits) – €0.08 per credit

This roughly means that each new girl you buy will cost you between €2.00 and €6.80 (that’s about $2.45 to $8.30).

Payment can be made securely using a range of credit or debit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrencies or via SMS.

You can also earn free credits for loyalty so the more girls you collect the more you points you earn towards completing your collection.

iStripper Review strip club app

iStripper Review: The Best Desktop Stripper App?

One of the things we liked a lot about iStripper was the confidence with which other users recommend the app. It’s all too easy to download a lot of crap to your mobile or desktop devices only to find it glitches or, worse, is some dodgy trojan.

You don’t have that kind of problem with iStripper as it comes with a solid TrustPilot rating of 4.4 stars which is ‘Excellent’. And this isn’t a weak set of reviews but comes from a total of over 3.8k customer opinions.

There’s also so much more to this little app than just the desktop strip club. Customers can also access VR shows of some models which gives you a whole new way to enjoy a strip tease.

Plus, members can also join in with the lively iStripper forum; a community of other guys and gals who also find this app a whole lot of fun. It’s pretty helpful if you are experiencing any issues but, to be honest, their technical support team is pretty good.

desktop strip club app istripper

Our only complaint is that you can’t take these mini-dancers with you on the move and although there is a beta version of the app for mobile in development, iStripper is very much a desktop affair.

Overall, we found this app one of the most enjoyable parts of working from home and although, at times, these ladies slowed down our work rate they more than made up for this with sending our heart rates through the roof.

It’s a fun program that’s free to use and will only cost you what you want to throw at it and, for our money, these girls more than make their shows worthwhile.

So, if you’re ready to transport yourself into your own private strip club then download iStripper today. All that’s missing is the cold beers but we’re guessing you can handle that part yourself…

Get iStripper today to explore the app for yourself.

All featured images via iStripper.


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