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Looking for a premium adult content sales site to offer exclusive access for your fans?

IsMyGirl was established by, and run for, adult models and offers flexible and high percentage payouts.

Coupled with extensive ways to monetize your content and a responsive support team, thousands of creators are using the site as the primary way to engage with their audiences.

With an affiliation to the tattoo lifestyle magazine, Inked, the site has its own specialist alternative content platform and brings over 40 million of its own fans to the table.

In this IsMyGirl review, we take a closer look at how the service works for models. From what you can sell on the platform, to the commission charges, and overall earning potential.

We’ll give you a full rundown on the pros and cons of using IsMyGirl to make money from the adult industry.

What is IsMyGirl?

IsMyGirl is an exclusive adult content and premium social networking site for female models.

Similar to sites like OnlyFans, ManyVids and AVN Stars, fans can connect directly with their favorite creators and subscribe to follow them, purchase content direct and even request custom videos and photos.

making money on ismygirl

Models can also use IsMyGirl to stream pay-per-minute live cams, receive tips and gifts from fans as well as offer premium subscriptions to social media channels like Snapchat.

So far, the site has signed up more than 10,000 models who are using their platform to share more than half a million premium photos and videos with their fans.

IsMyGirl also operates two additional websites:

  • IsMyGuy – A similar service to IsMyGirl but for the fellas (gay or straight) there are currently more than 530 guys selling 16,000+ exclusive videos and pics.
  • InkedGirls – Specializing in adult content created solely by tattooed women and alternative models.

Together, these three platforms were created in collaboration with the popular tattoo lifestyle magazine, Inked and celebrates more alternative models. The benefit of this affiliation is that the team at IsMyGirl has access to more than 40 million social media fans with whom they can share details of their site and their models. 

IsMyGirl is popular in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with a high number of visitors coming from Asia, particularly the Philippines.

Traffic to the site is pretty consistent and over the last six months and IsMyGirl has been seeing visitor numbers in the region of 600,000-700,000 hits per month.

Why Sell on IsMyGirl?

There are tons of great adult content sales and subscription sites around.

Most share a similar format in their services with models being able to:

  • Upload exclusive digital content (pics and vids) for sale.
  • Receive tips and gifts from fans.
  • Sell premium access to their social media accounts.

IsMyGirl offers all this plus some additional ways for models to monetize their activities. This includes:

  • Pay-per-minute livestreaming (group chat)
  • Direct message premium videos
  • FanCams
  • Referrals
review of ismygirl adult content sales site

By signing up to IsMyGirl, you are effectively creating your own custom website with all the additional features of using a live cam service and adult fan subscription site.

You will get your own unique URL which you can share on your own social media in order to direct fans to your profile pages. Known as a ‘vanity link’ this will be

The platform supports geo-blocking and targeting so you can limit (or focus on) specific regions you are being marketed to.

With access to more than 40 million followers on social media through their connection to Inked, IsMyGirl has a great reach in terms of its marketing and uses this affiliation to increase traffic.

Not only that but they often run billboard and mainstream advertising campaigns plus they are able to reach millions of these followers through targeted newsletters.

Another reason so many models are choosing IsMyGirl is due to their reputation for customer service.

With responsive and fast action taken on DMCA issues and numerous ways for models to get in contact, the team works hard to keep its users happy. Available 24/7 and on a one-to-one basis, this means that if you have any issues you can generally get them resolved almost instantly.

Lastly, IsMyGirl seems to do a good job at fairly promoting the content creators on its platforms.

Their homepage offers a discovery feature which means visitors can see different models every day and gives newcomers a chance to broaden their reach to new audiences.

What Can You Sell on IsMyGirl?

Gaining followers is the primary way to make money on IsMyGirl and models set a subscription fee for their fans (typically $10-$25 per month recurring).

It is then down to the models themselves to keep those subscribers hungry for more by posting regular content to their IsMyGirl wall. This can be a mix of photos and videos as well as other types of post including status updates, news and polls.

All subscribers get access to the Direct Messaging feature which means you can connect directly with your paying fans. This can be a great way to get tips and it is recommended that you embrace this direct contact in order to improve your chances of making money through IsMyGirl.

However, you can also generate additional income by selling videos and photos, responding to custom content requests and through live streaming, tipping and referrals.

The live streaming service is available in three formats:

  • Free to followers
  • Paid Group Chat
  • Private 1-on-1 FanCam

All models can post up to 10 public-facing photos which must be 100% SFW and not feature any nudity. These are used by the IsMyGirl team to promote their platform and so can be often be posted to their social media channels for publicity.

Only paying followers can see your premium content and this can be as naughty as you like.

Pricing on IsMyGirl

Models have full control over what they charge for all types of services they offer and, from the cost of monthly subscription to premium content, you are in full control.

review of ismygirl content sales site

You can also add luxury items to your wishlist as a way to get fans to pay for the things that you want.

What Can You Earn Through IsMyGirl?

The revenue share on IsMyGirl isn’t bad and models get to keep 80% of all money generated through subscriptions, premium video sales and tipping.

With live streaming this reduces to 70%.

Payments are made twice a month with the minimum withdrawal amount being set at $50. The current payment methods set up are via bank transfer/ACH, check or using local cash pick up services where available.

Note that your earnings are subject to a 12.5% processing fee before any split is made. This means that for every $1 you generate on the main subscriptions, you will receive $0.70 or $0.625 on live streaming.

You can also earn money through referrals and for every successful sign up that you send to the team, you will receive commission which is equivalent to 5% of the lifetime earnings for that model.

Top earners on the site are reportedly making over $30,000 per month.

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Who Can Be a Model on IsMyGirl?

Models on IsMyGirl must be aged 18 or over and have a government issued photo ID which they will need to use for account verification.

In addition, models must already have their own social media following on Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram.

Applications are accepted from all international locations.

Obviously, with the links to Inked there is a built-in audience that the site is being marketed to and this will definitely be appealing to any models who fit their target demographic including alternative adult content creators as well as those sporting tattoos.

Each application is reviewed by the team using information and images submitted; however they do receive hundreds of submissions each day so it can take a few days before you get approved.

You will not be able to post content on the site until your application has been verified and approved by the administration team.

The IsMyGirl Model Community

One of the big plus points about working with IsMyGirl is that you aren’t simply left on your own to run the business of branding yourself.

Instead, all successful applicants are very much treated like business partners and the company puts in a good deal of effort in helping its models achieve success.

A part of this is by fostering a solid working community of IsMyGirl content creators. A ‘sisterhood of empowered businesswomen who work hard and play hard togethers’, this ‘girl gang’ have plenty of opportunities to pool their skills and knowledge for the common good.

From organizing lifestyle events, photo-shoots and parties to publishing regular useful information and news on their blog, IsMyGirl is all about building a brand together.

As you would imagine, the models on IsMyGirl are active right across social media and the site creates plenty of engagement through its own channels including regular competitions, advice and ideas to grow your brand as well as offering exclusive promotions, takeovers and other marketing tidbits.

review of ismygirldot and inkedgirls

You can join in and follow the conversations with IsMyGirl at:

IsMyGirl Review: A High Paying Option For Models

There are a lot of ways to earn money through IsMyGirl and models get access to plenty of features to help them achieve this.

All available through the easy-to-use Model Dashboard, content creators can mass message all of their followers to alert them to new premium content, the commencement of live streaming events and any promotions they might be running.

what can you sell on ismygirl

For us though, there are a few things which set this platform apart from the competition:

  • Flexibility – As well as the varied ways you can make money, there are plenty of ways to charge and all of these can be fully customized to suit you. From being able to offer free trials to your fans for subscribing to setting individual cost per minute for your live streams, the key is that you remain in control.
  • Reach – With the association of Inked magazine and those 40 million+ social media followers, that’s a huge audience that you can instantly be tapping into.
  • Customer Service – From an active model piracy protection program through to technical and payment support, the team has a great reputation for being responsive.
  • Selectivity – We like the fact that they are discerning about their models and not every application is routinely accepted. This means that the site is populated by active creators with a high standard. Sharing a platform with other professionals like you means that your marketplace is a quality one. This sense of exclusivity does help when you are trying to create a premium brand and the attention to detail here is good.
  • Diversity – Unlike a lot of adult fan site subscription platforms, IsMyGirl openly celebrates alternative models across its site. This makes it a great place for models who don’t fit that cookie cutter mold and want to reach an audience who are looking for women like them.

And, importantly, commission wise, the earnings you can generate here are very favorable compared to the competition.

All in all, we like the looks of this premium social network and content sales site a lot and can recommend you take a second look at what they can offer you.

Sign up on IsMyGirl to get started.

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