Hydromax Penis Pumps: How Do They Compare?

Looking for the best penis pump and considering a Hydromax?

With over a million happy customers worldwide, Bathmate has an excellent reputation for producing one of the best ‘wet-system’ penis pumps on the market but which of their products should you choose to  get the best results for you? Offering three different series of their popular Hydromax devices, Bathmate has a penis pump to suit different sizes and aims; from the smaller to the more well-endowed gentleman looking for extra length and/or girth, there is a lot of difference between these pumps.

In this feature, we compare all of the current penis pumps manufactured by Hydromax so you can make the best choice.

Hydromax Penis Pumps by Bathmate

Using a unique water-based system, the penis pumps manufactured by Bathmate purport to offer the best results to deliver extra length, girth and hardness. User reviews suggest that the products are easy and comfortable to use and, with over a million devices sold world-wide, the sales suggest that Bathmate is the world’s favorite penis pump. Certainly, Bathmate itself reports that 92% of its customers come away satisfied using their Hydromax products with:

  • 70% noting a size increase;
  • 76% reporting better erections;
  • 75% stating improved confidence.

Launched in 2006 with the original Hydro7, their products offer results for men with a penis size from 3” to 11”; in fact, Bathmate manufactures the largest penis pump on the market. Why? Because even guys blessed with length can need help achieving girth or hardness. Also, pumping feels pretty good!

All products are designed to be used in the shower or bath using water to create a more comfortable vacuum with which to provide gentle but effective negative pressure.

Unlike many penis pumps, most of the Hydromax systems don’t use a hand-held bulb with which to ‘pump’; instead, you use the device itself.  Place the chamber over your submerged penis (or fill with water) and then draw the pump towards your body. This initial action creates a seal and further pumps will force water out of the valve located at the tip of the cylinder. As more water is released from inside the device, the greater the water suction on your penis.

The designs of each series varies slightly but all feature a valve which can be adjusted to vary the amount of water released from each pump, thus increasing/decreasing the rate of pressure being built up. In addition, they each include a safety release valve so you can have an ’emergency exit’.

The HydroXtreme series includes a handball pump and external hosing and is pumped in a slightly different way. You can find a full pictorial guide on how to use the hydromax penis pumps here.

hydromax penis pumps how do they compare

So, what products are available and how do they compare?

Hydro Series

Formerly known as the Bathmate Series (or Hercules), the Hydro range of penis pumps is the original design of this product.

There is only one design of the Hydro penis pump in this series; the Hydro7.

It is designed for men who have a penis sized between five and seven inches (erect) and can produce additional girth, length and hardness.

A perfect starter option if you are new to pumping, the Hydro7 is priced at $110 and comes in a choice of three colors; clear, blue or red.

Hydromax Series

Their most popular penis pump, the Hydromax has a slightly different design and delivers 35% more power. This is achieved via a new and more comfortable bellows system and using materials with greater durability and strength.

In addition, the Hydromax Series features a removable comfort pad which creates a tighter seal at the base of the penis whilst improving ease of use.

A new design of valve means you can operate the Hydromax one-handed and maintain pressure for longer without letting you ‘over-pump’.

Formerly known as the Hydromax X-series, there are three different sizes to choose from:

  • Hydromax5: Ideal for men with a penis size of between three and five inches (erect), the Hydromax5 has been shown to be useful when combined with a jelqing routine. Priced at $139, the Hydromax5 is available in clear, blue or red.
  • Hydromax7: Suited for men with an erect penis size of between five and seven inches, the Hydromax7 is priced at $159 and also comes in a choice of colors.
  • Hydromax9: Designed for men with a penis size of between seven and nine inches in length (erect) the Hydromax9 is priced at $199.

All of the above penis pumps are suited for men whose penis has a girth of 6” or under. For those men who have a larger girth, there are options in the HydroXtreme Series (see below) or the Hydromax7 also comes in a WideBoy edition. This design allows for a comfortable fit for a girth of up to 7” and a length of 5” to 7”. This design is priced at $179.

hydromax penis pumps wide boy
The Wide Boy: For those men blessed with extra-girth.

HydroXtreme Series

Formerly known as the Hydromax Xtreme Series, the HydroXtreme penis pump offers maximum performance using an additional handball pump to create more pressure. This offers far more control over the pressure you are creating than with the traditional Bathmate penis pump. It’s also easier to operate if you have a longer penis.

There are five designs within the series, each comes with a free Official Accessories Bundle (see below) worth $110.

  • HydroXtreme5 (Formerly Hydromax Xtreme X20): Designed for men whose penis measures between three and five inches in length (erect), the HydroXtreme5 is priced at $249.
  • HydroXtreme7 (Formerly Hydromax Xtreme X30): Designed for men whose penis measures between five and seven inches in length (erect), the HydroXtreme5 is priced at $299.
  • HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy: Designed for men whose penis measures between five and seven inches in length (erect) and with a girth of over 6”, the HydroXtreme5 is priced at $329.
  • HydroXtreme9 (Formerly Hydromax Xtreme X40): Designed for men whose penis measures between seven and nine inches in length (erect), the HydroXtreme5 is priced at $349.
  • HydroXtreme11 (Formerly Hydromax Xtreme X50): The largest penis pump of its kind on the market, this model is for men whose penis measures between nine and eleven inches in length (erect), the HydroXtreme5 is priced at $399.

All five of these models come in a single clear design with grey seal and red tubing.hydromax penis pumps hydroxtreme

Official Accessories

Offered as a bundle for greater value, Bathmate also offers a good selection of accessories to help you get the best results from your penis pump.

Sold for $110, your Accessories Bundle includes:

  • Bathmate Show Strap
  • Bathmate Cleaning Kit
  • Bathmate Capsule Storage Case
  • Bathmate Measuring Gauge
  • Bathmate Pleasure Lube

Buying the Right Size

To get the best performance from your Hydromax penis pump, it is essential that you purchase the correct size. In order to do this, you should ensure that you measure your penis when it is fully erect.

Using a ruler (not a tape measure), pressed directly to the pubic bone, take a recording of the length of your penis right to the tip.

hydromax penis pumps buy the right size penis pump
Don’t be tempted to under or over measure your penis as it’s important to get a comfortable fit.

Calculate the girth by using a measuring tape or a piece of string against a ruler around the circumference of the widest part of your erect penis.

You can then use the sizing guide via the official Bathmate website to select the best model for you.

Using Your Bathmate Penis Pump

It is recommended that you use your Hydromax device for a maximum period of five minutes per session, with three sessions per day (total of 15 minutes in 24 hours).

For the best possible results, all of the products within the Bathmate range are designed to be used with water. This means it is generally easier to operate the pumps when you are in the shower or bath or near a sink. The pumps can be used in air but the improvements will not be as noticeable nor will the experience be as comfortable.

Buying Genuine Hydromax Penis Pumps

It is important to ensure that your purchase your Hydromax penis pump from an authorized retailer or directly from the manufacturer. Not only does this ensure that you get access to Bathmate’s 60-day, no-quibble, money-back guarantee but your product will also be covered by a two-year warranty.

All genuine Hydromax penis pumps are manufactured in the UK using skin safe medical grade materials and have been clinically proven to be safe to use. Critically, the partial vacuum levels have been tested under European and USA medical regulations.

Unfortunately, with such a popular product, there are plenty of counterfeit penis pumps on the market and, whilst these may be a good deal cheaper than those available from official sources, their designs do not come with the same quality assurances. Let’s face it, if you are sticking one of your most valuable assets into something and applying pressure, you want to be 100% assured that it’s safe and not a dangerous fake.

You can find further details on how to spot a fake and ways you can report counterfeit retailers using this link to the official Bathmate site.

All featured images via the Official Hydromax Website(US)/Bathmate Direct.

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