Hydromax Pump Review

Looking for a penis pump and want to know more about the Hydromax?

A revolution in penile enhancement technology, the Hydromax was created over a decade ago and uses water instead of air to create the suction needed to increase blood flow to the penis. The design has won several awards and has sparked a number of new water pumps on the market. The original product, ‘Hercules’ is one of the worlds best selling penis pumps and Bathmate has become an international name for penile enhancement products.

In this review, we look at the company behind Hydromax, their range of products and whether or not the system is worth the premium price.

Who Are Hydromax?

Hydromax is produced by the UK company, DX Products Ltd. Based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, the company developed the Bathmate brand in 2004 after Chief Designer, John Oakes, designed a hydrotherapy pump for a disabled friend. After suffering spinal injury from a rock climbing fall which left him in a wheelchair, Oakes’ friend was unable to get an erection.

Abandoning the traditional concept of air-based pumps, Oakes decided to opt for a hydraulic solution and eventually hit upon a design which produced great results for his friend. Though initially designed as a medical aid, Oakes noticed during testing that the product was also producing great gains. By restoring an oxygen rich blood flow to the penis, not only was the erection becoming firmer, there was also a marked increase in size.

The original hydropump was named ‘Hercules’ and was launched to market in 2006. By 2008, the ‘Goliath’ was added to the company’s catalogue becoming the largest hydropump in the world.

In 2012, the original design was improved with a second generation, the X30. 35% more powerful than the Hercules, the X30 became the safest and most effective male enhancement pump on the market. By the following year, the Goliath was given the same makeover becoming the X40.

DX Products now manufacturers two further pumps, the Xtreme X30 and X40 as well as WideBoy versions of their most popular devices plus a range of accessories to complement their penile performance aids.

hydromax xtreme
The Hydromax X-treme series offers pumping to men with larger penises.

Now a recognized global brand, DX Products has sold over a million Bathmates in over 100 counties and has won several industry awards to recognize their innovation, including:

  • 2014 Sign Magazine ‘Best Male Enhancement 2014’ Award
  • 2014 Adultex ‘Most Innovative Male Pleasure Product’ Award
  • 2014 XBiz ‘Speciality Pleasure Product of the Year’

What Makes Hydromax Different?

Prior to the development of the Hydromax, there was only one type of penis enhancement pump on the market; air pumps, designed to create a vacuum to draw blood into the penis.

The Hydromax pump revolutionised the way pumps are designed and use water instead of air which creates a more even distribution of pressure around the shaft of the penis. By using warm water, the skin of the penis is more conducive to being stretched and allows more blood to circulate in the tissue.

The process of pumping with warm water has also been found to be more comfortable and relaxing which effectively stimulates a more natural way to achieve an erection. This is thought to be particularly helpful in assisting men with erectile dysfunction to achieve an erection where ED is commonly found to be caused by psychological problems such as stress.

In addition, warm water pumps are incredibly hygienic and help cleanse the penile skin. By unclogging pores, degreasing the surface and removing grime, the skin is healthier. Healthy skin is more stretchy and pliant which boosts the results of pumping, both in the short and long term.

Pump Range

Since the early days of the original ‘Hercules’ pump, there are now three lines of Hydromax products; the Bathmate, the X-Series and the X-Treme.

Bathmate Series

The original design of the Bathmate is virtually unchanged from the original prototype that inspired John Oakes to create Hydropump. Still dubbed the ‘Hercules’, the pump was the world’s first penile enhancement product using an innovative system of water instead of air.

hydromax bathmate penis pump
The original Bathmate changed the face of penis pump technology.

The Bathmate is available in one size but comes in a choice of colours; red, blue or opaque.

The Bathmate is the entry level hydro pump and is suitable for men whose existing erections are up to 7” in length and 1.8” in width. It is recommended that for existing erections of over 5”, customers consider the X-30 to allow for suitable growth.


The X-Series represents an improvement on the original design offering 35% more power. An adjustment to the bellows and a different valve delivers greater performance with the same comfort and safety.

The X-series comes in four different sizes:

  • Hydromax X20
  • Hydromax X30
  • Hydromax X20 Wideboy
  • Hydromax X30 Wideboy

The X20 is suitable for existing erectile lengths of 2.9” to 4.9” with a width of up to 1.8”. The X30 is ample for men with erections of up to 7.1” with a width of up to 2.0”.

The Wideboy variations of these two popular sizes accommodates men who have a greater girth.

The X-Series is also available in blue, red or opaque.


Recommended for men who are experienced with pumping, the X-Treme series offers greater power with greater flexibility. The series comes in a range of four sizes, each with a measuring gauge, handball pump, comfort insert pad and hose attachment.

This pump is slightly different in design and is aimed at men who intend on pumping every day and want to keep a track of their progress.

It is made using high quality and durable materials with the hand pump, in particular, offering a far more robust grip than other products on the market.

The addition of the bulb gives some subtle variation to the amount of suction being applied and makes it a far more comfortable but more effective way to pump.

The X-Treme also comes with a cleaning kit, water-based lubricant and Bathmate towel and sponge.

The four sizes accommodate the following size of existing erection length and width:

  • X-Treme X20 – Length of up to 5”
  • X-Treme X30 – Length of 5” to 7”
  • X-Treme X40 – Length of 7” to 9”
  • X-Treme X50 – Length of 9”+

The range is available in blue, red and clear.


You can also purchase from a range of accessories from the Bathmate range including cleaning kits, carry cases, lubricants, vibe rings and replacement parts. They also stock measuring gauges, grooming kits and shower straps.

hydromax accessories
Complement your purchase from a range of accessories.

If you want to protect your investment, you can purchase an extended three, five or seven year warranty.

Additional products include the ‘Hydro Rocket’ and ‘Hydro Douce’ an intimate hygiene tool designed to complement your pumping experience to leave your whole manhood thoroughly cleansed.

Using Hydromax

The Hydromax is designed to be used with warm water and is therefore best if you pump whilst in the shower or bath. Most men find it an easy activity to add to their daily routine; however, the Hydromax can also be used in air (with lubricant).

The manufacturers recommend that, for the best results, their products are used for a total for 15-minutes each day for a period of five minutes each time followed by a brief rest period.

Ordering Hydromax

Hydromax can be ordered directly from the manufacturers using the official website appropriate for your country.

hydromax pump range
The price of the product range varies by country.

The prices of the pumps varies depending on your location but are in the order of:

  • Bathmate from $110
  • X-Series from $139
  • X-Treme from $249

Hydromax Pump Review: Our Verdict

Compared to the price of traditional air-pumps, the Hydromax is quite a sizable investment, particularly if you need a larger size. Once you have opted for a few accessories, the cost of your new water pump could end up running into several hundred dollars.

However, anyone who has ever pumped before and opted for a budget air device will know that you get what you pay for. As soon as you handle the Hydromax you will know that your money has been well spent. Not only is it a comfortable fit but it is a sturdy piece of kit, made from durable materials. The price of an extended three year warranty is just $40 and you know that you will never need to buy another pump again, particularly as you can buy replacement parts for those pieces that suffer wear and tear.

The pump is very easy to use and results are consistent with the claims made by the manufacturer. Not only can you see visible improvements in size (length and girth) but there is a definite improvement to rigidity of erections.

hydromax sizing guide
Make sure you buy the correct size to get the best results.

Depending on why you are using the pump (erectile dysfunction, improved length, performance etc) then continued use is really the only way to sustain the results. Stop pumping and you can kiss your progress goodbye and, eventually, you will see a decrease in the results achieved. It might seem like a ball-ache (pun not intended) but to maintain results, pumping should become a regular part of your routine.

We think the Hydromax is an ingenious penile performance pump that is well worth the money. With a 60 day money back guarantee, no-quibble return policy, you can always give it a go without fearing you are wasting your money. Just make sure you get the right size, use it as directed and be consistent.

If you don’t, then you simply won’t see the maximum benefits.

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