Make Your Own Virtual Girlfriend with Hybri

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Want to make your own virtual girlfriend?

Hybrid is a mixed reality app offering you the chance to create and fully customize your own virtual companion.

This is an ambitious project currently being crowdfunded through Kickstarter and other platforms.

Set to launch in 2021, the combination of AR and VR technology coupled with a humble smartphone promises to let users create, customize and interact with their very own digital ‘human’.

And, the most impressive part?

With artificial intelligence built in, these models can live independent lives in your home… virtually!

Ever wanted an artificial girlfriend?

In this Hybri guide, we take a closer look at why you might want to get involved in this ambitious project.

What is Hybri?

Hybri: The World is Yours’

Put simply, Hybri is an app being developed for your smartphone that lets you create your own digital partner that you can ‘see’ through your smartphone.

In Augmented Reality (AR) mode, this means they will ‘exist’ in any physical environment that you want to interact with them in.

And, in Virtual Reality (VR) mode, you can head to some pretty unique and special places to spend time together.

make your own virtual girlfriend with hybri

Dreamt up by a Florida tech start-up, the project’s founder (Richard Donczi) apparently imagined a future where it would be possible “to create a completely personalized, intelligent digital partner who could always be with us”.

And whilst this seems like a creation of science fiction writers, the fact is that technology has now reached a point where this is possible and Hybri intends to be the first company to bring this reality to the masses.

“depending on your model’s configuration, they will miss you or argue with you. You can chat with them all day or even give them orders; the choice is yours.”

We chose the Hybri in our list of the best sex tech companies to watch in 2021, and with good reason.

With each model having their own ‘temperament’ and all physical features able to be completely customized, the result will be like having your own mate for life.

Only this companion won’t leave the toilet seat up, drink all the milk or stay out late.

The Technology

Combining both AR and VR technology, Hybri is the latest innovation in th.e adult industry which promises to get us closer to a virtual world.

Through this application, users can create a lifelike but digital partner who you can interact with using both hand and voice control

And, because this is augmented reality (AR), you don’t need to use expensive headsets or external hardware to experience this phenomenal leap in tech.

Instead, all you need is your smartphone.

With the AR mode of the app launched, all you need to do is scan the surrounding floor and your digital partner will be right in the room with you. The ARCore and ARKit tech features People Occlusion and Depth API which greatly enhances the realism.

But, if you do want to check out an even more immersive version of the app then you can use a standard VR headset (something as basic as Google Cardboard works fine but you can get a better experience with a better headset).

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All you have to do is slip your phone in and check out how your partner looks in up to 40 new locations.

The details of these environments are still being ironed out but look set to include some romantic options as well as some super futuristic ones and even those you can upload yourself.

Hybri virtual partner


So, with all this impressive technology, surely you will need the latest smartphone?

Hybri says that their app will work on most mid-range of higher spec iOS and Android devices which means it should work with:

  • An iPhone 5S or higher, or
  • An Android S7 or higher.

Full Customization

When you first start using the app, you will be asked a lot of questions about your preferences when it comes to personality and behavior as well as given the options to tailor all physical parameters. And, don’t worry, all of your choices can be changed at a later stage.

All of these traits and physical appearance settings can be adjusted using a slider so every version of Hybri will be slightly different to anyone else’s plus you can also add in some unique likes and dislikes.

The app comes with six initial models including three men and three women. These ‘base’ characters have been created using motion capture and can be completely customized from hairstyle, color of eyes and skin right down to the body shape itself and even the voices used by the models.

Whilst the current design offers a huge element of customization, it is envisaged that the project will also allow users to create a more realistic version of an existing person. Using photo-scanning, it is possible to just upload a full-face portrait into the app and for the software to replicate this person in virtual form.

create your own AI partner hybri

And for the narcissistic, how about digitizing your own image so you can create a twin ‘you’ to get closer to?!

Artificial Intelligence

AI technology has been advancing at a breakneck pace over the last decade and what was once a futuristic notion is now pretty much a part of our daily routines.

From Siri and Alexa to sophisticated algorithms that learn about us and what we like being used on social media and within Google, we take for granted this incredible tool.

Hybri isn’t a revolutionary development but it does harness the power of existing tech and offers up an intelligent digital ‘brain’ that is capable of learning from, and interacting with, us.

The software is enhanced with a memory function and can apparently produce some pretty realistic conversation as well as near lifelike interactions.

Using Hybri

So, with all this high tech wizardry, what is Hybri destined to be used for once you’ve created your virtual partner?

With the project still in the development phase there are lots of plans in the ether to allow Hybri to be used in numerous ways. Many of which are far from the genre of gaming….

A rather touching interview with the very first test subject published on Hybri’s YouTube channel demonstrated how this augmented reality allowed her to recreate a digital version of her late-father.

Using a single photograph, the app was able to give her a chance to interact with a sorely missed parent and giving a dead relative a sort of digital immortality.

Weird though this may be for some, imagine scanning in your favorite actor, porn star or singer instead? What about an ex or an unrequited love?

“The Hybri is designed so that the user can decide what desires the digital model will fulfil…. It can be empathetic, charismatic, self-confident, etc. Someone is looking for a friend with whom to talk and help them in their daily lives, someone for a romantic companion and someone for a family member.”

Hybri also includes a Time Travel mode which allows users to upload their own images to navigate so you can interact with your digital partner within your own custom environment.

hybri app review

The technology has so many diverse applications and though it is envisaged that Hybri can be a virtual companion to chat (or argue) with, there is potential here for a lot more.

Offering 52 erotic animations, you can already immerse yourself in a sexy roleplay with your partner and the conversation is capable of being steered towards more XXX subjects.

Again, during set-up, you are asked what kind of personality traits you want your version of Hybri to have and this can include anything from playful and sexy to caring or even violent.

With the use of teledildonics, there is every possibility that you could utilize your digital companion as a more ‘physical’ sex partner in the future but for now, it seems, Hybri is simply destined to be your visual play-buddy.

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The Project


Well, at the current time, the prototype for this revolutionary app is ready but the company still needs to raise funds to be able to launch this to market.

Hybri: How to Purchase the App

The company behind Hybri want to reach a target goal of $250,000 in order to achieve their launch by December 2021 and backers can get involved through Kickstarter to pledge.

$49 will get you early access to the app and although this will be a beta-version you can help the developers test the ‘game’ and be credited for your help.

More generous backers can offer up $199 or more and get a mixed reality headset thrown in to the deal whilst $399 will also bag you an exclusive T-shirt and poster.

Any big spenders who would really like to get involved can even become immortalized within Hybri by becoming another 3D body. $1,000 will buy you a scan and enable future users to load you as one of their base models.

$2,000 will allow your voice to be added to the app and $5,000 will award you God Mode with the developers flying you out to their HQ to meet the team, have dinner and generally be treated like a star.

what is hybri

Hybri: Best Way to Make Your Own Virtual Girlfriend?

If you’ve seen the Spike Jonze film Her (2013) starring Joaquin Phoenix in which he falls in love with an AI personal assistant (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) then you can understand the appeal that this technology might have.

If you want to make your own virtual girlfriend, Hybri promises a lot.

The idea of having your very own companion who has their own personality yet is malleable in both looks and behavior is something that many fiction writers and artists have only dreamt about.

Yet, Hybri promises to bring this reality one step closer.

It’s difficult to say, at this stage, how successful the project will be and what kind of glitches and problems the first versions will bring.

Certainly, all of the press releases and information surrounding this launch look promising and we can’t wait to get our hands on the final version of Hybri to really put it through its paces.

create your own virtual partner hybri

The initial demonstrations of the AI chat make Hybri seem like a customized version of Siri and we expect that there will be the same kind of learning curve with this technology as with any other digital personal assistant.

There are also a few questions being raised by naysayers and critics, namely legal and moral questions regarding the use of someone’s image in this way.

As we know here at Red Light Network, the subject of deepfakes (particularly in porn) is a contentious one and as this software is developed and brought to market we can expect more on this matter.

For private use, we can’t see how progress can be halted in this field and, wherever you stand on the subject, you can’t help but be intrigued by the tantalising offer of your own personal celebrity playmate!

what is hybri ai app digital humans

We definitely think that the Hybri is going to prove very popular and the fact that you don’t need to buy any expensive external hardware or even invest in a top-of-the range smartphone means that it should have mass appeal.

For $49, it’s definitely worth getting involved early to have a play with the prototype and this once this hits the market proper we feel sure it’s going to be a big hit.

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