How To Sell Used Panties For Money

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Looking for a kinky way to earn some extra cash?

Wondering how to sell used panties?

Whoever said “Don’t air your dirty laundry in public,” obviously didn’t know what kind of money could be made in the used-panty business.

And, trust us, it is a good business.

Selling your panties online is a decent way to earn an income anywhere in the world.

With some women reporting monthly incomes in the thousands of dollars it can be a great way to earn cash.

Don’t believe us?

In this guide we’ll show you how to get started selling your underwear for profit.

From understanding what’s involved and why people buy soiled underwear, to the best sites to sell panties, and some top tips for getting the best prices.

Looking to get started straight away?

Our top recommended platform for buying and sellng used panties is Sofia Gray.

Sofia Gray

According to Sofia Gray, their average user sells 8 pairs of used panties per month on the platform, which adds up to a nice side income.

The marketplace is easy to use, with zero commission on sales (sellers keep 100% of the profits). We’ll dig in to why we like Sofia Gray later in this guide but for the TLDR – Sofia Gray is a great launch pad for your used panties store!

Can You Really Make Money Selling Used Panties?

In short, yes.

There really is a market for men (and some women) who will pay good money for the soiled undergarments of other people.

how to sell used panties like this model?

Of course, in reality there is a bit more to it than simply listing your trollies on eBay but the market is much larger than you might think.

Over in Asia, particularly in Japan, buying used panties has been big business for many decades and men can simply head down to their local burusera shop to purchase the used personal items of girls who have donated them for profit.

A specialist store stocking a range of paraphernalia from vials containing saliva and soiled sanitary napkins, to used clothing and lingerie, these shops can make some serious cash.

Whilst here in the West the fetish for such specialist kinks as soiled sanitary towels might be rarer, worn panties (and stockings, tights and bras) remain a relatively vanilla kink.

There are plenty of men prepared to pay a lot of money for used underwear.

Why Do People Buy Used Panties?

One of the most intimate pieces of clothing, panties (along with other items of lingerie) are a universal symbol of femininity and for many men they hold the power to render them paralyzed with desire.

Yes, it’s true, those Victoria’s Secret catalogues are as potent as porn.

Add to this the mystique of a stranger along with some provenance of who she might be and the appeal of these items becomes obvious.

Most fetishists who buy panties want to feel an intimate connection with the owner of the underwear they buyer and the texture, look and scent of panties can do this.

And, naturally, the main reason for buying used panties rather than new ones is for the scent alone and buyers often store their collections in Ziploc bags to preserve those pheromones.

Just like any collector, people who buy used underwear may have a preference for certain types of women from whom they like to purchase panties.

Or they might be looking to have a sample from a range of women.

There are even niche markets for panties from women in certain professions – for example, flight attendants!

Who Buys Used Panties?

We’re not going to lie to you, it is a market that is predominantly cornered by men who want to buy ladies panties but there is also a bit of activity for women who want to buy them.

There is also a market for gay men who want to buy the used underwear of other men.

Beyond this, just like any fetish, buyers come from all walks of life, backgrounds, ages and types.

However, most panty sales sites insist that buyers (and sellers) are aged 18 and over.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Panties?

How to sell used panties, then?

There are a couple things to remember about selling panties which make this a different business model to selling other adult content.

sell underwear online

Firstly, there is a cost of sale involved and for each pair of panties that you sell, you will have spent some money buying them in the first place.

Secondly, you only get to sell each pair of pants once.

It’s pretty obvious really but when you make a video or photograph then you can earn income over and over again as you sell the content to different customers.

With panties, it’s a single profit for each item.

Thirdly, you will most likely be charged some form of commission for selling your panties, whether you choose Sofia Gray or Sniffr (see below) then there are some additional costs involved.

You will also have to factor in the amount of time involved in terms of wearing them.

Panty fetishists are very particular in what they want and if they are paying for underwear that has been worn for three days straight then that’s what you have to do.

Lastly, you will have to consider the P&P costs as well. Most platforms allow you to add this to the cost of your item but some do not.

All of these factors influence the price you need to set for your panties and can limit the amount of profit you make.

For instance, if you sell a sexy pair of lace undies for $20 then you need to deduct the $10 you spent on them and the 10% commission ($2) that you were charged.

Which means you make a profit of just $8 and if you weren’t smart about the shipping then you could be down another two or three bucks from this.

Panties sell for all kinds of money but typically range from around $30 to $75 though there are plenty of women selling their underwear for less than this and plenty of panties which can fetch higher prices.

Those Creampie panties can be sold at a premium whereas your everyday underwear will be lower cost.

Despite all of these considerations, it is perfectly reasonable for motivated sellers to make anything from a few hundred bucks to a few thousand bucks each month by selling their panties online… long as you know some tricks of the trade and work on two important areas:

  • Marketing your product for maximum profit
  • Concentrating on repeat sales to loyal customers

We’ll give you some more advice on this below in our Top Tips For Selling Used Panties For Profit section.

According to data used to promote their platform, those bods at Sofia Gray reckon that the average seller on their site sells 8 items of underwear per month at an average cost of $20-$50.

That means that earnings can typically be around $160 to $400 (remember though that you need to net the cost of the panties and your platform fees from these figures).

We should point out that those reports of a single pair of panties selling for $5k on Sofia Gray were a rare event.

Reported in August 2016 by Cosmopolitan, thousands of women signed up to the site expecting to become overnight millionaires.

Whilst the story was true, the vast majority of sellers are receiving way less than this per item.

Those that do well are people who create custom products for their clients and market themselves as widely as possible.

selling dirty panties guide

Selling Used Underwear: What’s Involved?

Since that Cosmopolitan story, the market for selling underwear became notoriously saturated for a while.

Many women did not appreciate what is actually involved when it comes to setting up an online used underwear store.

Like any business, success is all about the amount of time and effort you put in at the start and the sale of panties is no different.

Whilst you can sell a couple of pairs of knickers on Etsy, your best chance at a regular income is by using a specialist platform like one of those we have listed below (see ‘Best Sites to Sell Your Used Underwear’).

Selling used panties is a very personal business and the people who do best in this game are those that share more about themselves.

Whether this is including a full biography and photographs with your storefront profile or offering access to private social media and live cam streaming, customers want to buy panties that belong to a person; not just a generic ‘woman’.

For this reason, you will need to share your persona with your customers if you want to make this a success.

This can be quite a daunting thing for many people but you don’t have to share the real you, just a persona; a character you create to help you sell your product.

Nor do you have to publish photos of your face but you should be at least marketing photos of yourself wearing the undies.

So, what’s actually involved?

It’s quite simple really.

Once you have a storefront, you will need to purchase some panties to sell, wear them, take photos of yourself in them and then list them for sale.

Ideally, you should store the panties in a Ziplock bag or airtight container once you take them off as a way of preserving that all important scent.

A potential customer will see them, make you an offer or simply pay the price and then you agree a payment method. Once you’ve received confirmation of the transaction, you send them out.

With custom requests, it may be get more complicated depending on what you are selling.

For instance, you may decide to offer specific types of panties worn for a specific period of time and doing a set activity.

For example, a customer may want some heavily soiled panties that you’ve not taken off for several days and been to the gym in.

They may even want a photo of you wearing them in a certain place and, again, this can make the whole process more time consuming.

sell my dirty panties!

What Kind of Panties Sell Best?

There are trends to the kinds of panties which sell well and this can vary by who is selling them. Bizarrely, seasonal products sell well and at Christmas (for instance) novelty underwear can be a big draw.

But, in general, there are four main categories of panties which always seem to sell well:

  • Regular worn panties
  • Playtime panties (saucy and special underwear)
  • Panties worn during exercise/workouts
  • Cream/Creampie panties (worn post-coital or post-masturbation)

Selling Panties: Pros

  • Saves on laundry bills!
  • The extra income can be pretty good if you work hard at marketing.
  • Not as invasive as performing on live cam sites.

Selling Panties: Cons

  • Can be quite time-consuming depending on the type of custom requests you respond to.
  • Requires quite a lot of effort and time to make a decent profit.
  • Sellers need to be able to access postal services for shipping.
  • Single profit per sale as opposed to passive incomes available through other adult content sales.
  • Is anonymous but requires some level of ‘personal’ details even if these are faked.
  • Need to buy replacement panties regularly.
  • Logistics of wearing panties for a minimum of a day before selling them does limit potential profit.
the market for used underwear

How to Sell Used Panties For Profit

Still not sure how to sell used panties?

Wondering where to get started?

Here are some tips for selling underwear online:

  • Create a brand around you and your activities – perhaps you are a student, dancer or a gymnast. Whatever details you are willing to share can really help you promote your brand and set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. If you sell panties that you wear during your rehearsals, training or whilst you study then this becomes your USP.
  • Use social media and other platforms to market your brand – whilst the sites we’ve listed below can help you reach an interested audience, you are still competing with plenty of other sellers so you will need to take the initiate with your marketing. Promote the hell out of your online store wherever you can and be prepared to reach out directly to sellers yourself. Reddit groups, forums, blogs, paid promotion on specialist platforms using featured listings, social media and your own partner sites are all good starting points.
  • Share as much about yourself as possible – as we’ve said already, buyers like to collect panties from people they know more about so the more personalized you can make your listings the better chance you have of selling them and selling them at a higher price.
  • Get specific and descriptive about information in your listing – it’s not enough to simply state that you are selling a pair of used black lacy panties, size 8, worn for 12 hours. You need to be creative and imaginative with your words. Try telling a story about the day you spent whilst wearing those panties and remember to keep it sexual, this is an adult market remember. So, maybe you wore that underwear after a shower in which you masturbated thinking about your college professor and were still wet when you slipped them on? Point out that you’re blonde and aged 21 (or whatever) and make it personal!
  • Use Titles creatively – just as the listing itself should be descriptive, the initial title should also be appealing. Often limited to a set number of characters, you will have to be pretty sparing but you can still jazz up that ‘Black Thong worn for Two Days’ into ‘Mature Latina housewife couldn’t find time to change panties for 24 hours’.
  • Choose the right partner platform – whilst you can sell on Etsy, the way to generating regular income is to sell your panties on a specialist site.
used panties for sale on Etsy
Maybe don’t choose Etsy to sell such specialist items. Image via Etsy.
  • Mix up the type of panties you sell – from color and style to price and material, you may find that some underwear sells better for you.
  • Respond promptly to ALL inquiries – customers come in all shapes and sizes and every inquiry could be a potential sale. This is a service industry remember so be professional, be polite and get negotiating.
  • Respect the privacy of your buyers – obviously a part of your bargain is to post your panties to your buyer which does mean that you get their mailing address. You should observe the laws on data protection in your country and ensure that their anonymity is preserved. This extends to the way you package your items; use plain and discreet paper and don’t use any identifying logos or details.
  • Think about specialising in fetishes – ordinary daily wear of panties is one thing but combining this with some special touches like stains (you know what we’re talking about).
  • Don’t fake it – panty fetishists are a sophisticated bunch and if you promise them underwear that has been worn for three days then this is what they’ll expect and they will know. Like fine wine aficionados, they can tell when someone has tried to take a shortcut by trying to artificially create a scent. You’ll only end up with poor feedback which can be difficult to come back from.
  • Do your research and check out what the competition is doing – whilst it’s never okay to just copy other people, you should definitely be looking at the listings and profiles of the top sellers on all those platforms we have recommended below. Likewise, check out those ads that aren’t selling; it should be reasonably obvious why they aren’t so learn from the mistakes and oversights of others.
  • Offer extras – a pair of panties is one thing but combine this with some photos, a video or a Skype session could see your sales increase. It also pays to do this when you are posting out your panties; a bonus Selfie of you in the pants might turn a one-time customer into a regular one.
  • Use high-resolution and good quality pictures – it’s the same with any kind of online selling but the clearer your images, the better your chance of selling your product. Make sure your photos are well lit, aren’t grainy and show great detail of the panties and whatever assets you are using to sell them.
  • Don’t be discouraged – the road to success in every field of this kind isn’t easy and nobody is promising that you will be an overnight sensation. If your first few weeks are slow and you aren’t getting the sales then tweak your ads, look at your prices again and consider other platforms.
  • Update your listings – if you aren’t selling well (and even if you are) you should be updating your online store regularly with new listings. There is little point keeping items up that nobody is interested in so change them.
  • Diversify and consider selling other items as well – panties are just one item of underwear for which there is a market but there are also buyers for stockings, socks, pantyhose, shoes, bras, dresses and all kinds of personal items.
selling used underwear online
Diversify your income by selling panties (and other items) for profit!
  • Combine panty sales with other digital sex work – the best profits are made by those who offer other services such as selling adult content including custom videos and photos, live cam streaming and sexting.
  • Always protect your personal identity online – it goes without saying that you should never share personal information about yourself with your customers that could be used to identify you or where you live. This includes when you make a transaction using a third-party payment processing platform such as PayPal. It pays to keep your online used panty sales business separate and have a specific account for these transactions. This way you can stay in control of your earnings for tax purposes but also restrict the information that you share this way.

Best Sites to Sell Used Underwear

First up, sites like eBay used to allow pre-owned panties for sale but have recently been clamping down on those ads where people have been marketing their used underwear.

However, you can still sell your used underwear on a variety of mainstream sales and classified sites including Etsy.

To be honest, it’s not the best place to pick up customers and the market has developed to such an extent that there are now specialist platforms to get the best prices.

Whilst all of these will charge you fees (and these do vary in terms of costs and terms), they do offer the benefit of reaching a very specific audience – people who want to buy your used underwear.

We’ve selected some of the most popular international websites for selling your used panties for profit.

But, if you are an existing cam girl, sex worker or adult industry performer then you may find that there are opportunities on more suitable platforms.

Sofia Gray

Sofia gray's marketplace

One of the newer platforms for selling your panties online but certainly one of the most well-respected, Sofia Gray was originally launched to cater to the fetish community.

Since its launch, average monthly visitors have been growing exponentially from around 75,000 hits per month at the end of 2019 to current levels in excess of 140,000.

The site works on a flat subscription fee which means you don’t pay any commission on your sales. The fees work out at less than $4 per month and, according to Sofia Gray, 95% of sellers get a profit on their first sale.

With 1000s of specialist buyers attracted to the platform every day, they are definitely a good place to start.

See our full Sofia Gray review.

Panty Deal

best sites to sell used panties panty deal

With over 400,000 visitors attracted to this site every month from United States, Europe and Latin America, Panty Deal is a big deal when it comes to the used underwear business.

Launched in 2011 the platform has over two million buyers and sellers registered for its services and may well be the largest online marketplace for this specialist product.

Panty Deal is packed full of features to let you run your own store and allow buyers to find your products. However, the site doesn’t transact any business and you simply need to make a private deal with your customers and ensure that you are paid using a third party payment processing platform.

You can set up a free seller account immediately but it is the VIP membership which will put you in front of the right buyers and this costs $19 per month

The site also lets its sellers offer other services to fans including:

  • Sexting
  • Webcam Chats
  • Adult Content Sales

Sell Your Panties

best sites to sell used panties sell your panties

This quirky little platform does a good trade for dominas and feet fetish models as well as for cam girls and panty sellers.

Whilst it’s not the largest site on our list in terms of number of sellers or traffic, it does have a pretty good reputation and you do receive 100% of your sale price. However, the company adds a 19% fee to your sales to cover their costs. So, if you sell a pair of panties for $20 then the listed price on the platform will actually be $23.80 plus a $0.20 bank fee (per transaction).

Sellers can also offer other products including video sales, tips and other donations for services/products.

Panty Trust

best sites to sell used panties panty trust

One of the original fetish sites for selling panties online and originally launched in 2001, Panty Trust is a bit more selective about its sellers and only offers membership to its site on application.

By doing so, they manage to keep the number of sellers on their site down to those who are actively selling. At present there are around 1,400 members offering products on the platform and for buyers this means there is a better chance of receiving a response to their requests.

Their whole ethos is based around the idea of promoting trust in the fetish community and sellers on the site tend to be those who can offer fast turnaround on custom requests.

Membership to the site as a seller costs $50 with no further monthly fees or commission and this allows you to post unlimited classified ads on their platform.

Established members on the site report earnings in the region of $500-$600 per month with full commitment.

All Things Worn

best sites to sell used panties all things worn

This site offers buyers a greater choice of personal items to buy from their models which, obviously, includes panties but also extends to used shoes, used clothing and used accessories.

This covers items like sex toys, make-up and bathwater as well as things like toenails, hairbrushes and even eyelashes.

Unusually, All Things Worn also has a men’s section where the guys can get in on the action by selling off their personal items too.

Totally free to set up as a seller, it is the premium package which will give you a better chance of successfully earning money selling your panties and this costs $13.99 per month.

They don’t charge any commission on top and you can list an unlimited number of items for sale.

Panty Secret

best sites to sell used panties panty secret

A platform established in the United Kingdom for the British market, Panty Secret is an online marketplace for used underwear as well as other personal items and content sales.

A good place for anyone in this part of the world looking to promote their panty sales, the cost of subscription for sellers is set at £4.99 ($6.50) per month or £50 per year ($65) and includes unlimited listings with zero commission.


best sites to sell used panties sniffr

Visitors to the Snifffr site have almost tripled over the last six months and they now boast an impressive 275,000 hits making this platform a pretty popular marketplace for used panties.

As a fast growing platform, they are adding new features all the time and currently sellers can also use Snifffr to offer phone services, online chat and cam streaming as well as the sale of physical products and digital content.

Men can also use the site to sell their underpants and other products.

Registration for a seller account is free but you will need to pay to use many of the features including the online chat function.

Without this you really can’t transact your business so it is a fait accompli that you end up paying for premium membership at $5.95 for your first month and $9 per month thereafter..

My Used Panty Store

best sites to sell used panties my used panty store

Part social network and part online marketplace, My Used Panty Store was launched in 2008 and is a community of regular buyers and trusted sellers.

It works in a similar way to eBay in that both buyers and sellers gain reputation points from earning good reviews. In this way, you can build trust among other members and slowly boost your chances of selling more and for higher prices.

Whilst you can register an account for free the features which will allow you to sell better do come at a premium price:

  • $19.95 for one month
  • $44.95 for three months

Sellers can also earn further rewards by participating in regular contests.

In addition to panties, you can also sell adult content which includes picture sets and video clips.

Best of the Rest

Other sites worth checking out include:

How To Make Extra Money Selling Panties

Of course, if you are already involved in the online sex industry which includes live cam streaming then you may already have the means to diversify your income by selling panties.

Cam sites including Chaturbate and CamSoda all offer the means to selling personal products and extras using your tips menu.

Simply adding ‘Used Panties’ and a price, in tokens, for these treasures will mean you come up in a search for customers who want to get a piece of this kind of action.

And there are men out there who search specifically for cam models who will sell their underwear as seeing them in action makes the more appealing. They can see exactly who they came from.

Men like this are more likely to become regular followers and perhaps even subscribe to premium fan site subscriptions.

sell panties cam girls

As well as using your cam partner platform to advertise your panty sales you can also use adult content subscription sites.

Platforms like OnlyFans, FanCentro and AVN Stars all allow you to sell merchandise and physical items like panties.

If you were wondering how to sell used panties for profit, we hope this has given you a few ideas!


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