How To Make Money On Chaturbate

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Fancy making money with a career in camming?

Want to know how to make money on Chaturbate?

One of the top ten adult websites in the world with monthly audiences in excess of 360 million people, Chaturbate is the platform to use for running a live cam show.

The service pays models $0.05 per token received which seems pretty low but many models are reportedly making thousands of bucks per month through the site.

So, how do they do it?

And how much money can you make on Chaturbate?

In this guide we run through some of the best ways to make money on Chaturbate including some tricks and tips to being more profitable, as well as some alternatives to camming.

Best Ways to Make Money with Chaturbate

The potential for making money on Chaturbate is huge but how much you can earn depends on how much effort and time you put in to establish yourself and your following. First you’ll need to get familiar with the platform and work out exactly how Chaturbate works.

Solo models can typically earn anything from $100 to several thousand bucks per day, with couples earning much more.

Indeed, the biggest Chaturbate tips are enough to make our eyes water.

So how can you kickstart your Chaturbate cam career and start making some serious money?

make money on chaturbate

Getting Started as a Chaturbate Model

Ready to get started camming?

First up you are going to need to get yourself registered as a broadcaster.

Before you do this you might want to consider using a totally separate email account with which to host your online adult activities.

Whilst Chaturbate won’t spam you with loads of junk email, having a more private account will assure you of more discretion. Nothing quite like opening your emails on your smartphone and getting a strong of notices through from your cam partner!

Registration is pretty straightforward and simply requires you to verify your email address and your identity. To get verified you will need to submit a photograph of yourself holding your ID.

Important: Until you have been verified by Chaturbate DO NOT broadcast.

Whilst you will be able to do so as long as you remain clothed, it is not worth the hassle of being reported and instantly banned from the site. Just wait for your verification to come through.

start making money on chaturbate

How to Set Up Your Profile

Make sure you register as much detail about you as possible in your profile including likes, dislikes and personal (what you are willing to share publicly) information along with details of what your cam shows will include.

Don’t forget to add links to all of your social media channels including premium services like Only Fans, Snapchat etc. In this way, your Chaturbate profile can be marketing your other platforms.

You should also ensure that you are registered in the right category (Girls, Guys, Couples or Trans)

Set Up a Tip Menu for Chaturbate

Decide what your goals are for your shows so audiences know what level of tips you are looking for before you perform certain acts.

You can have an overall goal but also set stages and actions for tips.

So, your overall goal might be to reach X number of tokens before you fully strip or insert a toy whilst Y number of tokens might mean you take a piece of clothing off or perform oral sex on a toy.

Whilst there are plenty of successful non-nude cams, these don’t normally perform as well as nude ones.

make money on chaturbate tip menu

Decide What Kind of Room to Run

There are lots of different types of room operating on Chaturbate.

Each have their own styles and with different pros and cons but generally speaking you want to create a channel which stands out from the crowd and has a memorable ‘style’.

Fetish chat rooms do well as do hidden office sex cams, gamer girl and no face/masked rooms.

Tag Yourself Well

Audiences on Chaturbate find channels using tags and whilst there are some popular ones that perform well, many of these are far too generic to help you catch someone’s eye.

You also need to be accurate with your tags.

Yes, ‘hardcore’, ‘lesbian’ and ‘Asian’ all rank well on the site but if you are misleading people to drive them to your chat room then they won’t stick around to tip.

make money on chaturbate tags

Cam Show Setup

The difference between success and failure on sites like Chaturbate is often in your basic preparation and whilst we won’t go into detail here about how to get your cam show set-up right, you should make sure that you have:

  • Set up the proper technical equipment for broadcasting
  • Prepared yourself properly for your shows
  • Staged your room as a sexy ‘cam-den’
  • Got your props, accessories and Chaturbate vibrator (tip controlled!) ready
  • Collected your bonus items for those ‘extra’ requests

You can use our getting started checklist to prepare for your first cam show.

The Best Options to Make Money On Chaturbate

Primarily, the way to make money on Chaturbate is by live streaming entertaining and exciting content to your audiences.

You can do this in a number of ways.

Free Chat

The main draw of Chaturbate is that it offers audiences free live cam shows. Whilst this may suck for most girls, it is the reason the site is one of the most visited adult platforms in the world.

But, before you despair, ‘free’ doesn’t mean no income for you.

Free chat means you have to work an audience for tips in order to reach your goals.

Successful cam girls can sometimes have hundreds, even thousands, of people watching them perform and whilst many people will be freeloading, a good percentage will be encouraging you with tips.

Private Chat

If a user wants to have a one-to-one chat with you then they can pay by the minute for an exclusive and intimate show.

All you have to do is to perform their requests (within reason) and make them feel special for as long as possible.

The longer you can engaged them in a private chat then the more you get paid.

However, this can also mean you are keeping a roomful of people waiting who might be happy to tip; the trick is getting the balance right.

Obviously, you should be professional and keep them happy so as to get as many positive reviews as you can.

If you don’t feel comfortable with what is being asked of you then you can refuse, politely.

make money on chaturbate private shows
Going private can earn you $/min but limits you to just a customer at a time.

Group Show

Similar to a private chat just with more people (usually between two and six guests), you perform for fewer people with a guaranteed fee per minute (x the No. of customers).

Ticket Shows

Just like a group show only this is more exclusive and where you have sold tickets in advance.

Guests don’t pay by the minute but for the whole show and you can sell as many tickets as you like.

A useful way to perform to an audience that guarantees you are going to make good money up front plus audiences like knowing they will get a good show.

This is a good option when you have built up a decent following of regular paying fans.


Cam2cam is a common feature on many live streaming shows but with Chaturbate you can charge a premium for enabling it.

So, if a guy wants you to watch him jack off whilst he streams your channel then you can get him to pay for the privilege.


how to make money on chaturbate through collaborations
Collaborating with other cam girls can bring benefits to all. 

Generally speaking, couples tend to make more money performing together on Chaturbate than single models.

Chaturbate is probably the best cam site for couples, all things considered.

Whilst you may not have a regular partner to perform with which can tip you into the Couples category, you could take advantage of other local models to help boost both your profiles.

Yes, you are in competition with other cam models but actually a collaboration could be a great way for you both to increase your following and get paid more.

Two models broadcasting together generates more interest, creates more energy in a room and this can mean higher tips.

Having more people in the audience can really lead to a snowball effect with guys tending to get involved in competitive tipping.

Male-female couples do generate more interest but female-female shows are also very popular.

Some models travel great distances to collaborate in this way but if you live in a large city then you should have no trouble finding suitable partners.

Try sending out some feelers on Twitter or use camgirl forums to put out the word.

Building networks and connections this way will pay dividends and there are so many other benefits to having friends/colleagues in the industry.

Once you have made good networks you can also use each other to offer ‘takeovers’ and ‘shout for shouts’ across social media channels to boost interest in each other’s cam shows.

If you choose to cam through an agency or studio, they can arrange collaboration between models to help boost your exposure even further.

Offer Other Content

You don’t just have to stream live shows to make money on Chaturbate with many of the top models also using the platform to sell custom content as well as physical ‘stuff’ like used underwear and other personal items.

Add video and photo content to your profile which you can price individually and this way you can make money passively even when you aren’t online.

Fans of your work will be prepared to pay premium prices for exclusive or custom content.

You can even use Chaturbate to set up an Amazon Wishlist so fans can buy you gifts directly rather than just tipping.

make money on chaturbate sell content
Sell custom content or subscriptions to fan clubs.

Tip-Controlled Sex Toys

Remote controlled vibrators (and other toys) are a stock accessory for most cam girls these days and they certainly generate a lot of interest with audiences.

These devices are connected through Bluetooth to your cam channel and are linked to operate when fans tip you.

By adding a tip-controlled sex toy to your repertoire you will significantly increase your chances of making money on Chaturbate.

See our guide to the best Lovense sex toys.

Marketing Your Chaturbate Account

Whilst finding models on Chaturbate is easy for customers, it can be difficult for new models to gain attention which is why you need to take control of marketing yourself.

There are dozens of ways to promote your cam channel and these include utilizing other social media accounts to drive traffic to Chaturbate.

Twitter is a great way to do this as they don’t mind adult content on their platform but you can also use Snapchat, Kik and WhatsApp to help boost visitor numbers to your chat room. Just remember to stay within their guidelines on adult content.

In addition, offering free access to your Snapchat account on your Chaturbate profile can also help increase footfall to your channel.

Surprise, surprise…audiences love something for nothing so by offering them some free content you can get them to a) subscribe to your Snapchat profile and b) stick around your chat room for a bit.

make money on chaturbate social media
Leverage social media to market your Chaturbate channel.

The best part of this strategy is that if you are regularly sending these freeloaders teasing and tempting clips, posts and stories then they are more likely to become paying fans.

Combine this approach with a private Snapchat account and you could turn them into regular subscribers to premium content.

At very least, you can grow your Snapchat audience and increase the reach you have for when you want to run specials on your Chaturbate channel.

Perhaps you are planning a monthly show and want to sell tickets? Building a following this way can help you boost your overall exposure and generate more money.

Find out more about selling subscriptions through Snapchat in our recent feature.

Other ways to boost your fan base and to market your chat room is to use:

  • Personal websites
  • Free tube sites
  • Adult directories
  • Niche online communities
  • Forums
  • Reddit

Success in this game very much depends on the number of people you can drive to your broadcasts so you will need to promote the hell out of your own cam show. Nobody else is going to do it for you.

making money on chaturbate
Making money on Chaturbate involves a lot of hard work behind the scenes.

Earning Money with the Chaturbate Referral Program

You can even earn money on Chaturbate by referring others.

Chaturbate pays $1.00 for every user who registers an account using your unique referral code plus a further $50 for every person who ends up becoming a broadcaster.

Not only that but you can also tap into the Chaturbate affiliate program and, if you have other means to drive traffic to their site such as through your personal website, you could make an additional income this way.

Chaturbate pays affiliates around 20% of the money that a new customer spends so this could be quite lucrative.

The Key to Success on Chaturbate

Building a following should be THE goal for all cam girls and doing this takes time.

As a new model, it can be difficult to get people to stick around in your room so you will need a lot of patience in those early days and weeks.

The key is to be consistent and broadcast regularly; people can only come back and become loyal fans if they can rely on your schedule.

Way too many models get despondent in the first months of their new cam-career and just disappear or miss days.

Get people to follow you. Just ask them to add you to their followed rooms and this will help you stay connected to people who have visited your room.

They will get notified when you are online and you have a better chance of getting repeat visitors.

Be friendly and take the time to cultivate relationships with your fans. Loyalty is a two-way street and you need to invest in your audience if you have any hope of them investing in you.

making money on chaturbate tips
SMILE and do it often. The friendlier you are, the more fans you’ll rack up.

Which brings us to who to invest in.

Chaturbate helps models identify which users have cash by marking the screen names of those users with tokens in blue and purple.

Don’t waste your time getting friendly with members whose names are grayed out (unless this is all you have as visitors) and, instead, chat up those people who have money to spend.

And that word is key; CHAT.

Yes, Chaturbate is a live streaming site where nudity and sex are the main currency but at its heart, the site is a service for connecting people at a human level and if you don’t engage with people on the basics then you just won’t win any fans.

Don’t complain about your personal life but find out what makes your audience tick and jump on any common interests. Keep it light but try to keep it as genuine as you can.

Trust us; if you take this approach you will build a regular following even if at first this is small it will grow.

Ready to get started?

Set up your broadcaster account on Chaturbate here.

Looking for other sites to make money as a cam model? Check our guide to the best camming sites for models.

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