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Looking for someone to sugar?

Sugar dating has become a popular alternative to traditional relationships and is fast becoming more socially acceptable. Wealthy men and women who are prepared to compensate and support their younger partners in exchange for companionship with no strings attached are highly sought after.  And it’s not all about the money either. There are plenty of smart and attractive young people looking for the maturity and experience offered by an older (temporary) partner but where do you find a sugar baby who isn’t just a gold digger?

In this feature we take a quick look at how you can find yourself a sugar baby from specialist sugar dating websites to alternatives including traditional dating apps and sites.

Finding a Sugar Baby

First of all, some good news. If you are a wealthy man or woman looking for a sugar baby then you are in the commanding position of having a great deal of choice. There are far more sugar babies looking for someone to pamper them than there are rich people who want a baby to spend their hard-earned money on.

For sugar babies, they are in a competitive market of needing to prove why it should be them that gets that healthy allowance, lavish gifts or those special dates.

However, there is some bad news…..sugar mommas and daddies still need to do some of the leg work. After all, these babies aren’t going to fall on the first successful sponsor that offers them a limo ride to a swanky restaurant.

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The onus is on you to prove your worth and that you can offer more than just a meal ticket. The average sugar baby these days wants something else on top. It depends on the individual but some sugar babies are looking for a leg up in their careers or with their business plans. Others want doors opening in the right social circles whilst some need the attention as well as the expensive trinkets.

Before you can even start looking for the right sugar baby for you, it is worth considering exactly what you are offering. If you are married and/or busy with a career then your time is probably in high demand. Therefore a sugar baby who wants regular dates, international travel and to be able to call you in the middle of the night may be too much to handle.

Get your needs clear in your mind before you start the process of seeking a sugar baby; being prepared will help you both get the most out of your next sugar relationship.

How to Find a Sugar Baby on…

…Sugar Dating Websites

The most popular and easiest way to find a sugar baby is by using a specialist sugar dating website. Set up specifically to match sugar daddies and mommas with younger models seeking an arrangement the benefits are obvious.

Most importantly, both parties know what the score is and what is being offered. Unlike with the methods listed below, there are no surprises when you start chatting with a potential sugar baby about coming to an arrangement.

Secondly is the security and discretion afforded by these sites. Most employ some level of ID verification and nobody is likely to come across your profile by accident (unlike using Instagram or a classifieds site). Anonymity is an essential component for any sugar daddy/momma with some being married or involved in other relationships.

how to find a sugar baby seeking arrangement
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There are tons of websites offering sugar dating; some that have a truly international reach whilst others offer more local opportunities. Many even offer discounted membership fees for students who sign up using their .edu emails which means a potentially large pool of sugar babies who are smart that are seeking a way to support their further education.

We’ve recently featured one of the largest international sugar dating sites, Seeking Arrangement, which gives you a great starting point for finding a sugar baby. However, we can also suggest SugarBook as well as:

If you are a sugar momma then you might want to read up on our latest feature which focuses on sugar boy babies and their wealthy mommas.

…Swanky Hotel Bars

Babies enter the sugar bowl from the most unlikely of places and you might get lucky simply by being in the right place at the right time. There are lots of websites out there that coach potential sugar babies in where  to find their sugar daddies and sugar mommas and you probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that many of them suggest hitting the places where you are likely to be. This includes upmarket bars and restaurants as well as social clubs, business events and even in places like golf clubs.

It isn’t a sure fire way to find a sugar baby but the point of this suggestion is to be alert to opportunity. If you do find yourself being chatted up at a swanky bar by a young cub/girl then don’t make assumptions, that pretty young thing might be doing their very best to reel you in.


The popular video and photo sharing social networking site might not seem like the obvious place to start looking for a sugar baby but this app has over a billion active users worldwide which makes it an ideal fishing ground.

On a plus side, there is no cost to using the app which won’t be a problem for any potential sugar daddies or mommas out there but will be a massive pro for those sugar babies who need financial support.

Simple and easy to use, most people have an active Instagram account and more than half a billion users do so daily.

how to find a sugar baby instagram
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The downside is that the app is notorious for scammers, hoaxes and fake profiles so being able to legitimately identify real profiles isn’t easy. There is also the issue of anonymity; with so many users, it’s very hard to keep a low profile on Instagram.

If you want to find a sugar baby using Instagram then it is probably best to do so using a separate account to the one your colleagues, family and friends will check. Make sure you establish in your profile that you are wealthy and that you are looking for a sugar relationship.

Choose some great photos to hook in any interested sugar babies which should show off your best qualities and the kind of lifestyle you are offering. Think exotic locations, swanky bars/restaurants and the finer things in life.

Sugar babies are searching for their next sugar daddies and mommas on Instagram right now so use the right hashtags so that you come up in their searches. The following hashtags are on Instragram for those people interested in sugar dating. Choose and use the ones that suit you as much as you can when tagging your photos and you should find your inbox flooded with messages and comments.

#BusinessOwner, #CashCows, #CashDating, #CollegeSugarBaby, #CollegeTuition, #DatingforCash, #DatingforMoney, #FinancialSupport, #FriendWithBenefits, #GenerousGentleman, #GetPaidtoDate, #HookUp, #Luxury, #MillionaireLady, #MillionaireMatchmaker, #Millionaredating, #MutualBenefit, #NeedaSugarDaddy, #OnlineArrangement, #PayMyBill, #PayPerVisit, #POT, #RichMen, #RichSingle, #RichWomen, #SB, #SD, #Seeking, #SeekingArrangement, #SeekingRichMen, #Spoiler, #SpoilMe, #StudentLoans, #Sugar, #SugarBaby, #SugarBabyApps, #SugarBabyWanted, #SugarBowl, #SugarDaddy, #SugarDaddyAllowance #SugarDaddyApps, #SugarDaddyFinder, #SugarDaddyMeet, #SugarDaddyNeed, #SugarDaddyOnline, #SugarDaddySeeker, #SugarDaddySites, #SugarDaddyWanted, #Sugaring, #SugarLifestyle, #SugarMomma, #SugarRelationships, #WantaSugarDaddy, #WealthyFish

Once you’ve started getting some messages in (and you will) the rest is up to you in terms of following and messaging your chosen potential sugar baby. Just be warned that there is no validation process employed by Instagram so the rest of the arrangements are up to you.


Just like Instagram, Tinder is a popular way for sugar babies to find their sugar daddies/mommas due to two main reasons: it’s free to use and the market of users is huge!

However, just like Instagram, there are some downsides to using an app or site that hasn’t been designed for sugar dating.

Firstly, the majority of people who use Tinder these days are doing so because of its reputation for quick hook ups and casual dating. Few people who use Tinder are looking for a regular relationship nor does the app have a reputation for sugaring.

how to find a sugar baby tinder
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This means that although there are plenty of users (50 million plus at the time of publication), finding a genuine sugar baby is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Having said this, it isn’t unusual to be able to find a sugar baby using the original swipe left app and it is a lot easier for you to find a sugar baby than it is for sugar babies to find an authentic sugar daddy. And this is a key point to understand; you will have to work a lot harder to prove that you are genuine.

The best way to use the app to find a sugar baby is to set your preferences to ensure you are seeking the right age range and to be honest when you are making any first contact. Be sure to make your profile picture one that marks you out as wealthy and refined so that you stand out from the crowd. Your picture should show off the kind of lifestyle you can offer and make them think twice before swiping right.

If you aren’t a fan of Tinder then the same advice can also be used on apps like Bumble, Hinge and other popular dating apps.


Although there are lots of sugar dating websites available, it pays to remember that many sugar babies are looking for an arrangement precisely because they have little money and, unless they are a student, forking out $50 a month for a subscription to a sugar dating site might be a little much to ask. Therefore, looking for sugar babies on the classifieds can yield some good results…after all, putting an ad up here costs nothing.

how to find a sugar baby classifieds
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Another advantage to using classifieds is that, unlike a lot of the sugar dating websites, they’re local. Which also means that this could be a disadvantage…

There are also no verification processes in place at most classifieds sites so you do run the risk of coming across scammers and hoax ads. Oh, and there is nothing to protect your anonymity if you are posting your own ad.

There is also a lack of good classified sites these days which offer personal ads. Since 2018 when Backpage was shut down following allegations of sex trafficking and money laundering, many sites simply responded by shutting down their personals sections.

You can still find some sites offering personal ads and these vary by region but check out sites like:

With  the exception of Bedpage which has a separate category dedicated to Sugar Babies, you will either need to place an ad that is implicit about what you are looking for or browse to find sugar babies. If you are placing your own ad then one that simply states you are a sugar daddy/momma looking for a sugar baby may be taken down whereas an ad stating that you are looking for someone to sugar may be more suitable.

In the body of the ad you can be a bit more specific about age ranges and background for potential ‘partners’ but using the word sugar in the header can help you attract the right attention. Again, sugar babies themselves will be using this kind of language so a quick search will bring up any possibles in your area.

As a precaution, you should always ask for photos from any potential candidates and be aware of common scams being run on classified sites such as the ‘Safe Dating’ scam. This is where a potential date expresses concerns over your identity and insists on running a background check on you before they meet up. Of course this means handing over your credit card details and, surprise surprise, they end up taking your money before disappearing.

…Traditional Dating Websites

Whilst sites like OKCupid and Plenty of Fish are geared around younger audiences and may seem like a great way to access a pool of potential sugar babies; they aren’t.

Used for more traditional dating or casual encounters, the main pool of users are aged between 18 and 30. This doesn’t mean to say you can’t register an account and try your luck, of course you can but most traditional dating websites actually prohibit sugar dating on their sites. Don’t believe us, check their terms and conditions.

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