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Looking for your next hentai challenge?

Harem Heroes is an erotic anime game created in the visual novel genre by the popular developer, Kinkoid.

A classic harem building adventure, the title is full of uncensored adult hentai content and some memorable characters.

With stunning visuals, sexy animations and addictive gameplay, this is a challenging little game. Not only does this RPG deliver on the main narrative but there are plenty of little side quests and mini games to keep you coming back for more, every time.

In our Harem Heroes review, we’ll take a closer look at this popular adult game.

What is Harem Heroes?

Now known as Hentai Heroes, the title is available under different names depending on your region with Harem Heroes being the original name for this game.

The game consists of an anime world where manga girls are mad for sex and your job is to build an army (or harem) of the fittest females in order to go to battle with your neighbors.

All the women you meet in this haremverse can be trained to get better at sex combat in your very own battleground and it’s your job to climb the national and international leaderboards by defeating other players in head to head sex games.

Developed by the independent French games studio, Kinkoid, Harem Heroes joins a popular stable of hentai games which include Hentai Clicker and Gay Harem.

We have recently reviewed this title under its new name, Hentai Heroes, on Red Light Network and you can find further information on how to play this game here.

Playing Harem Heroes

You can play Harem Heroes via a number of sources directly from game sharing platforms like Itch.io and Nutaku. We trialed the game with the latter platform as Nutaku is renowned for offering a great range of hentai games all under one roof.

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Harem Heroes: Technical Specifications

Wherever you choose to play (or download) Harem Heroes from you will need to ensure that your system has a HTML5-5 compatible graphics browser and (in the case of Nutaku) that JavaScript and cookies are enabled.

We’d recommend that you use the latest version of either Internet Explorer/Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox.

You can also play Harem Heroes on your Android (OS 4.2+) or iPhone (iOS 7.1+) device.

What Does Playing Harem Heroes Cost?

Some servers charge you money to download the game but you can play Harem Heroes through Nutaku for free as long as you have a registered account (also free).

The game features in-app purchases which will help you advance faster but you don’t need to spend any money to complete the game….it will just take you longer.

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Follow Harem Heroes on Social Media

You can follow Harem Heroes via their social media pages on:

These links include some great fan art as well as updates on new missions and game developments.

You can also find some further information on how to play including hints and tips plus walkthroughs on the Wiki Fandom pages for Harem Heroes.

Harem Heroes Review: An Anime Game Worth Playing?

However you choose to play this title whether under the original name or the new version, you will be hooked from the start if you are a fan of sexy hentai animation.

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Though pretty simple in design, the illustrations and narrative are entertaining and beautifully rendered with an element of comedy thrown in. This is not your traditional anime but a Western homage to the genre with characters that are both humorous and pretty fappable too.

If you’d like to find out more about why this game is one of our top hentai picks then hit up our recent review on the new version, Hentai Heroes.

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