Grand Fuck Auto Review: King of Sex Parodies?

There is no greater compliment to give to someone than to copy them and parodies are a much loved way of reinvigorating an original franchise. With the porn industry often being the forerunner for all other trends in technology, it is little wonder then that parody porn games are so popular.

Almost no major game or Hollywood franchise is safe with everything from the Super Mario Bros to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all undergoing an adult makeover.

One extremely popular parody is the Grand Fuck Auto game.

Based on the highly popular Grand Theft Auto (GTA), the game copies the style of play and features similar graphics and characters; however, where Grand Theft Auto ventured in ‘Vice City’ and ‘San Andreas’, Grand Fuck Auto goes a lot further.

Not affiliated with the Rockstar Games franchise, you still get a lot of game play with plenty of missions to give you purpose but the scenes are littered with hot girls that you can bang.

Some of these characters are automated but there are other members online that you can interact with as well.

grand fuck auto

As parody games go, GTA has already covered most based with Grand Fuck Auto simply expanding the action. Image via website.

Grand Fuck Auto: Getting Started

When you initially create a free account for Grand Fuck Auto, you decide which gender you want to be before choosing the level of game mode that you want to play; Erotic, Hardcore or Extreme.

The extreme version features more kinky action with the scenes containing more BDSM than the hardcore version.

Once you’ve established how you want to play the game you will need to agree to the following statement:

“This game is very addictive and you’ll see a lot of brutal sex scenes. Can you handle it?”

If you can man up to the task then click ‘Yes’ and you can get onto the important part about choosing which sexy partner you start the game with. You get an initial selection of four women but additional characters become available as you progress through the game.

From selecting your partner, you will be given a further chance to select the experience level you are looking for; Casual, Experienced, Hardcore or Brutal.

At this point, the platform will run a series of checks to ensure that your browser is compatible with the game and which scenarios you can run.

However, before you go any further, you will need to register your free account including verifying your age (see Price, below).

Grand Fuck Auto Review: Gameplay

The game play is similar to GTA itself with missions being set during the course of your excursions but you can simply explore the city in a free mode.

If you have ever played GTA V, Vice City or San Andreas then you will know that you can explore more than just the city and take advantage of the many characters who populate the program. This includes violence as well as a huge number of ways to have sex with positions and intensity being within your control.

grand fuck auto porn game

Choose from Hardcore or Extreme game play modes to suit your tastes.

The game is best played by completing your missions to open up new features and to really enjoy the rewards of becoming boss of the city.

In a nutshell, the game (just like the real thing) revolves around crime so you can steal cars, rob banks and make money by being as bad as possible; the sex is not only for your benefit and pleasure but also (on occasion) to help the plot along.

You can find examples of the game play including sex scenes on Porn Hub.

Grand Fuck Auto: Price

Depending on where you live you may need to verify your age so that you can play the game and this is usually done via the upload of credit card details.

Whilst there is no charge to play the game in free-member mode, to fuck other players you will need to upgrade to VIP status.

VIP status costs $19.99 per month and the initial sign up form does opt you in to several ‘bonus’ sites with additional features. Most of these sign ups have automatically recurring subscriptions which you will need to cancel in order to avoid charges to your credit card. Sign ups vary depending on your location with prices being charged at around $40 per month.

VIP membership gives you access to whole host of 3D toon porn as well as other online games.

GTA: Other Parody Games

As well as Grand Fuck Auto, GTA has been parodied in a variety of other adult porn games including Grand Bang Auto.

Grand Bang Auto offers a similar game experience but with slightly different graphics. Voted #1 sex parody game of the year, membership fees apply and start at $19.95 per month or a 12 month membership costing $91.97.

grand bang auto parody sex game

An alternative to Grand Fuck Auto, Grand Bang Auto offers a similarly debauched way to play. Image via website.

Like Grand Fuck Auto, the world is at your feet in this online game and you can control the city by stealing cars, robbing banks and banging the hottest girls however you like.

You can also play Grand Bang Auto on your mobile.

Featured image via Grand Fuck Auto.

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