Girlvania Summer Lust Review

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If you are looking for a standalone adult game, to indulge in some fantasy 3D sex on your PC, then Girlvania ‘Summer Lust’ might just be the solution for you.

This 3D game offers plenty of action with a whole cast of stunning girls. Each is ready to take your direction as they cavort in a glorious animated world where every day is summer.

There are no men to steal the limelight. You are left to your own devices to use a range of objects and toys with which to pleasure the girls in any orifice. Lovely…

We take a close look at this popular adult game and give you our verdict on the value for money.

What is Girlvania Summer Lust?

A sex simulation game for your PC, Girlvania is a 3D animated world in which you can create scenes using a cast of sexy animated girls.

Designed to be used offline, the game is a standalone product that doesn’t require you to interact with real life people or players.

From the makers of the popular ActiveDolls game, Girlvania Summer Lust is based on a similar design and concept

The action is only girl on girl but you get to choose how and with what to penetrate any orifice of your choosing.

Various things are on hand including sex toys, fruit and pretty much anything phallic that comes your way.

The gameplay allows you to navigate around this summer beach setting and create scenes with just one girl, a duo or even a threesome.

The girls are completely in your control and as well as directing their sex play you can dress them or customise their features to suit your own casting.

When doubling the girls up, you can get them to use strap-ons as well as sex toys.

Basically, the game is a playground for you to try out various ways to simulate girl-on-girl action.

How to Play Girlvania Summer Lust

Once you have downloaded the game and inputted the access code you received when purchasing the game, you will be able to begin playing.

You will start out in the main Lounge where you can explore the world and filling up your content with ‘New Things’.

As you navigate around the 3D environment you will collect new content along the way; girls, clothes, toys and actions.

Clicking on a girl opens a menu and you can choose various ways to pleasure each girl using the toys you have collected.

Penetration is simply a matter of selecting the item and using your mouse to insert (oral, anal or vaginal). You can select auto mode which allows you to go hands free.

Girlvania sex game
Choose what you want to use to penetrate the girls with and where you want to put it. Can’t decide? No problem, you can use every orifice.

The models respond visually and audibly to your actions and they will be quick to ask for more if you stop.

In fact, the animation of the jiggling of the girls during penetration mode is quite good; breasts bounce and there is a heavy breathing that matches the way you are using toys which really help keep the action realistic.

One of the nice features of Girlvania Summer Lust (and in keeping with the format of predecessor ActiveDolls as a photo shoot style game) is the fact that you can change the camera settings and record the action in an album of snapshots.

As such, you can adjust the stage, lighting and apply camera filters to get the perfect photos.

You can also split the screen into two, three or four with different camera angles in each allowing you ample ways to watch (and capture) the action.

As well as Lounge mode where you can interact with the girls, you can head to Dresser mode where you can tailor the girls appearance to suit your requirements.

Pretty much everything is customisable from skin tone to hair colour, clothes to makeup and even shoes and accessories.

Though at times, this mode can feel more like a kind of girly dress up game, we had just as much fun tailoring our girls as we did in Lounge mode.

Additional Features

There is an optional expansion pack available for Girlvania entitled ‘Legs and Feet’.

With this additional product you can enhance your game play with lingerie, specifically pantyhose and stockings (fishnets and lace) plus foot sex.

Girlvania sex game photo modes
The base game has plenty of playability but you can also add an expansion pack if you need more options.

Technical Specifications

Unlike a lot of adult games, Girlvania is designed to be played offline and you don’t need to have an internet connection once you have downloaded it. It is designed for PC users.

In addition, one of the features of Girlvania is that it is available in low definition mode making it playable on older PCs that may not meet the system requirements for optimum performance.

However, for the best performance, it is recommended that your PC meets the following minimum specifications:

  • Memory: 1GB minimum
  • Processor: Intel 2GHz or better, AMD Phenom, Athlon X2, Sempron 3600+ or better
  • Operating System: Windows Vista, 7/8/8.1/10
  • Graphics: DirectX (Pixel Shader 2.0) video card with 256MB of memory
  • Sound: DirectX compatible card
  • Hard Drive: 0
  • 4GB space

You will also need a mouse with a scroll-wheel (recommended) or a touchpad.

The initial download is 400MB which, depending on your broadband connection, takes around 10 minutes.

Installation of the game takes another few minutes but, once you have keyed in your unique access code (this is emailed to you when you make a purchase), you can start your game.

Alternatively, you can download a demo-version of the game for free which is 74MB and takes just a few minutes to set-up.

girlvania adult game
You can opt to use the game in Low-Res mode to make it compatible with older PCs.

What Does Playing Girlvania Summer Lust Cost?

Because Girlvania is a one-off download without the need to connect to the internet, you only pay a single purchase cost of $39.99.

Additional expansion packs are available to upgrade the game play which cost $14.99. At present, the only available expansion pack is the ‘Legs and Feet’ upgrade.

Payment can be made securely online via credit/debit card, online bank transfer or using bitcoins.

Girlvania Summer Lust Review: Is It Any Good?

We like the fact that the action in Girlvania is all female and it gives a sense of the ultimate power you wield as you navigate through this virtual world.

As king of all you see, the choices of the girls and the way you can play with them is entirely up to you.

The fact that the game is standalone also means there is no limit to how and when you play; no frozen screen as you get a Wi-Fi whiteout, no excessive fan noise as your processor struggles to keep up with the game play and no possibility that your game play is being monitored.

The action takes place on your PC only and remains private.

The animation is pretty good, even on the low definition mode and the action onscreen is responsive to your mouse.

It does take some practice (useful in the training mode) to get used to the different controls but once you’ve played for half an hour, it becomes second nature to change camera angles, zoom in and vary the toys being used.

customise girlvania adult sex game
The ways you can customise the girls is extensive and we enjoyed this element as much as the game itself.

We found that after an hour or so, our mouse hands got a little cramped with all the forward and back action but, again, you do get used to this. Perhaps taking a break would solve this issue or, better still, using the ‘Auto’ function.

Overall, the one off cost is reasonable considering the amount of gameplay you get and though you don’t get access to any upgrades or bonuses with a subscription, at least you know what the cost is.

We’d like to see some more expansion packs in the future but generally we think Girlvania Summer Lust is a great value and addictive adult game.

Get started by playing the game here.


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