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Looking for the hottest dick-girl porn games?

Affect3D are well known for creating highly realistic, ultra-immersive and incredibly addictive 3D porn games. And they’ve managed to carve a niche for themselves with futanari titles alongside fantasy and parody games.

Among the best of their shemale games is Girlfriends4Ever; a superb sex sim where players can create, control and direct their own dick-girl porn.

In this Girlfriends4Ever review we take a closer look at the popular futa porn game.

Stunning Futa Porn by Miro

Created by the long standing Patreon 3DX artist Miro, Girlfriends4Ever is a futanari porn game developed for the Affect3D studio.

futanari game Girlfriends 4 Ever Review

Founded in 2010, this specialist game studio produces animated porn, CG, comics, pinups and adult games across some very particular genres including:

  • Monster
  • Elves
  • Futanari (or ‘Dick-girl’)
  • Fantasy
  • Parody
  • Self-Suck

Miro himself specializes in dick-girl animation and is also behind other some other great futa games including:

  • Bloodlust: Cerene
  • Love Thy Neighbor
  • Lady Of The Tower
  • Ayako Sex Addiction
  • Tara’s Assignments
  • Pure As Sin

A Classic Dick-Girl Love Story

The narrative of Girlfriends4Ever is pretty straightforward and fans of one of Affect3Ds most popular futa games, Tara’s Assignments will recognise the blonde protagonist immediately.

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When Tara first meets the sultry brunette Sayako, there’s an instant connection and the pair quickly find themselves at the start of a wild and intimate sexual adventure.

Where you come in is to make sure that both Tara and Sayako reach the ultimate heights of pleasure.


Blonde Tara is a virgin when it comes to lesbian sex and is pretty shy to begin with and Sayako is going to be her first.

She’s not backwards in coming forwards though and seems pretty capable right from the off.

Showing some pretty decent oral skills, the girls are soon getting down to some serious action

The opening scenes to this game get pretty graphic, pretty quickly and any red-blooded guy or gal will very much enjoy the performance.

But it’s not long before the REAL star of the show makes its entrance…

It turns out that Sayako has a (not so) little secret.

Tucked away beneath her ridiculously short and tight skirt she’s been hiding a massive 15-inch cock.

Rendered in full and glorious 3D, it’s a surprise to Tara but she takes it in her stride. Well, to be more accurate, she takes it in her mouth.

Giving Sayako an amazing blow job, Tara shows just as much skill with a cock as she does a pussy.

This is the first episode of Girlfriends 4 Ever and the second follows on in much the same vein.

All very enjoyable to watch but what turns this from great animated 3D porn into a game?

Girlfriends4Ever: Futa Sex Sim

At its heart, Girlfriends 4 Ever is a sex simulation game which offers you full control over the on-screen action.

You can watch videos of the narrative unfolding but the gaming menu on screen gives you the chance to make it interactive.

From customizing what the two girls wear and how they have sex to choosing what cameras and angles to use, this is like directing your very own futa porn movie.

And, yes, you can even record the results so you can watch it again and again or share it with fellow futa-porn fans.

What we love most is that it’s the action you get to control here and this means you can really explore some wild futa fantasies.

With your libido firmly in the driving seat, choose what kind of sex these two girls perform. From simple missionary and anal to blowjob or cow-girl the options here are pretty similar to standard sex sims.

But Affect3D knows what its audience wants to see and they’ve gone all out for some kinky positions including overhead blowjobs and hand-stand sex.

review Girlfriends4Ever futanari

As soon as you’re happy with your choice of position then you can use your mouse to control the speed of the fucking and sucking. From laconic, teasing and slow to forceful pounding you call the shots.

And you don’t have to watch the two girls together. You can also indulge yourself and direct a little solo play time for either Tara or Sayako.

On top of all this you also get to control the way you watch the scenes and Girlfriends 4 Ever includes full  360° rotation.

Few sex sim games offer this level of flexibility when it comes to viewing angles but it is a signature style of Miro’s art.

So, you can choose to watch from the corner of the room like a voyeur, beneath the action like a cuckold or from above as if you were a God.

As well as the angles you can also control the zoom and unlike a lot of 3D games we’ve seen, you don’t lose any of the resolution here when you get close.

Stunning Graphics & Cumtastic Sounds

Girlfriends4Ever is a highly playable sex sim but one of the reasons that it gets elevated to such a status is because of the quality of how it both looks and sounds.

The graphics here are nothing short of amazing and every detail of both Tara and Sayako have been rendered with exceptional quality.

The realism of the animation vs the fantasy of the genre is pretty mind-bending and at times you could well believe that these girls are actually out there somewhere being filmed live in a real porn studio.

From the detailing of Sayako`s huge veiny cock to the bounce and jiggle of Tara’s delicious breasts, these girls are as lifelike as 3DX porn gets.

And it doesn’t stop there.

The sound effects and character voicing has also been given the same high level of attention.

If you’ve ever played a sex sim before then you might know what we mean when we say that the moans and whimpers coming from on-screen action can actually detract from a scene if they aren’t right.

And hentai can be a real culprit for this kind of monotonous and repetitious ‘oohing’ and ‘ahing’.

Girlfriends4Ever doesn’t have any of these problems and scenes are only enhanced by the fantastic and life-like sound effects.

From the noise of the slapping of Tara’s ass cheeks against Sayako as she pounds her from behind to the slurping sounds of a wet cock being pulled from a tight pussy, the quality here is superb.

How Much is Girlfriends4Ever?

The Girlfriends4Ever Collection is available to buy directly from the Affect3D store and is currently priced at $30.95.

The collection includes:

  • Girlfriends4Ever Original Version (No DLC)
  • Girlfriends4Ever DLC.01 v1-8
  • Girlfriends4Ever DLC.02 v1-8

Compatible with Windows and Mac, the pack also contains MP4 files which can be played on mobile devices.

buy Girlfriends4Ever futanari game

Girlfriends4Ever Review: The Hottest Futa Porn Experience?

Futa porn is one of those genres that you either get or you don’t and although we think it might well just be the craziest kind of porn around, we love it.

Girlfriends4Ever is an iconic game created by one of the best 3DX artists in the game.

Miro’s work is rendered in beautiful detail and with such amazing quality you could well believe that the action you witness is happening right in front of you.

From the stunning animation of flesh jiggling on impact during a pounding session to the amazing detail of sweat dripping, hair flowing and skin glistening this is a richly observed piece of art.

The two protagonists have been created with astounding attention to detail and with a loving touch that makes us think Miro might have a crush on these ladies.

Both Tara and Sayako are stunning to look at with ridiculously long and athletic legs, plump and inviting asses plus a set of titties you could set up camp in for life.

And Sayako’s dick… well, we’ve seen some animated big cock porn in our time and she’s right up there with the best of them.

Fans of futa porn will definitely enjoy watching these two girls fuck and suck but the real pleasure is in having some control over the action.

Many guys will enjoy Girlfriends4Ever as a way to enjoy a quick fap session but for us, this title is less of a game and more of a custom porn-creation tool.

Sure, you could just spend 15-20 minutes ‘directing’ a scene for yourself but if you invest a little time here you can create your own bespoke content.

With the ability to record the action as you go, it’s perfectly within your power to produce your very own piece of futa porn, just how you like it.

Want to watch a slow and subtle seduction with plenty of titty sucking? What about a rough and fast session of anal pounding? The choice is yours and you can create as many scenes as you like so you have your own collection of go-to fap animations.

Enjoying the content this way also means you have your hands-free when you watch them!

For us Girlfriends4Ever is both an enjoyable game and an excellent tool for any futa fans. And priced at just $30.95 it’s one of the best value ways to enjoy dick-girl sex that we know of.

Buy Girlfriends4Ever and you’ll be a fan for life but, be warned, this is such an addictive title you are going to want to come back for more.

Fortunately, Affect3D has a ton of talented 3DX artists working together to produce a ready supply of excellent content.

affect3d adult games futa porn games

All featured images via Affect3D.


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