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Fancy playing a game where all the characters are cock hungry guys looking for action?

Gay Harem is a compelling little game all about collecting a harem of horny men to fight and do battle in a contest to find out who is the ultimate sexual power in the Haremverse.

A little like classic Pokemon but instead of finding video game characters, you are on the hunt for studs seeking to enhance their sexual skills, Gay Harem is a casual clicker genre game but with plenty of XXX all-male hentai content.

In this review we take a closer look at the popular bara RPG game of Gay Harem; from what’s on offer to how to get started we’ll give you our opinion on this classic Nutaku hentai game.

What is Gay Harem?

Developed by Kinkoid but published via Nutaku on the popular free gaming platform, Gay Harem is an epic yaoi RPG adventure game – similar to other gay titles on the platform, like Men Bang.

review gay harem nutaku lgbtq games

Gameplay is pretty simple with the main aim being to build a harem of the naughtiest and kinkiest men.

However, there is some pretty challenging fun to be had as you do this with plenty of daily missions, monthly events and even international and national PvP leaderboards to compete in.

You can do this as an individual player or join a club to join forces to improve your chances of winning bonus awards.

Spend time developing relationships with each of your harem members and let them help you raise your sexual skills.

The game includes plenty of free XXX bara content and some great dialogue upon which the visual novel element of Gay Harem is based.

We included it in our most recent list of the 16 best gay porn games.

Playing Gay Harem

“Gotta catch em all!!”

Your adventure in Gay Harem starts with a walkthrough of some of the features which include how you earn and spend money in the game to buy items for your inventory as well as how XP is gained and energy is lost.

gay harem review xxx lgbtq gaming

You learn pretty quickly that this new world is populated by men just like you who like to watch guys fuck and to take part in the action.

However, in order to enjoy any of this you will need to have your own harem. Yes, the men in this land are split into harem owners and those who are part of the harem.

Your first addition is a free gift as part of the walkthrough but every guy that you want to entice into your community must be seduced first. You can increase their ‘Affection’ for you by buying them gifts at the market and spending time with them.

And these guys want to be part of your harem, so much so that they will pay you for the pleasure of it. After all, they want to be involved in the biggest and best harem in the land and improve their sex skills with you as their master.

Next you will be shown a map of the world your Gay Harem inhabits and you can advance to the next step on your adventure by completing the tasks set.

The game is pretty tedious to begin with as you learn all the ways in which you can navigate this world and how the harem actually works but you are rewarded along the way with some pretty good bara illustrations coupled with XXX dialogue.

But once you are let loose, the fun really starts. Your mission is to find and attract as many hot studs into your harem as possible and there are lots of places to search for them, including:

  • Begin City
  • Gem’s Kingdom
  • The Jury Sea
  • Hamelin Town
  • Invaded Kingdom
  • Magic Forest
  • Plains of Rituals

Most of which will remain locked to you until you level up sufficiently to be able to access them.

review of gay harem

Back in your home town, you have a selection of activities you can complete to earn XP, items, money and kobans. These include mini-missions and contests.

You can also visit the store to buy equipment, boosters, books and gifts; all of which can help you earn XP, increase Affection levels from your fellas and improve their sexual skills.

The goal of the game is to increase the prowess of your collective harem in order to do battle with other harems in the realm and, ultimately, become the superior sexual kings!

To do this you will need to build your group of horndogs and then visit the arena to start battling. Simply select your strongest orgy team and then go head to head with your opponents to see who is the best at publicly having sex.

The Tower of Fame will show you how you are faring and gives you a leaderboard ranking all of the clubs globally and nationally.

Once you have a collection of 15 or more guys in your Harem then you can join a club within the game and start exploring the social networking aspect.

For more detailed information on how certain aspect of this game work, you can visit the Gay Harem Wiki Battle Club pages.

Gay Harem: Technical Specifications

Like other Nutaku games, Gay Harem is available to play on PC with any HTML5 compatible browser including the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Please note that Javascript and cookies will need to be enabled in order to play the game in-browser.

You can also play on Android devices as well as on mobile.

review of gay harem nutaku lgbtq games

What Does Playing Gay Harem Cost?

Playing Gay Harem is completely free but you will need a Nutaku account in order to access the game.

However, the game does include plenty of opportunities for in-app purchases which wlil help you advance more quickly and range from buying boosts for your energy to save time to topping up your Haremverse cash reserves.

Once you have a Nutaku account, you can also explore other classics like Hentai Clicker, Hentai Heroes / Harem Heroes and more.

Follow Gay Harem on Social Media

Fans of Gay Harem are pretty hardcore and all the more so because of the in-game social clubs and the way groups can battle together against other players.

As a result, you can find some active members through Reddit as well as following the developers on Social Media platforms such as:

Gay Harem Review: Our Verdict

So how does Gay Harem compare to other adult sex game classics?

A lot of the action that you can enjoy on Gay Harem is basically watching yaoi stories unfold and, don’t get us wrong, the illustrations and hot action are not without their value but there is a whole lot more to this game than just passive entertainment.

review of gay harem nutaku

At its heart, Gay Harem is a battle game in which you must assemble the most elite squad of fighters or, in this game, fuckers.

The only difference between Gay Harem and other battle games is that instead of leveling up their skills to fight, you have to hone your gaggle of guys to suck, fuck and turn the most cock-bending of tricks to win.

This requires you to constantly be juggling who is in your harem and how their skills are progressing.

You need to try and balance an income from your guys in order to be able to fund upgrades through spell books and gifts as well as making sure that they get regular chances to show off their new skills.

Though the initial walkthrough can be pretty tiresome to go through when you just want to get started, it does pay to go through the early stages at a reasonably steady pace so that you get to grips with the complex Haremverse.

review gay harem lgbtq games

Stay on top of your daily missions and quests to max out your bonuses and to keep your XP and money coming in as well as taking part in as many battles as you know you can win.

You want to pick your opponents carefully and assemble the best team of Alpha, Beta and Omegas to give yourself the best chance of winning.

One of the best parts of the game is the regular events which help keep clubs socially active as they join forces to compete for the spoils of global competitions.

Overall, there is enough complexity in this game to keep you coming back for more and the rewards are plentiful if you enjoy being spoilt with visually rich treats of hot gay bara yaoi action.

Just remember, looking after a harem is a time-consuming business so don’t tell us we didn’t warn you when you lose yourself in Gay Harem for hours at a time.

Featured images via Gay Harem (Facebook) and Gay Harem (Nutaku).


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