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Looking for an adult game featuring furries, scalies or fluffies?

The Furry Beach Club might be just what you are looking for. It’s a simple, free to play game featuring a free roaming environment.

This is an animated dating sim game with a cast made up entirely of cute but sexy animals. The game is still new, but is under continuous development. It offers an ever-changing playing experience for anyone who is into fluffies.

In our Furry Beach Club guide, we find out more about this crowdfunded adult game and let you know what it costs, how to play and what we thought of our trial.

What is Furry Beach Club?

Marketed as an erotic anthropomorphic adult sex game, the Furry Beach Club is an adult dating sim with a difference; all the characters in the game are furry animals. Yes, all of the ‘people’ you can interact with are furries.

furry beach club sex game casino review
A free-roaming style game manned by a furry cast.

The club itself is a resort style environment with a beach, casino, plaza and other areas to explore in a free-roaming mode.

It’s a simple point and click kind of game where you can talk to people using pre-set answers and questions, change location, purchase gifts and go on mini-missions to get to a dating stage with the furry of your choice.

Dates are more than just dinner and you could find yourself going all the way with a Zoot

The game was created using the Patreon crowdfunding website and patrons who support the development of this game can get exclusive benefits. It is made by the same developers who created Hentai Diaries (reviewed here).

You can find out more about how the Patreon website works as well as details on other popular adult games to support in our review: Top Crowdfunded Adult Games.

Using Furry Beach Club

You can play the Furry Beach Club game as a guest or you can simply register an email address to set up a members account.

It is recommended that you do this as that means you can save your progress as well as retain any items that you purchase as they become locked to your account.

The game is quite simple and you basically use your mouse to click around the rooms of the resort and talk to the various furry characters.

There is a meter on the right hand side of the screen which gives you an indication about whether someone likes you or not, the higher it goes, the more likely the furry is to want to ‘date’ you or give you their cell-phone number.

furry beach club sex game review
Interacting with the characters is quite basic but isn’t as easy to build a rapport as you’d think.

Talking to other characters is simple, you just click on them and ask and answer questions.

Watch the meter fluctuate as you do so you know how you are doing and then maybe you can move on to the next stage and get between the sheets for some hot furry action.

Once you’ve had your wicked way with that otter (or whatever animal takes your fancy), they will give you their phone number and you can use your ‘mobile’ to sweet talk your way to a repeat performance at any point in the game.

The aim of the game is to complete mini-missions, collect phone numbers and, ultimately, get your end away with one of the furry characters. At the present time, the game features pretty standard sexual activities but development is planned to include more fetish requests.

The game has a cast of interesting characters all of whose details you can find online via the main website.

Though just cartoon characters, there is something strangely sexual about them on their bios, as if you really were able to date the saucy red fox, Carla Santiago or 29 year-old security guard husky, Kim Fisher.

You can find the game via the Furry Beach Club website or you can meet some of the community of players via one of these popular sites:

furry beach club sex game
Perseverance will get you to the ‘good stuff’.

Furry Beach Club: Technical Specifications

An online game, the Furry Beach Club is compatible with one of the following browers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Opera

However, it does launch in HTML5 so can also run on other platforms including mobile devices (it is recommended that you use Google Chrome to do so).

You will need to have an internet connection in order to play the game as it isn’t downloadable.

The game features sound but it isn’t essential to be able to play  the game.

What Does Playing Furry Beach Club Cost?

The game is free to play but there are costs if you want to progress further than just the basics.

Coins are the currency in the Furry Beach Club and you will need some moolah to pay for your dates and obtain certain items around the game. If you are hitting it off with a furry then you can buy them gifts which may make them more likely to want to date you.

adult game Furry Beach Club Review
There is a good range of free characters but coins will buy you more characters to date.

Furry Beach Club Coins also unlock premium characters to interact with.

Coins can be purchased in the following packs:

Coins Bonus Coins Price
125 0 $10.00
250 25 $20.00
425 75 $30.00
1000 200 $60.00

Payment can be made via credit card, Mister Cash, GiroPay, iDEAL or SofortBanking.

Don’t forget that Patron supporters can also access exclusive offers and deals through regular subscription to help fund development of this game (see the Patreon website for more details).

Furry Beach Club Review: The Best Fluffies Game?

There is no doubt that there is a market for this kind of game and the stats speak for themselves, 180,000+ users hitting the website each month to play.

Most of these players come from the USA but there is also plenty of interest from European counties like Denmark, Belgium, Germany and Norway.

The game is still being developed and new features are being added all the time, including new characters, new settings and enhanced game play.

The key thing to remember with games created using Patreon is that they aren’t usually the finished article and may have bugs, glitches and issues that need to be ironed out.

sex game furries furry beach club
Already an extensive resort, the game is continuously being expanded. Image via Furry Beach Club.

It’s a successful enough game in that it is quick and easy to get yourself set up and it has enough detail to draw you in and keep you playing.

However, it can take some investment on your part (in both time and coins) before you can get to the sex scenes.

This is a good thing and a bad thing; good for those of us who don’t like our games to be too basic or easy but bad because you have to spend money before you can really make a judgment on whether it is worth it.

Which is where we come in; if you are into furries and enjoy animated adult games then the scenes you get treated to are pretty good.

They don’t compare to the realism of other 3D games we’ve profiled, but not everyone wants this kind of animation.

Instead, there is something rather charming and innocent about the whole thing which kind of makes the bedroom scenes all the more of a turn on.

Definitely a game worth checking out on a free membership if this is an area of interest for you but what we like is that you don’t have to commit to a subscription to get the premium action.

There is nothing to stop you investing $10 to get a starter pack of coins and using this to delve further into the game.

Overall, a decent game for a niche market with plenty of potential for further development.

Furry Beach Club Review
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Furry Beach Club is a slow burner that is not without its bugs and glitches. But if you’re looking for an adult game promoting furries, scalies or fluffies – there’s enough here to keep you engaged and excited.


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