Flight Attendants on OnlyFans: What Are They Selling?

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Have you heard the ‘scandalous’ news of flight attendants on OnlyFans?

Economically, the global pandemic has been harsh for all of us and 2020 saw a record number of people struggling to cope financially.

But the nature of the lockdowns and closures for some industries has been tougher for others, particularly those in hospitality and the travel sectors.

It therefore comes as no surprise to hear the news that cabin crew are among the latest people to discover how to make money on the side by using the popular adult content sales platform, OnlyFans.

Whilst the mainstream media may think this is ‘NEWS’, the truth is that cabin crew including air hostesses and stewards have been doing this for years!

In this feature we wanted to take a look at how the mainstream media has been reacting to the ‘revelation’ that flight attendants have been selling X-rated content on the side.

We also wanted to know what other professionals were turning to OnlyFans for some extra money during the coronavirus crisis.

Cabin Crew, Please Prepare for Take-off….

Newspapers in the UK have recently revealed the ‘illicit social media accounts’ believed to be run by cabin crew who work for British Airways, easyjet and Ryanair.

Declaiming the staff as ‘raunchy’, their behaviour as ‘lurid’ and their snaps as ‘saucy’, it’s a bit rich coming from a newspaper whose brand was built during the 1970s through to 2015 around topless photos of sexy models with their Page 3 Girls!

Nevertheless, the newspaper was happy enough to bring the provocative news to the public’s attention and revealing the accounts which feature plenty of steamy pictures.

Taken by women wearing their uniforms, some appear to have been snapped during flights whilst others are obviously taken during layovers.

flight attendants sell adult content on onlyfans
Image via The Sun.

The newspaper uncovered several social media accounts where flight attendants were not just offering saucy pictures for sale but were also advertising extra in-flight entertainment. The highest bidders would (apparently) be treated to some kind of ‘special attention’ during their next trip.

There are also some reports that cabin crew are offering sex for sale (presumably between flights?), as well as used panties and lingerie.

A quick scroll through Twitter reveals a large number of accounts with links through to subscription sales sites like OnlyFans, JustForFans and other platforms including those that are selling personal items.

You only need to check out eBay and you can find plenty of adult interest tagged with ‘Cabin Crew’ or ‘Air Hostess’.

The Sofia Gray platform also has a variety of used underwear for sale (see our review here).

Unsurprisingly, the employers have not been best pleased with the headlines being created by their furloughed staff with a spokesperson for EasyJet responding to reporters at The Sun by commenting:

“This is not reflective of the high standards we expect or representative of our highly professional crew. We will be investigating the matter.”

British Airways were also keen to declaim the actions of their staff with their spokesperson adding:

 “We expect the highest standard of behaviour from all of our colleagues at all times and we are investigating the claims.”

Insiders contacted for comment were less declamatory over their co-worker’s actions:

“I do not find this surprising, as this has been going on for a while…but I think because of Covid, more and more cabin crew are trying to make money on the side. As long as no one is getting harmed, I don’t mind what people do in private.”

Sadly, it seems that the powers-that-be have had some influence over their staff’s activities and, since the story broke at the beginning of December, several accounts have curbed their advertising strategies.

A handful have been removed whilst others no longer identify that they are cabin crew or have made adjustments to their pictures to hide the logo of the airline they work for.

Instead of stating they are British Airways crew, now they simply say ‘British’.

onlyfans cabincrew

Flight Attendants on OnlyFans

The ‘revelation’ that flight crew have resorted to online adult subscription sites like OnlyFans (and its many alternatives) is not really news as the industry has always had a saucy connection with the public.

The attraction of stewardesses is a universal one and is linked to our interest in other caring professions where women (and men) are in power such as nursing and healthcare.

Hostesses and air stewards have long been known to be hawking sexy pictures online and even selling off personal items such as used underwear, lingerie and shoes.

Making cash on the side in this way has been going on for years but with the pandemic causing widespread unemployment and furloughing across the aviation industry, the situation has meant a huge increase in the activity.

onlyfans cabincrew sexy pictures

Welcome Aboard OnlyFans: How Coronavirus Has Boosted Traffic

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic in March 2020, adult content subscription sites like OnlyFans have seen a huge surge in sign-ups to their platform.

The private Peer2Peer Twitter following of OnlyFans has increased by over 80% in the six months from April 2020 to September 2020 with a correlative 75% boom in new accounts now selling across the site.

With lockdowns happening on a rolling basis right across the world and many people restricted and isolated, it has only been natural that these kinds of sites have also seen a rise in traffic.

When you are bored and lonely, seeking human interaction is natural so why not combine this with another natural activity?

All porn platforms have reported a huge surge in their audience numbers over the last 9 months and if you want to spend time looking at tits, ass and sex then sites like OnlyFans offer the best of both worlds.

Subscribing to follow someone on OnlyFans gives you exclusive access to their premium adult content whilst letting you connect with them in a more intimate way through social media updates, direct messaging and often through video calls, camming and even through custom content order fulfilment.

onlyfans increase in signups pandemic
Image via Twitter.

OnlyFans & Other Careers

Adult performers already know how easy it is to make money on OnlyFans and the pandemic has only cemented the knowledge that to make it in this industry you have to have a presence on a content subscription service.

What is new in 2020 is the number of other professionals who have turned to OnlyFans (and other sites) to supplement their incomes.

As well as flight attendants, the platform has seen a diverse range of people registering their adult content for sale online.

These include veterinary nurses, firefighters, personal trainers, dental hygienists and even real estate agents!

It seems there is no end in the demand for career professionals turning their business into a sexy one.

Sadly, nurses too have also been turning to OnlyFans in huge numbers and is being seen as a real slap in the face to the professionals who have been hailed as ‘heroes’ during the pandemic yet who aren’t being paid enough to make ends meet.

If there is one take-away from this piece we would thoroughly recommend supporting our healthcare heroes by buying their content. Less of the clapping on the streets and more spending on OnlyFans perhaps?

flight attendants sell adult content onlyfans

And, whilst this pandemic continues to roll on and on and more of us are faced with time spent in lockdown twiddling our thumbs, perhaps we could all consider how to monetize our day jobs into sexy adult content.

Go on….we’d love to see how more careers can be sexified even if you are a road sweeper, pharmacist or accountant!


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