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Looking for a high-quality pocket pussy?

Any guy who has ever browsed the web for a masturbation aid will be well aware of the Fleshlight brand.

This ubiquitous toy is sold in every adult store from Tokyo to Timbuktu and for good reason. Patented over twenty years ago, the simple but thoughtful design of the Fleshlight is perfectly portable, easy to clean and offers a satisfying alternative to jerking off manually.

Since the late 1990s, this popular brand has been innovating some mind-blowing creations and their premium range of products are a must-have bedroom accessory for any man.

Wondering which is the best Fleshlight to buy?

In this Fleshlight review, we take a closer look at the history of the Fleshlight, the best versions for specific requirements, and how to get the most out of your device.

Let’s get started!

What is a Fleshlight?

Created in 1998 by designer Steve Shubin, the Fleshlight is a popular male masturbation aid and is marketed by Interactive Life Forms LLC.

A simple enough design, the device contains a molded Real-Feel SuperSkin sleeve and a long plastic outer casing which makes it look like a battery-operated torch hence the brand name ‘Fleshlight’.

fleshlight review classic model
A design classic, the sex toy that disguises itself as a flashlight!

Portable and discreet, this type of toy is now a popular design (replicated by many) and is known as a ‘pocket pussy’ or ‘artificial vagina’.

The Fleshlight wasn’t revolutionary in its design but back in the late 1990s, male sex toys were pretty rough and ready. Often featuring cartoonish attempts to recreate the look of a vagina, most looked more like bachelor party novelties and their intended use was obvious!

By contrast, Shubin’s design applied a degree of sophistication to the male sex toy and his patent for ‘a device for discreet sperm collection’ proved that less is more when it comes to sex toys.

This was the first time that male masturbation aids were taken seriously and Fleshlight helped to legitimize sex toys for boys. With its thoughtful design and high-quality materials, the device was marketed as a positive bedroom accessory and had dispensed with the sleazy air of blow-up dolls.

Inconspicuous looking on the outside but with a soft sleeve with a silky texture that feels just like a pussy (or mouth/anus), it is estimated that over thirteen million of these male masturbators have been sold worldwide.

And the original Fleshlight sleeve was a simple ‘replica’ of a vagina but, over the last 22 years, the company has launched hundreds of variations in their design. Customers can now opt for anal, vaginal or oral orifices, tons of different casings with their latest products featuring some high-tech teledildonics, flashing lights and vibrating parts.

The sleeves themselves are available in different skin tones and textures with some being cast from on the private parts of adult stars!

One of the most successful and popular male sex toys in the world, the brand also sells a diverse range of accessories to use with your Fleshlight including shower mounts, sleeve warmers and stamina training kits. You can even buy additional cases and sleeves to mix and match your own toys.

fleshlight review accessories

From manual-operation to fully automated devices which simulate a blowjob the Fleshlight range offers something for everyone and at prices that make them pretty affordable.

We’ve given you our recommendations below on some of the best Fleshlights that money can but along with a full user’s guide but if you can’t afford to splash the cash then we’ve even given you some weird but effective ways to make your own homemade fleshlight.

Fleshlight Buyers Guide

So, if you thought Fleshlight was a single one size fits all kind of toy, you’d be mistaken. The product range on offer covers various textures, sizes and aesthetics.

We thought it would be useful to go through some of the choices on offer.

External Casing

Most Fleshlight devices come in a rigid outer casing which gives the brand its unique look of a functional flashlight and these are hardwearing and rugged to protect the internal sleeve (see below).

Entry Point

The entry point, or orifice, is something you do get a choice of and most sleeves are available as either a mouth, vagina or asshole.

In all honesty, these are just stylized nods to the orifice they relate to and aren’t really that detailed or realistic. Nor do they really add much to the sensations when using the Fleshlight so the choice is more down to preference and then using your imagination.

The only entry point which does give some sensory pleasure whilst using it is the Fleshsack which includes a realistic swinging ball sack (see below).

Internal Sleeve

fleshlight review sleeves

Now we get to the good part and what really sets the Fleshlight apart from its competitors, the sleeves.

Made from a super-soft, silky and extremely stretchy material, the sleeves have all been designed to stimulate the shaft of your penis from entry right the way down to the base of the Fleshlight.

The inners all vary inside and you can opt for a straightforward, no-nonsense smooth tube through to those that have been contoured with swirling waves or what look like optical illusions. Each texture offers a different sensation and a lot of guys buy different sleeves to interchange into their Fleshlight for some added variety.

Newbies will probably want to start with something subtle like the Mini Lotus or the classic but anyone looking for an advanced option could do no better than selecting from the Destroya Collection. This monster of a pocket pussy includes a dome or ribs to stimulate the head and a chamber of little ‘fangs and teeth’ which pull and rub for a more hardcore texture!

What Is The Best Fleshlight To Buy?

With (literally) dozens of choices of device available, we’ve chosen our favorite products in the Fleshlight range which we think cover all bases.

Flight by Fleshlight

fleshlight review flight

The Flight range have been designed to be more discreet and make for a highly portable travel companion.

Sleek and ‘aerodynamic’ there are several options to choose from in terms of outer casing including the Pilot (black), Aviator (clear) and Commander (clear/blue).

Each has its own sleeve design and offer different sensations. The abstract waves and nodules of the Pilot are reportedly ‘incredible’ whilst the uniform ridges of the Aviator have been described as ‘mind-bending’.

Individually priced at $49.95, they can be used with the Fleshlight shower mount and you can pick up a package for all three including the mount, adapter and lube for just $169.95.

Stamina Training Unit

fleshlight review stamina training unit lady

This best-selling Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit has been designed to replicate the sensations of sex with a well noduled silky SuperSkin sleeve and all contained in an exclusive gold casing.

With an insertable length of 8.5”, this toy comes with a free e-guide for how to increase your stamina.

Priced at $69.95, the Lady orifice is the perfect bedroom accessory for building up intensity so you can improve your performance and heighten orgasms.


fleshlight review quickshot

Even more portable than the Flight is the Quickshot, a handheld open-ended stroker which is just 4.4” in length, you can take this little toy anywhere.

Featuring dual end caps to protect the SuperSkin sleeve within, you can pick up a Quickshot for just $34.95 in a range of sleeve and case styles.

The product is also compatible with the popular Launch device.

fleshlight review quickshot launch

This weighty contraption may look terrifying to the uninitiated but turns your humble stroker into an automated experience.

Just lock your Quickshot into the Launch and then adjust the mechanism to deliver variable stroke length and speed. Toggle the settings to concentrate the action on one of three pleasure zones (base, shaft and tip) or let the Launch surprise you.

The unit also comes with a universal smartphone mount so you can watch your favorite adult content whilst you jack off.

Pricey enough at $189.95, the experience lasts 60-minutes on full charge and (according to satisfied customers) is well worth the money.


fleshlight review turbo

The Fleshlight Turbo, reportedly, offers one of the best oral sex experiences you can get from a sex toy and we recently featured this product in our review of the best blowjob machines and simulators.

The sleeve features three entry points for maximum suction and plenty of texture for an ultimate deep throat experience.

Available in two clear blue ice designs (Ignition and Thrust) you can pick up a Turbo Fleshlight for just $69.95.

Fleshlight Girls

fleshlight review fleshlight girls porn star sleeves

A little gimmicky and hard to prove but the sleeves of all the devices in this Fleshlight Girls range have been designed on the intimate parts of your favorite porn stars.

There is a choice of more than 40 adult movie entertainers to choose from including:

  • Asa Akira
  • Joanna Angel
  • Riley Reid
  • Kendra Lust
  • Nicole Aniston
  • Lena The Plug
  • Lisa Ann
  • Tera Patrick
  • Autumn Falls

You can buy these as sleeves only ($59.95) or as a full device with white casing ($79.95).

See more: How Are The Fleshlight Girls Made?

Build Your Own

If you are having trouble making up your mind over which device to buy or you have previously purchased a classic and just fancy a change of sensation then you can always opt for the Build Your Own feature.

Allowing you to choose your own style of outer casing, inner sleeve and entry orifice you can design your very own Fleshlight to suit. Prices start at $69.95.


fleshlight review fleshlight vibro

Another popular option is the Vibro which is a take on the Classic design but including a bullet vibrator for added sensations.


fleshlight review fleshsack

And finally, gay men also have a choice of male masturbator and instead of a pocket pussy or even just a cute ass to drill, the entry points for this Fleshlights has been modelled on male anatomy instead of female.

So, instead of just having a bullet hole to aim at you also get a cyberskin ball sack to go nuts over.

Soft but firm and complete with swinging action, the insertable length for this toy is 8.5” and comes direct from the manufacturers priced at $79.95.

‘Bells & Whistles’

Fleshlight offers a pretty comprehensive range of accessories to go along with its masturbators including their own brand of lube, cleaning fluid and even a powder which helps keep the sleeves feeling silky smooth.

You can also purchase additional toys and aids including pumps, cock rings and packers as well as mounts, sleeve warmers and cases.

Fleshlight For Beginners

A ‘user’s’ guide?!

Surely, you just stick your dick in and go, right?

Well, yes and no.

How to Use a Fleshlight

The Fleshlight may mimic a vagina or mouth and have a super-soft inner but just like any sex toy you will need to use lube with your new pocket pussy. You should always use a water-based lubricant to avoid eroding the sleeve.

You should make sure that all parts of the toy are fully lubed to avoid any uncomfortable friction so apply liberally into the canal, around the entry point and your own dick.

Some guys also warm the Fleshlight before use to enhance the realism of the sensation. You can do this by removing the inner sleeve and submersing it in heated water until it is the ideal temperature.

Alternatively, you can purchase a USB sleeve warmer direct from Fleshlight which does speed up the process. Using one also stops the silicone flesh from cooling down too quickly.

fleshlight review fleshlight sleeve warmer
The Sleeve Warmer heats the Fleshlight to an optimum temperature for a more realistic experience.

Important: If you are warming the Fleshlight before use then apply lube after you have done so.

So, what can you do with your new bedroom toy?

Well, the obvious way  to use the Fleshlight is like any other male masturbator and to simply jerk yourself using the sleeve with your own arm providing the motion.

Experiment with some rotation and twisting to really experience some new sensations or simply wedge the Fleshlight in between some pillows so you can get set with some thrusting. This is made easier with the custom-mount (see below).

Alternatively, Fleshlight has also created the Quickshot Launch so you can enjoy automatic strokes.

Lastly, Fleshlights can also be used during foreplay with your partner and many guys attest to how these bad-boy toys can transform their lover’s hands into pure magic.

Using a Custom-Mount

Fleshlight sells a hands-free mount which means you can get a little more creative with how you use your pocket pussy.

The mount has a suction-cup base that can be attached to any clean flat surface including bathroom tiles.

Important: If you are purchasing a Fleshlight Flight model then you’ll also need an adaptor to use with this mount.

fleshlight review fleshlight shower mount

Alternatively, you could invest in a Liberator mount which offers a more realistic and flexible way to thrust with the Fleshlight.

Designed to securely hold your sex toy in place during use, this sturdy base is priced at $149.95 with the Top Dog (a more upright version) being slightly cheaper at $99.95.

fleshlight review fleshlight liberator mount

How to Clean a Fleshlight

It’s good hygiene to clean your sex toys between use and the Fleshlight is no different. However, it is made a lot easier as the inner sleeve can be removed.

Start by running hot water through the central canal to rinse out any water-based lube and bodily fluids. You can then use a specialist (antibacterial) sex-toy cleaning fluid to disinfect it properly. It is important not to use soap as this can degrade the material.

Once rinsed, you need to let the sleeve dry thoroughly before re-inserting it back into its canister. This can take several hours and some customers report using a fan to help speed this up.

The sleeve can feel a bit tacky after washing and is prone to picking up fluff so using the Fleshlight Renewer Powder is recommended. This helps maintain the silky-smooth feeling of the ‘skin. Though it might be tempting to opt for talcum powder as a cheaper alternative, don’t. Talc can cause irritation to the sensitive skin of your genitals.

Lastly, always store the sleeve inside the canister (once dry) to prolong the life of your Fleshlight.

how to look after your fleshlight

Fleshlight Review: The Ultimate Sex Toy For Men?

We think that the Fleshlight is definitely one of the best sex toys a guy can have on hand, whether solo or for use during partner-play, the sensations offered by their range of sleeves are going to give you far more pleasure than a simple hand-job.

Discreet, flexible yet robust they are a masculine and serious toy but are they better than anything else on the market?

Sure, when they were launched, Fleshlights were pretty revolutionary but now pocket pussies are available in most adult stores and many at a significantly lower price.

fleshlight review pocket pussy

In our opinion, the quality of the Fleshlight has got to be experienced to be believed and we’ve had the misfortune of trialling some cheaper alternatives with some good and bad results. Some were just plain uncomfortable to use and though made from a soft silicone, weren’t nearly flexible enough.

Others offered a decent enough (ahem) ‘experience’ but lacked the durability and felt cheap. Some are even advertised and sold as one-shot devices which means their low purchase price would soon compare unfavourably to the Fleshlight if you had to buy several a month!

And many just don’t have the same degree of ease with which you can clean the sleeves. And what we liked the most about the Fleshlight is the fact that you can interchange your inners so you can enjoy some variety.

For our money, the Fleshlight ticks all the boxes and offers a quality product that (if you look after it properly) will last you a long time and give you a lot of pleasure.

So, if you want to sleep soundly at night, we think every guy should go to bed with a Fleshlight beside them.

Head on over to the Fleshlight website to browse their latest deals.

All featured images via Fleshlight.


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