Ferly App: The App for Sexual Self Care

Sex is better if you know what you want

We can’t argue with that and, as Apple itself quite rightly points out, ‘there’s an app for that’. A sex-positive therapy app developed by womxn for womxn, Ferly offers sexual self-care exercises, guided meditations and sensual stories. The use of the word ‘womxn’ isn’t a typo by the way, it is the term used to include all varieties of female-identified genders and sexuality including trans, non-binary and non-hetero-normative people. The whole project has been designed to offer people an easy and cheap way to explore their sexuality in a safe space from the comfort of their own homes….or even on the move if you can multi-task on your daily commute!

In this review, we take a closer look at the Ferly Sexual Self Care App and let you know what we think to what is on offer.

What is the Ferly App?

Created by a start-up company (Leika Ltd) based in Hackney, London, Ferly is a brand-new app for iOS devices that offers an ‘audio guide to mindful sex’. If, like us, you’re thinking, ‘WTF?’ then scratch your head no more because we aim to get to the bottom of exactly what ‘mindful sex’ means.

sexual self care with ferly app
The ‘Audio Guide’ to mindful sex; the Furly App was launched in June 2019. Image via App Store.

The word ‘mindful’ defines a monumental social shift that has occurred over the last couple of years whereby experiencing things physically is no longer enough; instead, we are encouraged to take pleasure in the process and journey. In short, being aware of the experience whilst it is happening and not thinking about what to make for dinner.

Applied to almost any aspect of our lives, a ‘mindful’ approach can be sound advice and is an antidote to the hectic modern lifestyle that most of us now ‘enjoy’. In the context of sex, however, we wanted to know more.

Targeted principally at women (or womxn), the CEO and co-founder of Leika Ltd, Billie Quinlan succinctly described what the app is all about in a recent interview:

Ferly’s mission is to empower womxn to use their voices, understand what pleasure means to them, and to help them understand that we are, and always should be, in control of our own pleasure. Communication is a huge part of that, and it is something we explore in the app.

The whole idea behind the app is based in science and takes the biopsychosocial model developed in 1977 by Dr. George Engel.

Engel’s approach to all aspects of health was about embracing the combined influence of biology psychology and sociology. Whilst the former is all about the physical mechanics of our bodies, it is the mental aspect that can have far more of an impact on our general health, particularly sexual health. To sum it up, the method means taking the physical and practical elements of and eliminating any sense of shame or anxiety; introducing a positive frame of mind when it comes to self (and mutual) pleasure.

What’s Included in the Ferly App?

All of this sounds pretty vague so, what exactly does the app do?

Launched in June 2019, the app offers sex education in the form of micro-podcasts, bite-sized articles and guided practices to help you explore your sexuality. There are also erotic stories to get your creative and sensual juices flowing plus a mixture of magazine-style content, such as community polls.

furly app review
Image via WeAreFurly.

With one of the aims of the app being to offer a cheap alternative to sex therapy for women who struggle to connect with their own pleasure, it is the guided sessions that perhaps offer the best value for money with Ferly. The content and format of these vary but are generally recommended as a ‘Private Listen’ and are basically a manual for masturbation.

At present, these sessions come in the following formats:

  • Body Mapping
  • Breath Work
  • Guided Fantasy
  • Mindful Masturbation
  • Self-Distancing
  • Self-Pleasure
  • Visualization

The app can be personalized to allow users to keep a track of how many sessions they have completed and how many ‘minutes of pleasure’ they have clocked up plus keep tabs on their own reflections (journal entries).

Subscribers can then access challenges based on their reflections as well as the carefully curated sessions that deal with their individual insecurities.

Finally, content can be filtered to suit the environment, or mood, you are in such as when alone in bed, with a partner or commuting. A useful feature which means you don’t have to scroll through (or attempt to listen to) a guide on self-pleasure whilst you are sitting in a crowded underground train!


At the moment, the Ferly App is only available for iOS devices. It is anticipated that a version for Android devices will be launched by the end of 2019.

Ferly App: Prices

The Ferly App is 100% free to download from iTunes and comes with a small taster of the content detailed above. However, there are monthly subscription charges applicable which allows you access to regular updates and new content.

This will be priced at around £10 per month ($12) or £60 per year ($78).

audio guide to mindful sex furly
Sexual Self Care via guided sessions is quick, cheap and easy with an app. Image via App Store.

Ferly App: We Say…

There’s no doubt at all that Ferly is an innovative app that fills an interesting gap in the market. Far from being niche, there is no reason why any woman wouldn’t want or need this kind of tutelage in their lives. After all, any excuse to normalize sex and to make the experience more positive should be embraced by all; man or woman.

Which brings us to an interesting point; what about the guys? Though the app does offer sessions that can be completed with a partner, sex (forgive us if we’re wrong) is an experience that is shared. Learning how to enjoy your own body and to receive pleasure is certainly not to be sniffed at but translating this into something that is mutually pleasurable must surely be the goal?

Educating men on similar ‘mindful’ principles would be a positive way to develop the appeal of this app and not an opportunity to put up another mystifying veil over female sexuality. Though it’s early days for the Ferly App, we’d like to see the developers expanding on their offerings to include men in this important journey of sexual self-care.

You can find more information on the Ferly App via the website or through the Official App Store. You can also follow ‘WeAreFerly’ on Twitter for news of their latest developments.

Featured image via WeAreFerly.