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Looking for more from your porn viewing?

Interactive porn is the latest development in the adult industry and one which allows audiences to truly experience the on-screen action in a more immersive way.

The technology to translate a sex scene so that you can synchronize this with a teledildonic device is still pretty rare which means finding content that you can enjoy this with is few and far between.

Enter… FeelMe, a platform which brings together a range of adult entertainment to be experienced with interactive sex toys.

From videos and live cams to VR, FeelMe makes porn more like real life than ever before!

In this review we take a closer look at the FeelMe interactive porn platform and find out what you can expect to find, how much it costs and whether it’s worth checking out.

What is FeelMe?

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There are two types of interactive porn available on the market and these differ a lot in terms of user experience.

The first is similar to a Choose Your Own Adventure XXX story and features adult content which has been filmed with various endings and scene selections.

The action is paused at various points in a narrative and the audience are invited to select from an interactive menu over what happens next.

A lot more fun than just watching porn in a passive way, this kind of content is pretty niche and we’ve recently covered some of the best sites where you can find scenes filmed in this way with Saboom, iDesires, and Life Selector being three of the most impressive.

The second type of interactive porn is where the action on screen can be synchronized to a teledildonic device meaning that the audience not only gets to watch what happens but they can also feel the action through their high-tech sex toy.

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FeelMe falls into this latter category and is a niche platform which brings together a shit ton of content which can all be synchronized to your FeelMe compatible sex toy. The result is porn which you can not only see and hear but that you can feel.

Trust us when we say that interactive porn has to be felt to be believed and if you haven’t yet experienced this kind of content then you are missing out on some truly sensational and explosive fap time.

What Kind of Content Can You Watch on FeelMe?

There are three main types of content/experience available to enjoy through the FeelMe platform:

  • Adult Videos
  • Live Cams
  • VR Porn

FeelX Videos

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The main FeelMe porn content can be found under the FeelX Videos brand with more than 2,200 interactive porn videos available and plenty of new scenes being uploaded on a regular basis.

FeelMe promises that around 100 new videos are being added weekly but this has slowed down under the current Covid-19 circumstances.

Compatible with all popular teledildonic devices this is still is one of the largest collections of this kind of content anywhere on the web and includes scenes produced by studios such as:

  • Wankz TV Productions
  • Skin Max HD
  • uFeel TV
  • Naughty America

All filmed in HD with some in UHD/4K (or higher), the content across this platform covers an impressive range of genres and popular categories including hardcore and rough sex through to some more sensuous and softcore stuff as well as traditional mainstream, scenes like:

  • Lesbian
  • MILF
  • Teen
  • BDSM
  • Deep Throat
  • Anal
  • POV
  • Massage

Being produced by some of the biggest studios in the business means that most of the content features only the hottest porn stars so you can be sure to find plenty of names you’ll recognize as well as some sexy new starlets and debutantes.

FeelMe Live

feelme live video cam sex interactive toys review

The FeelMe live site is a white label version of the popular camming site StripChat. The only difference between this branded version of the platform and the main site is that here you will only find those models who have interactive sex toys that they can share with their visitors.

This means that you can take your experience of live cam sex up a level by syncing your devices together and enjoying a more mutual private show.

FeelVR Porn

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Compatible with all the usual suspects of VR headset including Gear VR, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Go/Rift/Quest, the FeelVR Porn site is the ultimate way to immerse yourself in the whole body experience of interactive content.

By totally blocking out other stimuli and surrendering full control of your sex toy to the pace and rhythm of the action you will be blown away at how real a solo session can become.

At the current time there are more than 1,000 VR videos available to enjoy, all of which are capable of being synchronized with your favorite sex toy.

Just like the main FeelX Videos site, there is a good mix of genres covered here including popular categories like MILF, Step-mom, Anal, Asian, Lesbian, Teen and Threesome.

Most of the videos are produced by big name studios with popular performers and are mostly filmed in the highest quality definition.

What Sex Toys is FeelMe Compatible With?

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The content and experiences you can find on the FeelMe website are all able to be synced with most of the popular main brand interactive sex toys including:

For the ladies, some content is also capable of syncing with the:

What Else Can You Get on FeelMe?

FeelMe also offers in-store shopping links for customers to buy one of the above listed interactive sex toys.

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How Much is FeelMe?

FeelX Videos is available on subscription at a price of $29.95; however, there are regular promotions being run to reduce this price to $14.95 for the first month (see website for current offers).

One-to-one cam sessions on FeelMe Live are individually priced by cam model and can be around 16-32 tokens per minute with a (typical) minimum duration of three minutes. This roughly works out at $1.60-$3.20 per minute.

Signing up to FeelVR Porn is a separate cost but you can pick up a 30-day free trial membership to try before you buy. If you like what you see (and feel) then regular membership costs $29.95.

FeelMe Review: Porn From The Future?

The FeelMe platform is more of a home portal for three very distinct websites:

  • FeelX Videos
  • FeelMe Live
  • FeelVR Porn

The first of these, FeelX Videos, certainly offers one of the largest collections of interactive content online and this has been curated from a whole host of trusted and big-name studios. As a result you are guaranteed to be getting access to only the highest quality content.

And with such a large range of studios contributing to this collection you are also offered a great choice in genres with most mainstream appetites being sated here. In fact, even those with some of the more ‘typical’ fetishes like BDSM, voyeurism, anal play, squirting and role play will also be pretty happy with what they can access for their membership fee on FeelX.

And as for prices, the cost of subscribing is in line with what you would expect from a premium porn subscription with $30 a month feeling very reasonable for what is still a (relatively) new format.

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Moving on to the FeelMe Live platform and we’re not quite as impressed with what’s on offer but that’s not to say you shouldn’t be.

The reason is that this is not a niche cam site but just a mainstream one dressed up to offer you their selection of cam models who have interactive sex toys. Don’t get us wrong, there looked to be nothing wrong with what was available when we reviewed this StripChat white label. A few dozen models were all available for one-to-one private camming and all had one of the Kiiroo toys which could be synced with other models. And very sexy they all looked too!

If you’ve never tried this kind of camming before then it is well worth playing around with the format as it brings a whole new dimension to what (oftentimes) can be a pretty one-sided exchange.

Instead, you get to be in control and take charge of another’s pleasure or submit your own to the whims of your chosen cam performer. For fans of FemDoms, this really is a great way to enhance your experience.

Is FeelMe Live the best site for finding cam models who have interactive sex toys? Probably not, and if you are already a registered user on other cam sites like Chaturbate, CamSoda or BongaCams then you’ll find a similar experience if you search for their ‘interactive’ models. It’s entirely up to you but this certainly isn’t a special offering.

By contrast the FeelVR Porn site is definitely a niche platform and with VR and interactive content being something of a rarity to find, it is impressive to get over 1,000 videos under one label to enjoy.

Are the videos you find on FeelVR Porn and FeelX Videos exclusive? No but this isn’t what matters anymore and, in an age when we enjoy subscription services designed to give us the best choice, we aren’t as swayed with single brand loyalty as we once were. Instead of buying into just one theme or studio or performer, with FeelVR you are investing in the ‘FeelMe ‘experience’.

Overall, we’d like to see a combined membership for both the main porn video and VR video site which could make this a better deal but the $30 asked for a single membership for premium VR content here is money well spent.

Until the bundle the subscriptions you might just have to choose between VR or standard video format but with a free trial on the former, that decision just got easier.

At the end of the day, you should only go where you feel wanted in life and with FeelMe, your presence is very much required.

Sign up here to get started.

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