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Looking for a simple game with a complex story and plenty of NSFW rewards?

Fap Titans is a monster fighting and resource management game that is both satisfyingly easy to play but challenging to complete.

Enter a world of hot warrior babes and relentless enemies intent on overrunning Fap Land and take up your position as the leader of the resistance army.

Your job is to assemble the ultimate team of skilled fighters and take down the monsters (and their bosses) one at a time. Complete regular daily story quests, compete with other players and build a gallery of explicit cartoon porn to become the next titan of Fap!

In this Fap Titans review, we take a closer look at one of Nutaku’s more popular clicker games, including how to play, what it costs and what you can expect from this title.

What is Fap Titans?

Developed by Hooligapps and published on the Nutaku gaming platform, Fap Titans is a casual clicker game that is anything but casual!

fap titans game review

A complex adult game with elements of visual novel, monster fighting and resource management, it’s sort of like a cross between a harem building, farming and fantasy adventure game.

At its heart, the gameplay is simple and based on a combination of incremental and idle play where you only need perform a set series of simple actions to advance. In some cases, you don’t even need to do anything, just watch your gold pour in.

The story is a simple enough one and you start as a skilled combat master in a fantasy realm (Fap Land) overrun by monsters and their evil bosses.

Both may be defeated by the prowess of your team of hot female warriors. Your job is to keep recruiting and hiring new warriors, advancing their skills in order to crush more foes.

Your rewards for doing so come in the form of erotic and explicit illustrations depicting everything from gangbangs and deepthroat to cumshots and futanari porn.

Your main mission is to stop the hordes of monsters from overwhelming the land and they just keep coming.

Fap Titans is one of many popular hentai games from Nutaku, with other popular titles that we’ve reviewed including:

fap titans review

Playing Fap Titans

When you first start playing Fap Titans you will need to play the Guild Tutorial which basically gives you an overview of how to play and teaches you what you need to know.

The aim of the game is to defeat monsters by clicking them (or you can wait) until their power runs out and earn gold rewards.

Once you have collected enough gold you can purchase your first hero. Heroes attack and score damage and the more gold you earn the faster you can power them up. As their power increases, the damage you can do with your clicks also adds up.

After several levels you will need to defeat a boss in order to advance.

Bosses are harder to kill and (unlike mere monsters) cannot just simply be timed out to kill. Instead you will need to click as fast as you can before the timer runs out to inflict as much damage as it takes to deplete their power bar.

review of fap titans

Some bosses are impossible to kill unless you have sufficiently upgraded the powers of your heroes and built up your damage rate. However, once you kill a boss you will be rewarded with a new story picture which is added to your gallery and you can advance to the next level.

You will also be rewarded with a bonus chest which contains extra items and can include additional XXX pics, extra gold, tickets and diamonds. All of which are useful for advancing through the game, completing missions and earning new heroes and pics.

The pics are one of the main benefits of the game and they most certainly are a visual treat. Arranged in a neat collection you must earn five in every category to finish the game. Categories of pics include:

  • Orgy
  • Anal
  • Lesbian
  • Handjob
  • Double Penetration
  • Bukkake
fap titans xxx game review

Along with fighting and defeating monsters and bosses, you must build your own Guild Base; your own home territory which contains all of the buildings and rooms you need to advance in the game.

The tutorial takes a while to go through but is important to complete in order to familiarize yourself with what each area of the map corresponds to and why it’s important.

fap titans review

You will also learn how to level yourself and your superheroes up, each requiring you to earn gems, gold and/or diamonds.

AND you will also attract a harem of hot anime girls who must be seduced with jewellery before they reward you with extra animated scenes.

In all honesty, there is a lot going on in this game and you will need to focus in order to learn the ropes and it does get easier as you go along.

Our advice is to see out the tutorial and then keep a watch for any ‘Exclamation Points’ which appear on screen as these indicate where your attention is needed next (building, levelling up, fighting, collecting resources, opening chests etc)

Fap Titans: Technical Specifications

Fap Titans is played in-browser and online and should be launched in the most recent version of Chrome for the best performance.

play fap titans

What Does Playing Fap Titans Cost?

Playing Fap Titans is completely free and you can even play as a guest online without registering for an account.

However, if you do sign up then you will get some instant rewards to be used in the game to help you advance further and faster.

There are also items you can buy in-game to help you and these can be purchased using VIP points which are sold in bundles of:

  • 40 for $5
  • 100 for $10
  • 220 for $20
  • 1000 for $40
  • 1250 for $49

There’s no requirement to buy these tokens but they can help you achieve your goals quicker.

There are also plenty of offers being run all the time with packages of gold available at low costs.

review of fap titans adult game

Fap Titans Review: One of the Best Hentai Clickers?

Dizzying at times, the gameplay of Fap Titans is fast and furious and there is more than enough complexity to make this a game that is playable for more than just an hour.

Advancing through the levels and skilling your teams takes time and although some of the game is idle, you do need to get involved.

What we loved is, of course, the great content with which you get rewarded and these scenes and images are pretty hot as well as pretty explicit.

You do have to work hard and long to collect all of the animations and illustrations but if you want to throw some money at this then you can unlock them faster.

adult game fap titans

However, the true beauty of this game is that even without the NSFW content, it’s pretty addictive.

Yes, it’s not mentally challenging or complex but it has plenty of features and goal-orientated rewards.

The fact that you need to complete quests and that you are competing on a leaderboard urges you onwards and, before you know it, you can easily have spent an hour or two clicking away at this game.

The narrative itself isn’t overly complicated nor does it need to be but some of the game’s features are pretty… ‘involved’.

Not so much ‘sophisticated’ but there’s lots of them and you need to understand what you are doing.

Because of this you should definitely play through the tutorial carefully and make sure you read (and understand) the guidance. Oftentimes you can pretty much skip through these and it makes no difference but following it will help you get more out of this particular game.

adult game fap titans review

Overall, there’s not much to dislike about a game that is free and delivers such great adult content in bucketloads.

The fact that there is a genuine pull to keep advancing through the levels is a bonus and you may well find yourself playing for the sake of it, not just for the sexy rewards.

Be warned, if you haven’t got the time to be suckered into an addictive world of clicking for XXX rewards then stay away.

But if you want to give yourself RSI for a brand-new reason then Fap Titans won’t make you sorry for choosing it.

Sign up on Nutaku to play Fap Titans now.

All featured images in our Fap Titans review come via the Nutaku website.


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