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Looking for an addictive adult hentai game?

Fap CEO is a sex-filled tycoon game where you get to build a live cam empire filled with employees who all want to get a piece of your action.

You get to hire different girls with unique personalities and learn their stories. Along the way you can unlock exclusive and uncensored hentai content and seduce the girls one by one.

Level up to grow your business, decorate your office, collect sexy pictures and customize your game experience with skills/perks plus take part in regular feature events to get more animations, outfits, toys and bonuses.

In this review, we take a closer look at Fap CEO with full details of how to play, where to pick the game up and what to expect.

What is Fap CEO?

“Climb the corporate ladder by buying, selling, hiring and building up to more and more extravagant studios, in a race to become the best video-chat studio ever made”

fap ceo hentai XXX game review
Fancy being your own boss? And getting more than just cash as a reward? Become the CEO of your own livecam business and grow your Fap empire.

One of the most popular titles on the adult gaming platform Nutaku, Fap CEO is an addictive, casual clicker dating sim and tycoon game.

Created by Boombox Games, it is a hentai style title with pretty complex and rewarding gameplay that includes regular system additions, updates and events.

The premise of the game is pretty simple; you are an aspiring cam girl studio operator and your goal is to build an empire of the hottest ladies to fill your studio with. Obviously, you will start from the bottom and work your way up to become the CEO of your own Fap franchise.

Along the way, you will need to hire (and possibly fire) a gaggle of camgirl wannabes all of whom will jostle for the attentions of the big boss. So, the second part of your mission (and the dating sim element) is to get your hands on as much 2D pussy as you can.

Overall, you are looking to build the wealth of your business in order to sell it for a maximum profit before starting over again in your bid to become a titan of the video-chat industry.

Playing Fap CEO

You can download Fap CEO to play on Windows, play the game in-browser or by installing the Nutaku Desktop app.

Once launched, the game kicks off as you are introduced to Amber, your lovely secretary. This buxom redhead won’t be the last sexy employee you will have to deal with but she will be your constant companion in the game.

review fap ceo
Amber sets the tone immediately for what you can expect from this XXX hentai game.


Amber looks after the office admin and is in control of your company email which you will need to keep an eye on during the game as this is where your employees will communicate with you.

This includes sending you any skin pics they think might take your fancy plus vie for your attentions. Most content will be sent free but some require a bit of work in order to unlock the hidden delights.

Along with the email system, you can keep an eye on your YouFap empire and check out how your employees are doing.

Basically a game version of a live cam site, you can watch videos, check out photos and panorama shots of all the models you have hired.

It’s a great archive of all the footage that you will unlock as you progress during the game.

Hiring Employees

Each potential employee comes complete with a CV showing off their assets along with the fee you need to pay to hire them. This means that to build your empire, you will need to earn cash.

Also known as an idle-management game, much of the complexity of running a cam site business have been simplified down into basic clicks with the main process of earning money (mostly) being automated once you have your employees up and running.

game review fap ceo

Earning Money/Rubies/Keys and Boosters

Money will come rolling in as your employees do what they do best in front of the cameras so you can watch as your bank increases but there are ways to increase your income including completing your daily tasks (Dailies), weekly tasks (Weeklies) and reaching Milestones.

These include:

  • Completing Quests
  • Collecting Photos
  • Replying to Emails
  • Spinning Wheel
  • Opening Chests
  • Upgrading Employees
  • Entering Tournaments
  • Placing Decorations in the Office
  • Selling the Company
  • Collecting Shares
  • Using Speed Ups
  • ‘Tapping’
  • Reaching Cash Goals
  • Ascending
  • Playing the Stock Market

Fundamentally, the game revolves around you clicking around the screen to complete tasks, collect rewards and to advance your game goals by responding to the various prompts on-screen.

The main benefits for you as a player are the exclusive XXX hentai animations and illustrations that you can collect along the way.

This is all very similar to other smash hit games from Nutaku, such as Hentai Heroes, Hentai Clicker, Otogi Frontier or Gay Harem.

fap ceo hentai game review
Regular events let gamers unlock new content and earn more rewards.

Fap CEO: Technical Specifications

Part of the stock stable of Nutaku’s online games you can play Fap CEO in browser as long as you have an active HTML5 compatible system.

This includes the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

You will also need a graphics card with at least 2GB of RAM.

The game is compatible with Windows and is also available to play on Android devices.

Join the Fap CEO Community

With all of the system updates, events, missions and tournaments there is a big gaming community following Fap CEO and you can take part in the discussions online by following these social media channels:

Such is the fan-following of this game, Nutaku has even launched some merchandise in its store celebrating the title and loyal gamers can purchase a Fap CEO branded mug, T-shirt, poster or gaming mat.

Available from the Nutaku Store, prices start from $14 plus P&P.

fap ceo merchandise hentai XXX game review
Buy your Fap CEO merchandise from the Nutaku Store.

What Does Playing Fap CEO Cost?

Fap CEO is entirely free to play but you will need to register an account with Nutaku in order to play.

As with most freemium games on the platform, there are opportunities to improve your gaming experience via in-app purchases.

These are all made using the Nutaku currency of Gold which you can buy in bundles from 1,000 for $5 up to 30,000 for $300.

Fap CEO Review: Is It Any Good?

Launched back in 2018, Fap CEO has proved itself to be a stayer in the adult gaming world and has garnered a lot of support from fans of casual hentai titles.

And once you have played this game you can see why.

The game design overall is pretty impressive and the graphics, though 2D, are very enticing and the girls here are some of the best-looking hentai ladies around.

And as for the music and sound effects, these aren’t actually annoying although you can of course toggle these On/Off if you need.

The gameplay, whilst simplistic, offers a lot of rewards and customization with a complex system of daily, weekly and event tasks/quests which will keep you engaged.

Even once you have grown and sold your business once, the developers continue to pump new content and features into Fap CEO to reward regular players in their mission to grow their online empires.

XXX game review fap ceo
You can’t be a mastermind of your own empire without a pussy to stroke!

So, if you are looking for a game that provides plenty of hentai content that is also a bit of challenge then Fap CEO is definitely worth a second look.

Fancy your chances of becoming the next titan of Fap? The secret of getting ahead is getting started….

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