FanCentro Review

Want to sell or access exclusive premium adult content?

FanCentro is a popular platform where adult entertainers and influencers can sell subscriptions to their premium social media channels as well as their own exclusive content direct to their fans.

The benefits of managing the creation and distribution of your own media means that you stay in control and you get to reap more of the rewards.

As for fans, the fact that these kind of services gives you more content and lets you get closer to your favorite adult performers….it’s a win-win situation!

In this FanCentro review, we take a look at the pros and cons of the site. Is it a platform we can recommend for models? For fans?

Let’s get started!

What is FanCentro?

FanCentro is a subscription sales platform where adult performers (cam models, porn stars, adult industry influencers etc.) can sell access to their social media accounts, and other content, directly to their fans.

It’s one of the best new marketplaces for amateur models to sell adult content.

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Created in 2017, the site was originally intended to act as a simple payment processing hub to generate income for adult industry stars from monetizing private access to social media channels like Snapchat and Instagram.

However, contributors can now sell other content too, including clips.

There are plenty of kinky ways to make money on FanCentro.

A popular and well trafficked site, FanCentro regularly receives visitor numbers in the region of two million hits per month and is most popular in North America and Europe but also attracts subscribers and models from Latin America, Asia and Oceania.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Spring 2020, the site has seen significant growth due to the halt in production of professional porn movies.

FanCentro saw a rise of 65% in the first few weeks following lockdown and the total number of models on the platform is now almost 200,000.

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FanCentro for Models

Selling access to your social media is a great way to stay in direct contact with your fans, feed them a regular dose of content and to earn extra income from doing what you do best.

But, with so many social media platforms shadow banning models and influencers who work in the adult industry, it can be hard to find ways to advertise for fans to find your premium content.

Certainly, sites like Instagram and Facebook have strict rules on what kinds of material you can post publicly.

The solution is to use a platform which centralizes your social media links, lets fans find you and that will help you manage your subscriptions.

Not only does FanCentro offer exactly this kind of service but you can also sell additional content through the site too.

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Why Use FanCentro?

There are two questions here; why sell subscriptions and adult content direct to your fans, and why should FanCentro be the platform you do this on?

Firstly, the landscape of adult entertainment has altered over the last decade.

From a structured industry where production and distribution of content was owned and operated by large studios to the current climate where models can create and share their own videos and clips, the power has shifted.

Selling content and premium social media access to fans is now possible and why wouldn’t any professional performer want to cut out the middleman?

Monetizing your content directly with fans means that models can earn significant sums simply by sharing a snapshot of their life and creating their own content.

And the best part is that the model continues to own this content instead of relying on distribution companies to promote their material and eventually pay them royalties (net of all the studio and distribution fees).

But, before you get all sentimental and start feeling sorry for the poor studios, the benefits actually work both ways.

By increasing their fan base, a model can rise in popularity and assure herself of greater sales and interest when she (or he) works with a studio in the future.

Though it may be some time before it is business as usual once again in the porn industry, sites like FanCentro are keeping the home fires burning for the adult entertainment business.

The bottom line is that using a subscription sales and content sharing platform puts models in control of their earnings and in control of their content.

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So, why is FanCentro the place to do this best?

One of the fastest growing adult fan subscription sites around (alongside JustForFans and LoyalFans), FanCentro has created a good reputation for itself in the industry for offering a flexible and easy to use service that helps models and influencers manage their fan subscriptions.

It taps in to the ModelCentro platform to offer a variety of useful marketing tools.

Fans who know what they are looking for can easily find models using the search facilities or your username but anyone looking for a new personality to follow can access the FanCentro directory to find someone suitable.

With high levels of traffic and increased exposure, the site offers newcomers and those without an instant fanbase the opportunity to grow their online sales.

Getting Started For Models

Signing up with FanCentro is pretty easy and takes about 15-30 minutes to get set-up.

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First, you will need to register an account as a model (100% free) and then complete your profile information.

Behind the scenes on your personal dashboard you will load up your usernames for your social media channels and set a price for access for your fans.

Lastly, you need to upload and price up any content that you want to start selling such as videos and photos.

And that’s it. Once you are in the directory, your fans can find you and start buying your subscriptions and downloading your content.

If you want to use FanCentro as an additional way to communicate with your fans then you can also start posting to your own Feed and chat directly using DM to build relationships. Sort of like another social media channel, it pays to engage your customers and can help build sales over this platform.

The site is commonly used by cam girls as a secondary marketing platform.

Obviously, the more you can get involved with promoting your brand the better and it is recommended that you clue up on how to market yourself. You can do this using the FanCentro University (see below).

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Who Can Sign Up on FanCentro?

The site is geared up to take sign-ups from anywhere in the world and, as long as you are 18, then you can register an account.

This means you can be male, female or trans….straight, bi, gay or any other alt-sex gender/sexuality.

Just set up your profile to get started.

Learn The Ropes with Centro University

Launched in August 2020, the Centro University aims to deliver a program of courses to help adult industry performers and influencers to successfully run their own business.

Workshops, webinars and information will cover topics and issues such as:

  • How to Set Up Photo and Video Shoots
  • How to Protect Your Brand
  • How to Manage Distribution
  • How to Run Your Adult Business

Classes are run on demand so models can complete them at a time convenient to them.

It is hoped that this additional feature will eventually extend to cover mentoring and in-person training.

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Selling on FanCentro

Models can set their own rates for every piece of content they sell as well as for monthly subscriptions to their social media.

FanCentro handles all of the payment processing as well as re-billing.

The site is set up so that influencers and models can sell premium access to social media accounts such as Snapchat (see our Premium Snapchat guide) and Instagram.

But you can also sell clips through the platform, or use FanCentro as a place to post your premium content (sort of like an alternative social media feed).

Known as The Feed, models can upload content here to help entice new fans to their channel. Most photos and videos will be premium and kept censored until access is paid for but a few teasing trailers always help with sales.

Membership options can be sold for both FanCentro as well as your individual social media channels.

Many models/influencers tailor their subscription rates to include additional incentives such as free and exclusive photos and images.

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FanCentro also has a feature which allows fans to simply ‘Tip’ their favorite influencers/models and include a personal DM.

You can even add your own Amazon Wishlist to your FanCentro page to encourage fans to buy you gifts.

All content sales are delivered using the FanCentro platform and when you get a new subscriber to your social media channel, you receive a direct message with their @username so you can add them immediately.

Likewise, when a user stops paying their monthly subscription, you will get a notification to remove them from your private account.

Lastly, if you have colleagues and friends who work in the industry or can generate new leads for FanCentro then they also pay out pretty well to affiliates.

For every referral you make, models can earn 25% commission on their earnings (subscriptions only not clip sales).

Getting Paid by FanCentro

FanCentro pays models 75% of all profits earned through the site, net of a 10% billing fee. This means that for every $100 generated on the site you earn $67.50.

Payments to models are made weekly (every Tuesday) and are only made when your account has reached a minimum balance:

  • Check – $100
  • Paxum – $50
  • ACH – $100
  • SEPA – €250
  • Direct Wire Transfer – $1,250

More Information on FanCentro

You can find out more information about FanCentro on their site.

On their blog you will find some useful features including tips and tricks to maximize your earnings potential as well as details on training offered by Centro University.

You can also find some helpful videos on their YouTube channel.

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It is also worth following FanCentro on social media so you don’t miss any news, offers or updates on the site:

FanCentro for Subscribers

So, what about the fans?

What do they get by purchasing direct through FanCentro?

What Can You Buy on FanCentro?

The beauty of using sites like FanCentro is that you can get closer to your favorite adult performers and access exclusive content which includes clips and pics but importantly you get to follow them more intimately through their chosen social media.

Being able to receive a regular dose of posts and status updates is almost like being a friend to the stars and with FanCentro you can even send DMs.

Content varies by model/influencer but many performers share daily and give their fans additional perks including multiple pics/clips, live stories and even personal shout outs.

So, if you are a regular customer on a cam show, a firm fan of a porn star or just want to receive the latest updates and advice from the hottest adult influencer, FanCentro (probably) has you covered.

And if you don’t yet have a favorite, with over 200,000 models to choose from you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a fresh face to become a fan of.

Who Can You Find on FanCentro?

FanCentro has a huge and diverse selection of models to choose from including men, women and trans as well as gay and straight performers.

From cam stars to porn stars and adult industry influencers, the site is used by people as famous as Nacho Vidal and Riley Reid right through to up and coming stars of the future.

How to Use FanCentro

If you have an adult model, porn star or influencer you want to follow or buy clips from then you can easily find them using FanCentro’s search tool.

Alternatively, you can use the search function to narrow down a selection of stars using popular keywords and filters.

Each model on FanCentro has their own page which has their profile details, bio and clips links so you can download some content, become a fan or even just tip them.

Once you have found someone you want to follow then their page will have all the relevant links you will need to do this, such as:

  • Watch My Story
  • Follow My IG
  • Subscribe to FanCentro

Once you have paid to unlock premium content, you should wait up to 48 hours before your access is confirmed. Clips are available immediately and most models are fast to respond to new subscribers.

Prices for content and subscriptions varies by model but you can pick up clips for under $5.00 and monthly subscriptions from as little as $10.

Sign up on FanCentro here to get started.

All featured images via FanCentro.

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