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Fancy making a little extra lunch money with your adult content?

Extra Lunch Money was launched in 2011 as a digital marketplace for adults to buy and sell amateur sexual content.

The site receives over a million unique page views each month with visitors being a mix of registered members looking to sell their services, and buyers who want to pick up something a little unique.

In this Extra Lunch Money review, we take a look at the kind of digital content you can sell, how much money you can make and exactly how this marketplace works.

How Does Extra Lunch Money Work?

Some call it the Fiverr for adult content and it’s not hard to see how this comparison has been made.

There are three basic types of services on the site:

  • Download Now
  • On Demand Services
  • Custom Jobs

‘Download Now’ content is made up of photos, videos and other files which have been pre-made and are available for instant download. Users can create any kind of content they like (within the law) and choose their own price for their offerings.

‘On Demand Services’ range from sexting to ordering live cam shows or physical goods that are sent to you such as used panties.

‘Custom Jobs’ are available to request from known sellers or you can post your own requirements for sellers to quote for.

As you can see, it’s similar to Fiverr in the format of the marketplace but the content and services are very different. This is one of many sites where you can make money from sex-related content.

Extra Lunch Money review

Types of Content on Extra Lunch Money

Much of the content available could, at best, be described as softcore pornography.

There are girls selling nude photos or masturbation videos, as well as some fetich content like feet pics. The interesting custom jobs are what sets Extra Lunch Money apart from other adult sites as well as unique on demand services.

Being able to order a personalised jerk-off video or commissioning a girl to wear your team jersey in a sexy pose are things that aren’t available on free tube sites and make for a unique and interesting purchase.

Content ranges from physical goods (like used panties!) and digital downloads to Kik or Snapchat username access, live cam shows and pay-per-text services.

For those who have specific fetishes, Extra Lunch Money offers an affordable way to commission content to match your needs….within reason.

There are guidelines on the site as to what requests are allowed but generally speaking they must be legal. However, scat and other forms of messy play (including golden showers) are also prohibited.

Submit a Custom Job request outlining what kind of content you would like to see and be as specific as you like. For example, you could commission a 10-minute long POV video of a women putting stockings on in a bath of jello whilst holding phallic vegetables.

The choice is yours.

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Extra Lunch Money For Amateur Models

The site doesn’t offer sellers any form of geo-blocking at present so your information can be viewed anywhere in the world.

For some sellers, this means having to deal with requests for content outside of their region which could be a problem with time zones and availability if they are selling cam time, texting or physical products.

You can block individual users but not whole countries or areas.

In order to make money from live cam shows, models must already be working with one of the cam sites that Extra Lunch Money is promoting. These are currently:

Much like Fiverr, both buyers and sellers receive feedback on their transactions.

This helps both parties establish a reputation for themselves on the site and those users with positive ratings see a lot of repeat business.

Buyers should keep an eye on the ‘Sales’ section of the website where some great discounted content is available.

Pricing and Payments

The Extra Lunch Money site uses credits as currency for its services and, depending on how many you buy at once, one credit is equal to between $0.94 and $1.50.

All services are individually priced with some being in the budget range and others being more expensive (but more exclusive).

Individual photos can be as low as 2-3 credits whilst a set of 20+ could be 10-20 credits. Videos are more expensive at 10-15 credits though there are some cheap clips available.

A cam show can be ordered from around 15-25 credits and texting starts at around 0.1 credit per text.

How Much Money Can You Make With Extra Lunch Money?

Sellers on Extra Lunch Money keep between 60% and 65% of the sale price of their content depending on their seller status.

Payment is made weekly once a minimum value of credits has been achieved (40 credits for checks/ACH bank transfers, 55 credits for US wire transfers and 105 credits for international wire transfers).

In terms of how much money you can make, this tends to vary depending on what you are selling and how good a job you are doing of promoting your content.

Extra Lunch Money provides a good platform but you will still need to drive some traffic yourself and be active on the site when responding to requests.

elm review
Pick yourself up something special in the sales section. Budget deals on adult content. Image via website.

You can make a passive income just through digital downloads but the higher earners are those that are active on the texting and cam services and those responding to custom requests.

See here for a guide to becoming a cam girl.

Of course, if you are able to offer something a little bespoke such as in the fetish category then you can charge more.

Get Started on Extra Lunch Money

Setting up an account with Extra Lunch Money is simple and straightforward.

Initially you just need to register your email address and verify that address by clicking on an authentication link.

Once you have an account, you can then set-up your personal information and preferences, including:

  • Twitter Name
  • Cell phone used for texting
  • Personal profile including animate gif and photos

Sellers must then authenticate themselves by:

  • Uploading a photo with a verification sign
  • Uploading a government issued ID with date of birth

Sellers must be aged 18 or over and service providers must be actively selling on another platform such as a live cam site (e.g. streamate.com).

Sellers can be male or female.

Buyers can download content or post a request for a job once they have purchased credits.

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Extra Lunch Money Review: Is It Any Good?

Extra Lunch Money is an easy to use site that offers simple navigation for both buyers and sellers.

They have a comprehensive range of services to offer users and the only limit on what you can buy (and sell) is your imagination…and the law.

Buyers can easily find services using the many keywords and filters set up and this can even be adjusted to match individual budgets.

Speaking of which, the prices for some content is very good and is competitive when you compare them to other adult content selling sites.

Sellers can earn some good money on the site but will require some effort on their part to remain active.

The top performers offer an eclectic mix of content including cam shows and they will already have an active account on a suitable platform.

The payment payouts are good for the industry and are both regular and competitive.

The site has a good reputation for its customer service and support making it one of the more popular adult content providers.

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