How To Sell Erotica on Kindle: Top Tips for Success

how to sell erotica on kindle

Fancy becoming a digital bestselling author on Kindle by writing erotica? In this digital age, more than half of the adult population in the United States uses an e-Reader to access books and literature. And the most popular of these devices is, you guess it, the Kindle. With romance and erotica topping the Kindle charts … Read more

The Best Fetish Erotica Sites: Where to Find Kinky Stories

best fetish erotica sites lush stories

Looking for erotic tales of kinky sex, fetish fantasies and deviant confessions? There is some snobbery around when it comes to adult content, particularly when it comes to the differentiation between erotica and pornography. Without turning to the dull dictionary definition, the difference is typified by one having artistic merit over the other.  The latter … Read more

Sex in the Swinging 1960s: What Was It Really Like?

what was sex like in the 1960s

Revolted by your parent’s descriptions of the ‘swinging’ sixties but want to know more? Referred to as the ‘sexual revolution’ or the age of ‘free love’, the 1960s sparked a social and cultural shift in attitudes towards sexual relationships with a markedly more liberal view which shaped the decades that followed. But what were the … Read more

The 21 Best Porn Star Autobiographies and Memoirs

Best porn star autobiographies and memoirs

Looking for some erotic, but enlightening, bedtime reading material? Not known for their writing skills, the memoirs of most pornography stars have been written with the help of a ghost writer who help to set down in words exactly what it’s like to lead the life of an adult movie star. As well as being … Read more

The Best Sites Like Literotica for Adult Fantasy and Fiction

Best sites like literotica

Looking for free adult fantasy and fiction online? If you are, then you’ve probably heard of Literotica. A user-submitted erotic fiction site with over 420,000 stories, essays, poems and audio titles….all available to enjoy for free.; it’s like having an adults only library card. The site has been running for over twenty years and has … Read more

20 of the Most Famous Erotic Novels

21 of the most famous erotic novels

Want to know which of the many erotic novels published over the last few centuries are the most famous? From obscene tales of debauchery and provocative memoirs to racy ‘bodice rippers’ and saucy pulp fiction, erotic novels have been a part of the mainstream English literature scene for almost 300 years. With notorious titles like … Read more

Literotica Review: Still #1 for Erotic Stories?

literotica review

If you are looking for erotic stories on the web then it won’t be long before you stumble on Literotica. This free to use adult fiction site celebrates its 21st anniversary in 2019 and retains its popularity as one of the most visited and ‘stickiest’ adult websites in the world. With more than 53 million … Read more

The Adult Magazines Guide: Past and Present

The Adult Magazines Guide

The world of adult magazines has changed a lot over the last hundred years. From their humble but risqué beginnings as explorations of art and naturalism to their heyday of pushing the boundaries in the 1970s and today, where top shelf porn includes some hardcore and extreme action. In this feature, we look at the … Read more