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Dream Sex World Review

Looking for a new 3D sex game?

Dream Sex World, created by the same developers behind Game Of Lust 2, Adult World 3D and Grand Bang Auto, is a new high-res adult game for PC. It features full 4K HD graphics and fully customizable characters so you can create an immersive world of your own design to enjoy plenty of crazy sex positions in.

In this review, we take a closer look at this 3D sex game and find out more about the gameplay, graphics and prices as well as deciding how good Dream Sex World actually is.

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What is Dream Sex World?

The game was launched in November 2018 and is so far reaching about 400,000 unique visitors per month. Whilst the majority of traffic is coming to the game from the United States, the game is also popular in Germany, India, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

review dream sex world adult games

A part of the 3D stable of similar titles, Dream Sex World is a sex simulation game that allows you to fully customize your characters, control the action and direct every scene. The release comes on the back of another next-gen, 4K title from the company called Sex World 3D.

As a new game, Dream Sex World has been developed using the latest technology and features stunning Ultra High-Definition graphics, multiple camera angles and complete customization.

These kinds of games are very appealing and offer players the ability to create their dream sex partners before controlling every aspect of their ultimate fantasy. Of course, there are lots of sim games available which offer this but Dream Sex World is one of the first from this next-generation of technology. The detail of the graphics and action is much more detailed than some more dated titles on the market and is incredibly realistic.

Using Dream Sex World

Dream Sex World is accessed in-browser and doesn’t require you to download any software to your PC plus it also means you can also play the game from your mobile. Having said that, the best experience is via the PC where you can navigate quickly and easily using your keyboard and mouse.

Want to go faster or slower, harder or softer? Use your mouse to control all the action on screen and adjust everything from the sexual position to the camera angle.

3d sex game review dream sex world adult games

Complete Customization

As with any good 3D sex sim you get to create your own dream characters and every aspect of your partner can be fully customized including:

  • Outfits
  • Makeup
  • Voice
  • Pussy
  • Breast size
  • Cock size
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Skin color
  • Tattoos
  • Piercings

Flexible Camera Options

Control how you view each scene using multiple camera angles which come complete with zoom features so that you never miss a single detail. This is particularly useful when it comes to the more crazy sex positions where you will want to get in real close.

Rotate 360 degrees around any scene and make sure you see all the action.

Sex Toys

And the characters aren’t the only things you get to play with in Dream Sex World, you can also enjoy the benefits of a toy chest with plenty of accessories including whips, chains and dildos plus some unusual uses for more everyday objects!

Multiple Partners

Whilst some 3D sex games only let you get down and dirty with one partner at a time, in Dream Sex World you can enjoy a threesome or even romp with up to four other characters. In this kind of scene you will be glad of the flexible camera options as each new angle opens up another level of enjoyment.

dream sex world review adult games

Control Multiple Characters

Another development in this game sees the ability to control not just one of the characters but two. This allows you so much more control over the action and definitely makes the game more enjoyable. There have been plenty of games we’ve played where you change the action up but the character’s response is not what you expected. With Dream Sex World, you can fix that.

Dream Sex World: Technical Specifications

The game is only compatible with Windows computers so Mac users would have to play using a third-party application like BootCamp, Shadow or GeForce Now.

The game is played in-browser and features full 4K high-definition graphics.

What Does Playing Dream Sex World Cost?

There are three ways to get a membership to Dream Sex World:

  • An annual membership of $119.95
  • A quarterly membership of $49.95 (recurs every three months)
  • A monthly membership of $19.95 (recurs every month)

Payment can be made via credit card , DirectPay EU and SEPA transfer or via PayPal.

Dream Sex World: We say…

This game has some of the most realistic graphics and action sequences that we have seen in a 3D sex sim. In fact, like the developers say, this is ‘adult physics reimagined’…but in a good way!

Not only can you fully customize your own characters but you can control every element of the action from choosing sexual positions to the speed and depth of penetration to what kind of toys you want to use. From a sweaty romp with the brunette of your dreams to an all-encompassing fuck-fest threesome, it’s all here. There’s even some BDSM options that will appeal to the kinkster in all of us.

dream sex world review

As far as price goes, the fees aren’t too bad compared to some games on the market that don’t offer nearly as much gameplay and the annual membership certainly works out at a cheaper monthly rate (just $9.99 or 50% off the standard monthly cost). In fact, if you figure it out on a daily basis, it’s less than $0.33 a day and there are few things in life that come that cheap which deliver so much entertainment.

Overall, we were mightily impressed with this game and blown away with the realism of the graphics; from sweaty skin and slight imperfections in facial features to jiggling flesh and the way hair swings or sticks to the body, it’s like being able to direct a porn movie.

As a new game from an established developer, the content is refreshed weekly with new updates being provided automatically. This means any glitches get fixed quickly and there is always an abundance of fresh features being added.

We are in no doubt that the game is the first in a new development of sex sims that take will full advantage of 4K graphics and next-level virtual gaming. We can’t wait to see how the next breed of games takes this and runs with it to produce a truly VR experience in the future. We’re not quite there yet but Dream Sex World brings us one step closer.

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