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Interested in the 3D sex game, Digamour?

If you are looking for an adult role-playing game which offers you the chance to have sex in multiple positions then Digamour may just be the game you are looking for.

Find out what the game entails, how much it is to play and more in our review of Digamour.

What is Digamour?

Created by the Florida based Somavision Corporation, Digamour is a futuristic 3D sex game with a virtual environment to explore. Along the way, you get to engage with other characters in a sexually explicit way.

It is a role playing game in which you get to create an avatar of your character and navigate around a virtual multiplayer sex world.

digamour sex game
You get to create your own robot-prostitute and bang clients for cash. 

There is a story element to Digamour and the game is set in Paris in the year 2074.

You play the role of a cyber-hooker and collect as much cash as you can by banging strangers. As well as sex for money you can also find cash lying around on the street.

You use the cash to pay for upgrades to your robotic prostitute including better body components, new sexual positions and thus attract a better (and higher paying) quality of man.

Beyond that, the city is yours to explore as you like.

How to Play Digamour

You will need to download the game on either a trial or full membership which requires you to enter your credit card details.

Once launched, the game will first provide you with an overview of the game’s simple premise before letting you customise your initial cyber-hooker.

You can select from either a Brazilian, German, South African or Japanese model to begin with but you can’t change this selection until you complete the first level.

Once you’ve customised the initial look from breast and ass size, hair style, weight and skin/eye colour, you can start to explore the city.

Choosing a location from the map using the cursor controls, your male sexual partner will be chosen at random from six different avatars.

Select the sexual position you want to use and then hit enter.

Playing digamour review
Decide where to head in the Paris of the future either for upgrades or sex. 

Then, the action starts.

Unlike some other sex games, the control of the sex doesn’t take place by manipulating the characters.

Essentially you have to press a cursor at the right time to increase the sexual gratification levels.

Do this six or seven times to complete a position and then repeat five times to complete a cumshot. If you miss the timer then the male stamina levels drop; then you’ll have to wait it out.

And that’s the game. Explore, find cash, have sex and get upgrades.

Additional Features

As well as enjoying the realtime 3D world of Digamour, subscribers can join the online community to share fan artworks, make suggestions on the developments of the game and participate in Beta tests

Members also receive access to:

  • 2D centrefold gallery featuring high-resolution pictures of the best virtual models
  • 3D Girl Lab to create custom virtual models
  • All updates at no additional charge including new hardcore sex features and hot models.
  • Regular information on new online virtual sex games.
  • Offers for Adult 3D animated DVD

Technical Specifications

To get the best playing experience from Digamour it is recommended that your PC has the following minimum specification:

  • 8GHz processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • DirectX 9.0c or greater
  • Windows 2000/XP/98 or Vista

You will also need to use both a mouse and keyboard as well as have an internet connection.

digamour review
The graphics are okay but not nearly as sharp as they are on some similar and more popular RPG sex games.

What Does it Cost to Play Digamour?

There are three pricing options when it comes to playing Digamour:

  • Three-day Trial – $19.95 and recurring for $39.95 monthly after 72 hours
  • Monthly Membership – $29.95 per month (automatically recurring)
  • Three Month Membership – $64.95

What Do We Think of Digamour:

There are new versions of Digamour being released all the time and the latest edition has much better graphics and sound than the original alpha version.

Overall, the graphics are okay but don’t compare to some of the more popular RPG sex games.

Sounds is pretty good and there are a good variety of noises with the sex scenes that generally correlate to what is happening on screen.

The slightly complicated way to make the characters have sex can distract from the good stuff and you will find yourself concentrating on the beacon instead of the animation.

We found the gameplay to be innovative and with a good rewards system but it did have its limitations. It’s not as polished as similar virtual world offerings from Red Light Center or Yareel.

After an hour or so, the gameplay was quite repetitive and we found it was a game we went back to every so often rather than being fully immersive.

There is much planned for later releases of the game and it is well worth staying informed about how the game develops. Until then, we’d recommend a trial membership to see how you get on.

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