A Guide to Dick Enhancement: Pills, Pumps and Myths

Want some sure-fire ways to increase the size, length and girth of your dick?

Whilst women are prone to obsess over their weight, men are equally as self-absorbed by the size of their cocks. It’s not a new thing and men, throughout time and across the world, have long been known to compare their locker room junk with few being satisfied with what nature dealt them. In fact, it is estimated that nearly half of all men are concerned about the size of their dick. Just as the diet industry preys on the neuroses of the overweight, there is a similar global market aimed at men offering devices, potions and pills to enhance their dicks. So, the question is, are all of these just snake oil or do some of these solutions actually work?

In this feature, we take a look at those products, treatments and pills that offer to enhance the size of your dick as well as provide some hints and tricks that can also pay dividends. Oh, and we also burst the bubble on those popular myths that may save you some time (and a lot of pain!).

Do You Really Need Them?

Small Dick Syndrome or Locker Room Envy is a common complaint for guys and whether we like to admit it or not, most of us will sneak a peek and compare when given a chance. When it comes to porn, this is a big mistake as, apart from cuckolding videos, most male porn stars are cast principally due to their mammoth trouser snakes. So, before you consider some of the treatments, aids and tricks below, consider whether or not you actually need them.

A Guide to Dick Enhancement does size matter
Or does it? Maybe the problem is all in your mind? Image via PxHere.

What Is The Average Dick Size?

Yes, we’ve all get this question in our browser history and there isn’t a ruler owned by any teen boy that hasn’t been pressed into service to help us in our quests to compare what is ‘normal’.

The answer to this question isn’t nearly as straightforward as you might think and comes down to a question of flaccid length vs stretched length vs erect length plus factors such as your age, ethnicity, biochemistry and genetics as well as environmental factors. And that’s before you start getting into measurements about girth!

There have been plenty of studies across the globe and examples through the ages of our obsessions with the size of our penises. Every period of history seems to show different ‘norms’ and even modern research can show huge variances on what is deemed ‘typical’.

However, for the purposes of providing a quick answer and using a review of several studies, we can broadly conclude that the average dick size is:

  • 9–10 cm or 3.5–3.9 inches (length of flaccid penis)
  • 24 cm or 5.21 inches (length of stretched penis)
  • 14–16 cm or 5.5–6.3 inches (length of erect penis)
  • 12–13 cm or 4.7–5.1 inches (girth of penis when erect)

What Do Women Want?

So, that’s the broad range of what is deemed ‘normal’ with some deviation of this expected across certain subgroups but more importantly, what do women actual want in a cock?

A Guide to Dick Enhancement what do women want in a penis
What EXACTLY do women want in a cock? Image via MaxPixel.

According to a  survey published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in July 2015, length is considered the third least important quality that women look for in a ‘package’.

The study was conducted in Switzerland and used a group of 105 women ranging in age from 16 to 45. The women were asked to look at various pictures of men’s meat and rate how ‘normal’ they were before being asked to rate the importance of a variety of factors influencing what a dick looks like, namely:

  • Length of the penis
  • Girth of the penis
  • Position and shape of the meatus (the opening at the tip)
  • Shape of the glans (the head of the penis)
  • Appearance of the scrotum
  • Appearance of the skin on the penis
  • Appearance of pubic hair
  • Overall cosmetic appearance of the penis.

The women returned an overwhelming majority who were in favor of the ‘Overall cosmetic appearance of the penis’ and then the appearance of pubic hair. Tied in third was the appearance of the skin of the penis and girth followed by shape of the tip.

What didn’t matter at all was the shape and position of the meatus and the appearance of the scrotum followed by length.

Whilst this was a small study relative to the population of men and women who it may relate to, it does correlate with plenty of other findings made by various academic and scientific institutes. What seems to be the case is that women care far less about the length of a dick than us guys do but what does seem to be important is girth. A survey published in 2001 for BMC Women’s Health showed that 90% of the women surveyed reported that width was more important than length.

There’s plenty of evidence out there to suggest that women are not looking for the longest and biggest cocks in the world, nor would it improve their sex lives if they could get to play with one. In fact, quite the opposite is often true, and many women report that larger dicks are uncomfortable to, well….er, ‘accommodate’.

A Guide to Dick Enhancement huge cock
YOU may want a huge dick, but how practical is having a mammoth meat stick? Image via PxHere.

However, a 2005 survey published in PLOS One where a group of women were encouraged to select the ideal penis from a range of 3D models reported that ladies would prefer the following sizes of erect penis:

  • 6.4 inches (length) and 5.0 inches (girth) for a one-night stand
  • 6.3 inches (length) and 4.8 inches (girth) for a long-term relationship

Both sets of measurements are on the generous side of ‘normal’ when using our already reported findings of dick sizes, so there is some evidence to suggest that a healthy ‘average’ penis size is good.

Dick Enhancement: A Caveat

As for whether or not you need a bigger cock, the decision really comes down to the way you feel.

Even guys with bigger than average dicks may feel a sense of low self-esteem if they want a bigger penis. At the end of the day, we live in a world where dick enhancement options are available so it’s up to you whether you go for it or not. What we would say is that each of the options listed below come with their own pros and cons with some being pretty extreme to say the least. Phalloplasty, for example, is an invasive, costly and complex procedure that carries enormous risks. Offering huge rewards, this could be a feasible option for some but altogether too far for others.

There is good evidence to suggest that therapy might be a healthy option for some guys and learning to play better with the hand you were dealt could offer some great long-term benefits. After all, we are assured by female colleagues that it’s not what you’ve got down there but what you do with it that makes for a memorable encounter.

Still not convinced? Okay, lets take a deeper look at what options you have available to you.

Enhancement: Bigger, Stronger or Longer?

When it comes to dick enhancement, there are lots of different ways in which this could be taken. For some men who have been endowed with a naturally large cock, this could simply be about making it harder or improving stamina. Whilst, for others, enhancement is all about getting extra girth or length….or both.

For the purposes of this feature, we will be focusing on the mechanics of making your dick longer or thicker. We’ve recently featured some tips and tricks for lasting longer in bed as well as a focus piece on those condoms that can help improve your stamina between the sheets. Of course, there’s always Viagra and other performance enhancing drugs that can help in this department.

A Guide to Dick Enhancement viagra
Viagra is great for enhancing performance but will give you no size gains. Image via NeedPix.

Whichever angle you are coming at for this feature, there is (and has been) a market for your needs. From pills and potions, to pumps and lotions, there are natural and mechanical ways that promise to offer you some more bang for your buck….but how well (if at all) do some of these products work and are there any tips and tricks to maximize what you’ve got in the trouser department?

Pharmaceutical Aids

In this section, we examine those pills and solutions that are designed to be ingested orally in order to make your dick bigger, stronger or help you last longer.

The principle ingredient of most of the pills available on the market to enhance your dick are hormone-based or include various vitamins, herbs and minerals.

The exact ‘recipe’ for each of these are a closely guarded secret by the manufacturers but can contain things like zinc, horny goat weed, tribulus terrestris, fenugreek and other aphrodisiacs and testosterone boosting supplements.

The medical and scientific communities are almost unanimous in the derision they show on the effectiveness of these ingredients on increasing the size of your dick. They can’t. What they can do is make you feel hornier and some may even increase your testosterone levels which can play a part in sex drive, recovery and stamina. However, they cannot make your dick bigger.

Before we draw a line under these oral preparations, we can attest to the fact that a boost of testosterone levels can improve confidence and self-esteem which can actually make you feel differently about your body. Don’t knock this seemingly innocuous little side effect, if it can make you feel a million dollars, maybe it can make you feel just a few cm bigger too.

Mechanical Devices

If you don’t want to place your trust in lotions and potions and want to take matters into your own hands then these aids may be useful for dick enlargement.


Penis pumps work on the simple premise of placing an air-tight cylinder over your dick and creating a suction from a hand held (or automatic) pump. The idea is that the vacuum draws blood into the penis causing it to swell and to stretch the skin of the penis.

A Guide to Dick Enhancement penis pumps
Penis pumps have been shown to deliver results for some users. Image via Wikimedia.

They are commonly used by men who are suffering from impotence and, with a firm cock ring, can be used to produce and maintain a reasonable erection in some patients who suffer from ED.

The results of using a penis pump vary considerably by the individual as well as the type of device being used and the regime being adopted for use.

Whilst many users report significant gains over time with regular pumping (3 times daily for up to 10 minutes a session), there are just as many who report no differences at all. There is also evidence to suggest that overuse can actually lead to penile damage and weaker erections as a result.

If you are considering using a penis pump then it is recommended that you start off with one that is sized appropriately for you and that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. It is worth opting for a budget penis pump to begin with to see if you experience any gains and enjoy the experience before investing in a more powerful pump.

You can find out more about some popular dick pumps including the popular Hydromax series in our latest features. We’ve also included some best options for value with our guide to cheap penis pump systems.


Possibly the last resort for any man in his quest to enhance his dick is to go under the surgeon’s knife but, for some, this is the only option. Usually reserved for those men whose tackle is significantly smaller than average or who have medical conditions, there are lots of different procedures which fall under this category. Ranging from simple non-invasive techniques to complicated surgical interventions, be warned, the detail of some of these is not for the squeamish.

Dermal Fillers

Offered for men who want some extra girth, dermal fillers are injected into the shaft of the penis. This can add an extra 1-2 cm to the circumference of the flaccid penis and even improve the thickness of an erection.

The long-term efficacy of this kind of treatment is around 18 months before a reapplication is required but there are risks that associated with the procedure.

Penile Girth Surgery

In a similar method to  the above but using liposuction to take fat from one area of the body and injecting it into the penis, this method is more invasive,

Potentially adding up to 4 cm in extra girth, the results last a little longer than fillers but ultimately the body will absorb the fat over time returning the penis to its natural size.

A Guide to Dick Enhancement penis surgery
Penis surgery is a last resort for many and is not to be taken lightly. Image via Wikimedia.

Penile Lengthening Surgery

Another invasive procedure that carries plenty of risk, the most common technique of this kind of surgery involves cutting the ligament that attaches your dick penis to the pubic bone. A skin graft is then used at the base or the penis to add some extra length.

On average, this kind of surgery can add an extra few centimeters to the length of a flaccid penis but offers no change in the size of your erect manhood.

A big consideration for this kind of surgery is the loss of angle during erection which can make sex quite awkward and uncomfortable post-surgery.

Penis Enlargement Surgery (Phalloplasty)

Lastly, a technique usually reserved for men who have lost their penis in an injury or as a last resort for guys with micro-penises, phalloplasty involves creating a brand new penis from another area of your body.

There are several techniques for doing this, the two most common are a radial free forearm flap and the abdominal flap phalloplasty.

The first involves taking a graft from the forearm and using the nerves to connect up to your existing genitals and then using a medical implant to offer a means for producing a mechanical erection.

The second uses a roll of skin and fat taken from the side of the abdominal region and using this to create a similar phallus.

Both surgeries involve multiple steps to create a urethra and glans plus to insert an erectile pump.

Hints, Tips and Tricks

Trimming your pubic hair is not only proven to make your penis more attractive (see ‘What Do Women Want?’ above) but can also help increase the appearance of its size.

The same can be said for losing some excess weight. If you have an overhanging belly or loaded thighs then this can make your penis appear smaller and cause it to be ‘overshadowed’ by your bulk.

Losing some weight and toning your stomach and upper leg muscles will not only create the appearance of a bigger dick but will also improve your chances of getting a woman to see it in the first place!

A Guide to Dick Enhancement hints and tips
The optical illusion method: lose a few pounds, gain a few cm. Image via Pixabay.

A good general tip but one that can help prevent a disorder known as Peyronie’s Disease, take care of your penis. Try to avoid any trauma to the genitals. A build up of scar tissue or plaque following  injury can cause a bend or curve and even penis shrinkage and shortening.

Lastly, good hygiene is a must when it comes to maintaining the elasticity of your penile skin. Taking care to wash and keep your pubic region clean is essential. Whilst there is no evidence to suggest that this will make your dick any bigger, it stands to reason that anything that can cause infections or produce unwanted symptoms should be avoided. Infections can cause the foreskin to tighten reducing blood flow to your penis and making it shorter as a result.

Busting Those Myths?

And finally, we wanted to spare your old fella some pain by tackling those myths that promise to give you some extra inches only to prove completely ineffective and, in some cases, pretty dangerous. From hanging a breeze block from your love stick to expensive creams and supplements, we bring you the truth behind the following dick enhancement methods.


A fancy word for a practice known to date back to the ancient Arab world, the art of jelqing is all about stretching your penis using a specific massage technique. The method is also called ‘milking’ and sort of gives you an idea about what’s involved. According to Wiktionary, the technique involves placing:

‘the thumb and index finger are wrapped around the penis and repeatedly drawn away from the body in order to force blood into the glans and encourage vascularity

There are two variations of this technique; the first involves making an ‘O’ to stretch the shaft whilst the second (called the ‘pincher’) requires you to squeeze your thumb and index finger together from the base of your shaft to the head.

A Guide to Dick Enhancement jelqing
Jelqing….not dissimilar from milking. Image via Pixabay.

Sounds a lot like masturbating so does it work?

Well, there have been no clinical trials to categorically prove or disprove this technique and some people swear by a strict regime of jelqing to increase their penis size. The theory is that you can stretch the penile skin in a similar way to using a pump and give yourself some extra girth and /or length.

The advice from the experts is that you are more likely to cause harm by constantly tugging on your junk; damaged veins, arteries and nerves could all cause decreased sensitivity.

Penile Extenders

It sounds like quite an inoffensive technique for what seems excruciatingly painful.

A technique that involves placing the flaccid penis on a small extending frame or attaching a weight, the idea is simply to use traction to stretch the penis.

The myth? There is no clinical evidence that using weights attached to the end of your cock will make it bigger. Quite the opposite, this kind of trauma can cause damage to your penis and may result in scar tissue which will ultimately shorten the length of your dick.

On the other hand, traction devices have been medically shown to deliver some size gains, particularly in men who are quite small in size. It is recommended that treatments are supervised by a doctor but gains of 1-2 cm over six months are possible.

See more: the best penis extenders and stretchers.

Topical Aids

Just as there many varieties of pills and supplements available that lay claim to be able to increase the size of your dick, there are just as many lotions and creams which purport to offer the same guarantees.

The scientific and medical communities are unanimous in their condemnation of these treatments and maintain that they are ineffective. The only benefits of lotions, it would seem, is that you apply them with your hands; obviously, but this does give you regular contact with your penis and can aid blood flow and circulation as you massage these creams into your genitals.

Featured image via Pixabay.

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