Dancing Bear Review

Like your porn to feature CFNM?

Dancing Bear is a niche website that offers feature length footage of ‘genuine’ all-girl parties which are attended by a stripper dressed like a bear. Originally made popular by the Californian porn studio, Bang Bros, the Dancing Bear is an institution in the adult industry and offers guys a behind-the-scenes glimpse at just what goes on at these wild bachelorette and birthday parties. When the cat’s away…..the girls invite the bear.

In this review, we take a look at the Dancing Bear website and find out exactly what is on offer for your membership fee before we give you our opinion on whether it’s worth the cost.

What is Dancing Bear?

The concept of the Dancing Bear site is pretty simple; the Dancing Bear is a male stripper in a bear suit who attends all-female parties (think bachelorette gigs or sorority initiations). You’ve either seen or can guess what happens next…the ‘bear’ strips out of the costume (although sometimes keeping the head on) and offers himself around the (by now) drink group of women.

dancing bear CFNM review

The girls are often so far gone that they will happily perform oral sex on the stripper in front of the other party-goers (and cameras) and plenty more besides.

What you end up with is a room full of clothed women with one naked man…the ultimate in CFNM porn? That’s up to you to decide.

Operated by the FXGrade network the Dancing Bear site is hosted in Cyprus and is syndicating footage which was originally filmed by the Bang Bros studio.

What Can You Find on Dancing Bear?

What you get on Dancing Bear is wild women losing their inhibitions with sexy male strippers (dressed like a bear). The scenes are full length and start with a fully-costumed guy dancing on stage. With the cameras rolling, he strips down until he is fully naked offering his cock around the (by now) wild group of women to use and abuse as they like. It’s an unadulterated scene of female horniness and should make any guy whose partner goes to an all-girl party a little nervous.

There is plenty of blowjob and handjob action but many of the scenes end with at least one of the girls getting banged in front of her friends. There’s always one, isn’t there?

A combination of CFNM, voyeurism and group sex, the Dancing Bear site caters to a lot of kinks.

There are more than 110 videos on the site, most of which are filmed in HD and are available to stream or download in various formats (WMV and MP4). They are also compatible with mobile streaming and are DRM-free.

The average length of the videos is around 70 minutes but some of these extend to much longer and can be in excess of two hours in length. That’s more than 7000 minutes of footage to enjoy!

All of the videos are accompanied by a gallery of photos taken from the parties and these can be downloaded in .zip files.  The quality of the photos does vary but, given that some of these snaps have been taken by authentic amateurs, you can forgive them some blurry shots here and there! After all, there’s lots going on at a Dancing Bear party.

The site has quite a lot of taster footage that you can watch before you sign up which does give you a flavor of what’s in store.

dancing bear review

Who Uses Dancing Bear?

A niche site, we wouldn’t expect Dancing Bear to be topping the adult websites list but actually they don’t do pretty badly. With more than 400,000 monthly visitors, Dancing Bear is in the top 10,000 list. When you consider just how many porn sites there are out there, a kink site like this can be pretty pleased with itself for achieving that.

Most of the visitors (around one in five) come from the United States but the site is also popular in Spain, Brazil, United Kingdom and Germany. Interesting that the Latinas seem to enjoy this kind of porn.

What Does Dancing Bear Cost?

Access to the Dancing Bear website is via premium membership and subscription charges are currently priced as follows:

  • One Month Full Access – $29.95 per month
  • Three Months Full Access – $59.97 (or $19.99 per month)
  • Twelve Months Full Access – $119.40 (or $9.95 per month)

You can also get a one-day trial for the site at a cost of $1.00.

There is an optional sign-up when you join which gives you access to the VideosZ website for an additional cost of $40 per month. This isn’t a bad offer as the VideosZ site is widely acknowledged to be one of the largest porn libraries on the net with a collection of 22,727 DVDs, over 124,000 porn movies featuring 17,000+ pornstars.

Dancing Bear: We say…

If you have ever spent any time on the porn tube sites (who are we kidding?) then the concept of the Dancing Bear will surely not be new to you. Get a group of tipsy women together in one place. Add a stripper bear who dances, gets naked and shoves his cock in every mouth, hand or other hole going. Classic ingredients?!

review dancing bear cfnm porn site

It’s not entirely clear if these events are staged by the Bang Bros studio or if they are all genuine parties featuring some wild girls with a lack of inhibitions….or whether this is actually what you can expect when so many women get together in one space. If they are staged then the girls are very good actors and feign believable levels of shyness, surprise and shock as these strippers get their junk out and start thrusting it in their faces. Some are more open to the notion whilst others are clearly less willing to perform on camera.

The clips on the tube sites are not full length and therefore you don’t see how these scenes evolve. What is deeply satisfying is watching the stripper come back to a previously shy girl who has become giddy with the moment and then hungrily guzzles on his cock!

Some videos end with a group scene in which one of the girls has cast her inhibitions to one side (either fully or partially naked) and gets pounded by the bear. Sometimes you will also get some girl-on-girl action too.

The climax of the scenes (all puns intended) usually happens with a cum-in-face/mouth shot.

It’s a nice site that is not as regularly updated as you might like but with more than 7000 hours of footage to get through, there is plenty here to warrant a longer membership. At very least, for $1 it is certainly worth a trial membership to judge for yourself.

Price wise, the subscription charges aren’t onerous and compare well to other premium porn sites. At least with the BangBros name behind the content, the quality is assured.

So, for CFNM premium porn, Dancing Bear ticks a lot of boxes and, as long as you aren’t freaked out by 6’ teddies, it’s got plenty of the bare necessities.

All featured images via Dancing Bear.

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