Czech VR Review

Czech has become a word synonymous with innovative porn and the country is producing some of the most popular adult content available online. Czech VR is simply riding this wave with the virtual reality market with a site that has a comprehensive offering of fully immersive clips and an impressive style of filming that lends greater realism to the experience.

This European VR porn site has plenty of content to entertain subscribers but does it compare with  the big U.S. studios in terms of quality and price? We find out more in our review of Czech VR.

A History of Czech VR

Czech VR is part of the MentalPass network of sites with owned and operated by Czech company, Ales Tesar. The site was created in November 2015 and has steadily been growing in popularity as its content builds.

Over the last six months, the site has between 500,000 and 750,000 visits per month ranking it 155,472 in global traffic or 8,747 in the adult category.

Most of the sites traffic is from the US (20.16%) followed by Japan (13.10) and Germany (13.04%).

The company has built a name for itself around innovation and quality content and is steadily growing in popularity.

Czech VR: Overview

The Czech VR network currently has around 364 virtual reality videos available being split across its three main websites as follows:

  • Czech VR: 171 Videos
  • Czech VR Fetish: 95 Videos
  • Czech VR Casting: 98 Videos

You can stream of download free trailers for most of the videos available which is a nice feature and certainly one that differentiates Czech VR from some of its competitors.

New content is added weekly with the catalog available being one of the largest in the VR world. The current release schedule aims to add four new videos per week which is an ambitious target and one that places Czech VR ahead of the pack.

czech vr parody porn

Parody porn is always popular and Czech VR has some good scenes.

Working mainly with European porn stars, the content produced for Czech VR is exclusive and quite varied. All of the videos are tagged with keywords and members can search for clips that suit what they want to watch. Popular search terms with the highest number of videos are:

  • Creampie
  • Big Breasts
  • Blowjob
  • Lesbians
  • Anal

There are some parody clips available as well as cosplay including a great scene with two horny flight attendants and a fantasy piece with Princess Leia.


All of the videos uploaded to Czech VR are viewable on the major devices including Oculus, Vive, Gear, PlayStation and both Android and iOS smartphones. The site has comprehensive help files designed to work alongside the model you are using to access their content. Members can also access technical support.

The videos available are filmed in a mixture of formats but most are in 180-degree stereoscopic 3D with binaural sound.

Czech VR are constantly experimenting with new ways to film virtual reality content and their library contains a range of different techniques. The static cam and moving cam are two well-tried methods but you can also find some which are shot with body mounted cams,

vr tech devices czech vr porn

Content is compatible with almost every brand of headset you can think of.

Some of the scenes filmed with a stationary camera have quite slow panning which has been known to trigger motion sickness in some viewers but is very effective if you can tolerate this type of effect. Most viewers wouldn’t notice what kind of rigs are being used during scenes as the success of any filming is in how seamless the results are. However, take it from the tech bods that know, the development of the filming techniques is very advanced.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and you only have to watch one of their latest videos to feel just how immersive the scenes are. However, download speeds could do with some improvement.

Czech VR: Costs of Membership

You can get access to Czech by paying for a 30, 90 or 180 day membership with rates being charged as follows:

  • 30 Day Access: $24.95 – set up as a recurring charge
  • 90 Day Access: $49.95 – set up as a recurring charge
  • 180 Day Access: $84.95 – One off charge

Membership can be cancelled at any time and payment can be made via secure online credit card processing as well as via PayPal, Ukash or PaySafe cards.

Czech VR: Bonus Content

Signing up to the Czech VR site also gives members access to the MentalPass network of sites which incorporates:

  • Czech GFS
  • CZasting
  • Amateur Sex Teens
  • Lesbian Pickups
  • Gyno Violations
  • Bitch Stop
  • Czech VR Fetish
  • Czech VR Casting

The total number of videos available across all of the sites is relatively small compared to other networks charging a similar fee but does extend to almost 850 good quality movies.

Mental Pass Network bonus content czech vr

Czech VR is one of a few studios that offers traditional porn as bonus content with the Mental Pass Network of sites.

Czech VR: Our Verdict

The Czech VR site has a great range of video clips that have been created and collated to try and broaden their appeal to as many mainstream porn viewers as possible.

Their large library of content certainly warrants the competitive subscription fees but is also sweetened by the additional access to other sites.

What is impressive about Czech VR is the attention to detail and the quality of the content as a whole. Not only are the technical aspects on point but the casting, performances and scenarios are all more than just thrown together around hardcore sex.

For a professional studio, the results are remarkably authentic and, combined with the cutting edge technology, very realistic. That said, language can sometimes be an issue with English not being the mother tongue for some of the actors but this can add to the appeal.

european virtual reality porn

If you fancy a change from all-American porn then Czech VR has some quintessential European porn.

Which brings us on to the big difference with the videos you can view on Czech VR; the fact that the girls are European and mostly not big name studio girls,

Sure, you can find porn stars on the site who are working extensively for amateur and studio sites but you will also find some new faces. This brings a fresh appeal that adds variety to your VR viewing options.

Featured image via Facebook Page.

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