Cute Little Fuckers: Rise of the Gender Inclusive Sex Toy

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Looking for a sex toy that doesn’t conform to the shape of a ‘realistic’ phallus?

There’s a pretty obvious reason why traditional sex toys have a phallic shape; in terms of where they are being used and inserted, it would be pretty nonsensical for them to be designed like a cube, pyramid or spiral. However, there is no reason why the vast majority of dildos, vibrators and strap-ons have to look ‘realistic’. Sure, there are plenty of people who prefer their sex toys to look like the real deal and the market is stacked with love toys that include details like veins, glans and balls. Some even have an outer foreskin to emulate an uncircumcised penis and you can even get dildos that can squirt a liquid by squeezing an external bulb to simulate cum.

But not everyone who enjoys penetrative sex actually wants their toys to look so much like male genitalia. Whether this is because they are queer, intersex, trans, binary or simply don’t like the look and feel of a cock, there is also a market for sex toys that are a little less penis-centric.

Enter the innovative, unique and fun designs of the brand-new sex toy to hit the market, Cute Little Fuckers. In this feature, we take a look at a company that aims to offer an alternative to the typical ‘flesh-colored’ sex toys that look like cocks. Their fresh range of sex toy ‘monsters’ are unusual in style but offer just as much fun as the designs they are competing against.

What Is a Gender Inclusive Sex Toy?

Designed to offer a more creative option for use during sex and masturbation, a gender inclusive sex toy is a device or product that is not based on the genitals of a binary male or female. Instead, they are created to look completely innocuous; most people wouldn’t know that one of these devices was in fact a sex toy.

The industry in general is very divisive when it comes to the design and marketing used in its products. From the packaging and language used to the shape, color and texture, the majority of vibrators and dildos are still sold as ‘cock-shaped’, ‘flesh-colored’ and ‘realistic-looking’ and are targeted at straight women or gay men.

However, a growing number of manufacturers, retailers and entrepreneurial designers are shaking up this approach and catering for those people who don’t subscribe to the traditional ‘norms’ of gender and sexuality. Yes, for every heterosexual man or woman out there looking for sex toys, there are a growing number of people who identify as gay, bi, trans, queer, intersex, non-binary, have body dysmorphia and/or who refuse to use labels at all.

As a result, more and more sex toy products are available in abstract shapes, non-traditional colors and marketed using gender-neutral terminology and images.

cute little fuckers

One entrepreneur who is pushing the boundaries of design is Step Tranovitch, the driving force behind Cute Little Fuckers. A gender-fluid, sex-positive and queer activist, Tranovitch wanted to create a line of pleasure products that were gender inclusive and playful.

Founder of the San Francisco based social activist community group Loud & Queer, Tranovitch is a disabled, transgender entrepeneur who has spotted a gap in the market and is grabbing headlines with his innovative range of sex toys.

Cute Little Fuckers: The Sex Toys

At the time of our review there are just three Cute Little Fucker sex toys that have been funded on the Kickstarter platform; Princette Puppypus, Galh and Trinity (see below).

Each of these toys has been designed and created using a home-manufacturing process using 100% medical grade silicone for a soft feel. At present, the designs are in the prototype stages with full scale production planned to be complete by February 2020.

The project is being funded on Kickstarter (see below) so until the goals have been reached and pledges made, the launch of this exciting new line of sex toys is a few months off yet.

The toys are USB rechargeable and power a strong, whisper-quiet vibrator that has five speed settings. Easy to clean, fully waterproof and complete with a draw-string storage pouch, the Cute Little Fuckers each have their own unique and unusual shapes to help make self and mutual sexual discovery that bit more adventurous and fun.

All three designs are based around a concept of monster characters each of whose designs are as far from the traditional dildo/vibrator as it’s possible to imagine. You could quite easily leave one of these sex toys on your countertop, desk or kitchen cabinet and no-one would guess what it was.

Princette Puppypus

cute little fuckers princette puppypus

Available in a wide selection of colors, the Princette Puppypus is similar in design to some kind of alien octopus. Each of the legs vibrates independently with a head that has some interesting curves and grooves.

It’s obviously a versatile little toy and could be used as a vibrating butt plug or simply with an open hand for manual stimulation.


cute little fuckers galh

According to the designer, Galh is ‘like a Swiss Army knife of vibrators’ and from the images you can see exactly why. With little protrusions across its head all offering interesting vibrating nodules, Galh looks like it could be a lot of fun to play with.

The head/torso is flared for an easy-grip and is a solid toy for external use and some interesting insertions possibilities.


cute little fuckers trinity

Looking for all the world like a cactus that you might find in Death Valley, Trinity is more perfectly designed for insertion and is long and thin to reach the deepest caves that you want to explore it with.

With a flared base this means you can use Trinity for safe butt play and also with a strap-on harness.

It’s not clear if this design will be available in any other colors but blue and green.


cute little fuckers starsi

A brand new design that will be launched when the next Stretch Target is achieved on Kickstarter, Starsi looks like it will be based on a starfish design and could offer an interesting handheld alternative to external ‘butterfly’ style panty vibrators.

The Kickstarter Project: Cute Little Fuckers

The whole project to bring the Cute Little Fuckers from concept to reality has been achieved through a pretty successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

The platform is notoriously conservative when it comes to allowing sex-tech companies to use its services but Tranovitch was able to persuade Kickstarter to get behind this project.

A big part of overcoming this hurdle was the innovative nature of these designs and their inclusivity. Apparently, there were many individuals at Kickstarter who were enthusiastic about the campaign and, in the end, approval wasn’t hard to achieve given the queer-positive goals.

Within the first twelve hours of the company’s launch on the platform, their first target was achieved and the first sex toy (Princette Puppypus) was able to go into production.

So far, three toys have been brought from the page to prototype and just one more character is waiting to make a debut in its fully-functional 3D silicone form.

gender inclusive sex toys cute little fuckers

Play-test toys have been produced but full-scale production hasn’t yet commenced meaning that customers who want to buy the end product will have to wait until February 2020 to take delivery.

However, there are still ways to get on board with this campaign and your pledge could help bring the last of the Cute Little Fuckers to market and even get yourself a little reward in return.

Pledges of $25 or more will get you a sticker pack and booklet a pledge of $200 will secure you a poly pack of three of these sex toys on their global release next year.

Big spenders can pledge $3,000 to purchase a custom made monster toy based on a design that can be created with full collaboration.

And, if you just want to help support the project then the Kickstarter page will let you make a donation without any reward.

Cute Little Fuckers: The Web Comic

The creatures on which these playful sex toys have been designed are the brainchild of Step Tranovitch who has also launched a web comic featuring all of the characters. A sci-fi genre collaboration between Step and a Taiwanese illustrator, the stories explore all manner of queer, polyamorous and gender inclusive topics from compersion and metamores to using better pronouns and gender stereotyping in the sex toy industry.

cute little fuckers web comic

Quirky, thought-provoking and fun, you can catch up on the adventures of Princette Puppypus, Starsi, Trinity and Galh via the Cute Little Fuckers archives. Episodes are available in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

Cute Little Fuckers: How To Buy

All of the three sex toys listed above are available to purchase via Kickstarter at a price of $80.00 which will get you any one of the above designs when they fully launch in February 2020. The fourth toy, Starsi, will (hopefully) become available before the launch date.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of these gender inclusive sex toys then there are a limited number of play-test production vibrators available for $120 each. Delivery of these units can be made in November/December 2019.

For more information on the Cute Little Fuckers range of gender inclusive sex toys or to make a pledge for an early order, you can check out more information on the project via the official website or via Kickstarter.

All featured images via Cute Litte Fuckers.


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