Coronavirus and Sex Parties: The Orgy Is Over… For Now

Catching an STI at a sex party is the least of your worries at the moment!

With mandatory social distancing measures now in place across much of Europe and North America and with other countries sure to follow suit, the current situation means that parties at most sex clubs are off the table. The move to temporarily suspend orgies, gangbangs and swingers’ meetings will come as no surprise to most people as the worldwide epidemic of COVID-19 threatens to bring most social activities to a halt.

In this feature, we take a quick look at the impact the coronavirus is having on swingers’ clubs, sex parties and organised orgies across the globe. We’ll also look at those clubs who have (so far) refused to close their doors and the online options being mooted as alternatives to sex parties until the coast is clear.

Cancelled! The Events Being Affected by the Coronavirus

The scale of the epidemic is unprecedented in the modern age and is having a huge impact on all areas of life. From the mandatory closure of bars, clubs, casinos and restaurants to cancellations of large events, COVID-19 is fast becoming the biggest party-pooper the world has ever seen.

In North America, the NBA has suspended its entire season, the English Premier League is postponed and the golf Masters is also cancelled. It looks increasingly likely that Japan, if it proceeds, will host the Olympics with no spectators. The WWE, however, has confirmed that the WrestleMania 36 will go ahead albeit without fans.

Right across the world, concerts, theater productions and other entertainment events are also off the table….including sex parties.

sex parties cancelled coronavirus
Sex parties around the world are being cancelled in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Image via Czech Gangbang.

Coronavirus & Sex Parties

The official advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) is clear; we should be avoiding touching our own eyes, nose and mouth (let alone other peoples!) and be maintaining social distancing measures. This includes staying at least 1m (3 feet) away from anyone who shows clear signs of having the disease.

Citizens in most countries across the world are being encouraged to self-isolate, limit their social activities and avoid large gatherings.

Sex parties cover a wide range of meetings and venue types from swingers’ clubs attended by a few dozen regular people from the local district through to dedicated nightclubs that can attract a few hundred liberal-minded party goers from the wider area. This means a whole lot of contact with a lot people and the potential to spread this disease far and wide.

So, given the circumstances, are sex parties actually being run?

In parts of Europe, mandatory closures of social clubs and entertainment venues means that few sex party organizers have any choice in the matter. Sex clubs in Spain, Italy and France, for example, have all been forced to close their doors. For these regions, the decision has been taken in response to the accelerating risk of infection and the rising demands on their respective national health services.

In the United States, the exclusive and private members-only Sanctum Club (SNCTM) in Los Angeles and NYC had reportedly told the media that they planned to forge on with their meetings but have since decided to postpone them.

snctm sex parties cancelled coronavirus
Sex parties at the exclusive club SNCTM have now been cancelled. Images via SNCTM.

The group is a high-profile one that also hosts parties in Kiev, Moscow and Miami with previous guests (supposedly) including Gwyneth Paltrow and Bill Maher.

So, are sex parties safe to attend in the current climate?

Coronavirus & Sex

Whilst the coronavirus is not a sexually transmitted disease and the exact method of communicating the illness is not yet known, the current scientific evidence confirms that being in close proximity with an infected person places you at risk of catching the virus.

Contaminated hands remain the probable highest risk of transmission but the longer you stay in contact with someone who is infected then the greater your chances of getting the disease.

So, whilst sex itself is not the method of transmitting COVID-19, you can certainly catch it by being close to someone who has it and this risk is higher the more time you are exposed to them.

safe sex coronavirus
Condoms can help prevent the spread of lots of diseases but are not effective at preventing the transmission of COVID-19. Image via Pixabay.

And, as with any social gatherings, this chance is increased the more people who are attending any event. So, sex parties seem like an ideal transmission zone for the coronavirus.

It therefore seems likely that more sex parties (and other social interactions) will be cancelled over the coming months.

In these peculiar times, as self-isolation becomes more likely, it is likely that more and more people who are looking for sexual pleasure will turn to online alternatives as a stop-gap measure. You can find out more about a few options available for adult boredom busting in our recent features:

Clubs Pushing Ahead With Sex Parties

Not all swingers’ clubs and sex party organizers are fearful of contracting the coronavirus and there are reports that several groups will continue to host their scheduled meetings despite official advice (and, in some cases, emergency legislation) to the contrary.

Sex-swappers in the UK have vowed to ‘go down swinging’ in the face of the virus with clubs right across the country reportedly staying open for business. This includes a popular club in the Scottish city of Glasgow, CJs.

Most are taking active precautions with additional measures to limit the chance of infection. This includes restricting the numbers of guests, increasing the number of hand-sanitizers on site and screening guests on arrival. The general consensus in Britain’s swinging community appears to be summed up by one comment on the popular Fabswingers site:

“We are probably all gonna catch it at some point anyway. Might as well have fun doing so.”

In Ireland, party goers are being asked to reconsider hosting sex parties with a recent article in the Irish Times calling for common sense:

“If you are living in a coronavirus-affected region, and thinking of planning a sex party: don’t. Short of putting all the orgy-goers in full hazmat suits – which, you imagine, would dampen the mood – it is impossible to prevent unknowingly spreading coronavirus…”

Coronavirus and orgies
Safe sex? Could a hazmat suit be the answer to getting coronavirus at an orgy? Image via Flickr.

Private Sex Parties

Of course, the closures of sex clubs doesn’t prevent private parties from being held but there are some countries that have introduced restrictive measures on travel meaning that unless you have a valid reason for being out of your home then you can face a huge fine. This response was introduced in France as a means to halt the spread of the virus and may be introduced in other parts of the world as we enter a ‘lockdown’ phase.

There is no doubt that hosting or attending a sex party places you, and others, at a greater risk of catching this disease but, for now, many citizens will be left to make this decision alone.

The Impact of The Coronavirus on the Sex Industry

The closure of sex clubs and other businesses that operate within the adult industry will of course have a huge impact, the scale of which will be unknown until this crisis has reached its peak. Just like other commercial operations around the world, the sex industry will suffer financially as a result of the bans being put in place to protect the public. From licensed and legal brothels to massage parlors, libertine clubs and saunas there will be many sex workers whose livelihoods will be in jeopardy.

Even the porn industry will feel the impact of the spread of COVID-19 with annual expos, events and regular filming schedules all being cancelled. There is some potentially good news on the horizon though as online porn sales are expected to rise in response to increased demand as more and more people retreat into self-isolation.

who benefits from coronavirus
Adult websites like Pornhub will likely see increased traffic as more and more of us are forced to spend time at home. Image via Flickr.

A sector that is worth hundreds of billions of dollars globally, unlike industries like aviation, hospitality and healthcare the sex and adult industry will be unlikely to be able to access any support from government, potentially leaving millions of people without an income.

Advice on Preventing Infection from, and the Transmission of, COVID-19

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is keeping their advice up to date with the latest scientific evidence on how to stay safe during this epidemic. You can find the most recent information on protective measures via the WHO website but the current status (17th March 2020) recommends that you:

  • Wash Your Hands Frequently
  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Avoid Touching Eyes, Nose and Mouth
  • Practice Respiratory Hygiene
  • Stay Informed
advice Coronavirus and orgies
The primary advice from the medical authorities remains to stay sanitized by washing your hands thoroughly and regularly. Image via Flickr.

If you are feeling unwell, the advice is to stay at home and isolate yourself from the public. If your symptoms worsen and you have difficulty breathing then you should contact your local healthcare provider. All nations have slightly different and specific advice for their citizens including varying levels of restrictions on movement so do check the Government guidelines for your country.

Featured image via YouPorn/Pixabay.