Clips4Sale Review: The Best Amateur Fetish Videos?

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Looking for an alternative to the premium porn sites where fetish content isn’t just the same old, studio style?

Clips4Sale is a site where independent porn producers and amateurs can upload their own content, set a price and sell videos to the general public.

Sort of like a Pornhub – but where you pay to see those clips that match your niche best – the site caters well to the fetish markets. With everything from adult diapers and looning to BDSM and smoking, there is pretty much no (legal) kink that isn’t catered to.

While Clips4Sale is one of the oldest sites for buying and selling amateur videos, it doesn’t have the sleek platform and dynamic interaction that is familiar on modern alternatives like ManyVids or OnlyFans. What it lacks in polish, it makes up for in an abundance of fetish amateur videos.

In this Clips4Sale review, we take a closer look at the site that reports itself to be ‘The #1 Downloadable clip site on the web’ and let you know what we think of the content library.

What is Clips4Sale?

Clips4Sale Review

A downloadable clip site featuring adult videos submitted by members, Clips4Sale is one of the oldest and biggest sites of its kind in the world.

Clips4Sale has been running for over 15 years and offers a marketplace for small and/or independent studios and producers to monetize their adult content. Amateurs and individuals can also upload their clips for sale.

They are well known in the adult industry and have been recognized with awards from AVN, XBiz, Venus and even the Free Speech Coalition. They’ve also featured at the annual Fetish Con.

The site has almost 7 million videos to browse from with prices ranging from under a dollar to over $100 per clip.

But, why pay for porn when the tube sites let you have it for free?

Ah, well here we come to the crux of why Clips4Sale has been successful even with the proliferation of free porn; niche fetish content.

Yes, here at Clips4Sale, you can find all manner of the more unusual (but legal) kinds of kinky videos. From ‘Female Desperation’ to ‘Female Domination’, ‘Adult Diaper’ to ‘BDSM’, the content available is geared more towards a fetish audience.

clips4sale amateur fetish human furniture
Extensive and diverse, you can find most fetishes catered to here. More than 97k clips are tagged with ‘human furniture’.

The site does some good trade but they are also part of a larger network which offers other opportunities for making money from your porn content, including:

  • Images4Sale – The same format as the Clips4Sale site but just with photos instead of videos.
  • DVD Store – A place to sell and distribute hard copy formats of your video clips including VHS and DVD. You look after shipping but Videos4Sale takes care of promotion, marketing and sales.

Best Content on Clips 4 Sale

clips4sale amateur fetish porn review

So, what can you expect to find on Clips4Sale? Is it all just amateur-quality porn or can you find some high-quality content here?

The answer to these questions are, no – not all of the content is amateur with some independent adult film producers and small studios also selling clips and yes – you can certainly find some very high-quality material for sale. With around 3.7 million clips filmed in HD and 33,000+ available in 4K resolution, this is not grainy action shot on a cheap webcam.

But, what kinds of fetishes are covered on Clips4Sale?

You name it, literally, and you will find some porn on this site for sale.

Organised into almost 1500 categories, you can purchase clips on anything from amputees to yawning, vore porn to sploshing, medical resus to JOI games, jumping and jiggling. There really is something for pretty much every (legal) fetish going.

clips4sale amateur fetish content
From A to Z, the content here is diverse.

Clips4Sale is a happy hunting ground for all kinds of kinksters who may have trouble finding adult content to suit their fetishes elsewhere. Yes, you have to pay for it but with most material being under $10, you should get your itch scratched here.

However, there are some exceptions to this with a full list of exclusions and banned content available to view on the site. This includes scat, fisting, golden showers and asphyxiation. They also have a rule that hardcore bondage where the sub has all four limbs bound must not be seen taking part in any sexual activity in any way.

Though the range of kinks being catered for on this site is wide, the most popular fetish videos for sale are currently trending as follows:

  • Trampling
  • Ebony
  • Face Sitting
  • Gay
  • Ballbusting
  • Foot Worship
  • Female Domination
  • Foot Fetish
  • Taboo
  • Masturbation Instruction
  • Superheroines
  • Blow Jobs
  • MILF
  • Tickling
  • Handjobs
  • Bondage
  • Footjobs
  • Mixed Wrestling
clips4sale amateur fetish lollipop lickers
Like Lollipop Lickers? There are over 6.4k clips with each studio having its own page.

A Large Library of Amateur Fetish Clips

In total, there are 6,957,690 video clips available to buy on Clips4Sale with a mix of SD, HD and 4K covering all standard formats (.wav, .mp4, .mov etc.).

Most clips (3.2 million, or 47%) run to a length of between five and ten minutes with the remainder being split as follows:

  • Under five minutes – 1.34 million clips (19%)
  • Ten to fifteen minutes – 1.28 million clips (18%)
  • Fifteen to thirty minutes – 850k clips (12%)
  • Over thirty minutes – 234k clips (4%)

How Much Are the Videos on Clips4Sale?

The prices of the content available on Clips4Sale varies a lot depending on the quality, length and niche being marketed to plus whether or not the ‘stars’ of the videos have a big following.

Even though some of the content producers here are amateurs, that doesn’t mean to say that they can’t command some good prices for their output, particularly when it comes to in-demand fetish content.

clips4sale amateur fetish porn superheroines

The vast majority of videos are priced at under $10 and this accounts for more than 4.6 million clips, or around 66% of the total site content.  This includes plenty of videos that are just $0.99 each. Why so cheap? Simple economics.

If you price your content at $10 and sell a hundred downloads then you make a thousand bucks but if you price it at $0.99, you’re more likely to sell a ton more.

Pile it high, sell it cheap!

Of course, some of the cheap clips are just trailers for premium content, are just very short or have been reduced in price because the clips aren’t that great.

A further 30% of videos (2.1 million) are priced at between $10 and $25 with the remaining 4% being premium:

  • 147k videos priced between $25 and $50
  • 5k videos priced between $50 and $100
  • 8k videos priced at over $100

It won’t surprise you to learn that some of the clips in this upper price bracket are centered around the ‘Financial Domination’ fetish. Makes sense!

How Much Can You Earn on Clips4Sale?

In total, there are more than 27,000 ‘studios’ creating content for Clips4Sale.

Some have a massive collection available to purchase from whilst others only sell a handful of videos. They compete in regular monthly contests on the site to win the title of ‘Best Studio’ and can earn more if they sell more clips.

Opening a studio yourself and contributing homemade porn to the site is totally free and you can start earning in less than ten minutes by registering an account and uploading your first videos. Clips4Sale obviously take a commission on top of the retail price but you get to set the rates so you are in full control of your earnings.

You get paid monthly based on your royalties with a minimum threshold of $50 before payout (U.S. and U.S. Territories), $100 in Canada and $150 internationally.

Commission rates are 40% so you get to keep 60% of every sale you make.

In addition, you can also earn money from tips, tributes and donations paid by your adoring fans. Again, Clips4Sale takes a commission from this but you keep 80% of any money paid to you in this way.

All clips must be yours to sell and not feature anything that is illegal or banned on the sites exclusion list (so, snuff movies, animals, minors, non-consensual, scat, asphyxiation etc). You will also need to provide proof of your ID and a W9 tax form (U.S. citizens) or current utility bill (international studios) to confirm your address.

The company provides plenty of tutorials to assist you in getting your studio set up and how to make sure your content reaches the widest audience. They are worth checking out and very informative about how to boost your earnings.

Clips4Sale Review: A Thriving Market For Amateur Videos

The concept behind this site is very simple and works well to cater for an audience that sometimes struggles to find content elsewhere on the net.

Let’s face it, fetish content is either tied up to one or two mainstream studios that require you to sign up for premium sites to view or is being produced by amateurs for free; this doesn’t always guarantee the best quality.

clips4sale amateur fetish porn bbw monster

And the value here is pretty good. Yes, you might be paying a dollar or so for most of the clips but compared to a premium porn site that charges $30+ per month for subscription that sometimes only offers a handful of the kinds of clips you are looking for, this could offer better bang for your buck.

Obviously, some of the content is premium in itself but given the very specific fetishes being catered to here, the extra cost may just be worth paying.

As for the range of what is available, this is excellent and provides a rich smorgasbord of things you may not even know you are turned on by yet. We were pretty blown away by the choice in some categories and even more so by those really niche areas.

Since they’ve updated their search feature, it’s now really easy to look for clips and each video has a thumbnail. Previously, clips were listed by title meaning you had to click on a link to get a preview. This change ironed out one of the biggest bug bears we had with Clips4Sale so now there is very little to moan about.

clips4sale amateur fetish porn religious

For those people looking to earn some money from their adult content, the site also offers a great opportunity to reach a huge audience to sell your clips to.

Overall, Clips4Sale is certainly one of, if not, the largest downloadable clip sites in the world and definitely one of the best for fetish content. We’re happy to give it a double thumbs up and hope it continues providing great kink clips for another 15 years or more.

All featured images via Clips4Sale.


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