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“Your pleasure awaits! Enjoy unlimited access to movies & audios and learn more about your sexuality…”

If we had a dollar for every new adult streaming platform to hit the market over the last few years, we’d be very rich indeed!

Videos on-demand have been the future of adult entertainment for ages so forgive us if we were less than excited about another erotic streaming platform.

Yet, this latest launch of a site called Cheex reveals that there is still innovation to be explored in this market. And, after spending quite some time reviewing the site we’ve come to the conclusion that Cheex isn’t your average adult VOD site.

Want to know why?

In this Cheex review, we give you all the reasons why Cheex is different to other erotic streaming platforms, plus our opinion on whether becoming a premium member is worth your hard-earned cash.

Erotic Adult Movies & Audio on Cheex

Launched in Germany in 2020 and available in both English and German, Cheex is an on-demand premium porn site.

What makes it different to the competition?

Okay, first off, Cheex refers to itself as a Sexual Wellness Platform rather than just a XXX VOD or streaming service. The reason for this?

Well, along with offering adult movies on demand they also provide members with a curated library of audio stories and educational articles.

With the focus being on sex-positivity and eroticism over hardcore pornography, Cheex is an alternative to sites like AEBN, Adult Empire, Hot Movies and Adult Time.

Cheex erotic streaming

Ethical Content

One of the main selling points of a subscription for Cheex is that all of the content has carefully been selected from producers who make ethically produced porn.

This means that the performers are all paid fairly and the studios comply with strict criteria on working conditions and consent.

Content produced this way tries to celebrate sex in a diverse and positive way. This doesn’t equate to a lower quality of porn or make for solely softcore content. The result is just closer to what you would expect to find in reality or the actual fantasies of men and women.

In fact, Cheex sells itself as a female-friendly space where the porn is fun, consensual and erotic but this doesn’t mean that the content is for women only. Far from it, the site offers lots of sexy viewing and listening options for everyone including heterosexual and homosexual, men, women and non-binary folk.

Sophisticated Brand

From the moment you hit up the Cheex platform you’ll immediately notice how it differs from other porn streaming sites.

What you don’t get is dozens of thumbnails from porn movies showing close ups of creampie or DP action. Instead, what you get is a stylish and elegant portal with discreet (but erotic) images.

On looks alone, if Cheex were a magazine it would happily be mid-shelf sitting next to Cosmopolitan and Vogue and definitely not top-shelf material.

Subtly, yet erotically, designed, the site has an instant appeal for female audiences but guys shouldn’t be put off. Though eroticism is at the heart of this brand, the content is deeply satisfying.

cheex review

Ad-Free Platform

Cheex is, and always will be, free from any annoying pop-ups, ads and redirects so you can enjoy seamless viewing.

It also means that you won’t see any banners advertising hook-up sites or hot MILF action in your area. Great news if you get caught browsing unawares!

Regular Updates

Though the site was only launched in June 2020 and has a limited amount of content, the platform is regularly updated to include new releases.

Cheex: The Podcast

The team behind Cheex also broadcasts its own podcast (in German) exploring sexuality, the sex industry and other aspects of sexual wellness including fantasies, stimulation and ethical pornography.

Eroscope: Sexual Zodiac

A neat little feature on the Cheex platform is their sexual horoscope and kinky forecast, or Eroscope. The team have put together their predictions for each sign of the Zodiac offering up some interesting and novel ways to make the year more sexually exciting.

What Kind of Porn Do You Get on Cheex?

“Exploring sexual desires free from shame and taboo…”

So, what about the meat of this site? What do you actually get for your money?

erotic streaming platform cheex

Erotic Movies

The core offering here is a video on demand service with content being categorized into around a dozen genres, including:

  • Couples
  • Masturbation
  • Softcore
  • Group Sex
  • Lesbian
  • Anal
  • Gay
  • Amateur
  • Classic

Each category has around 30 videos to enjoy and, with run times averaging at around 25 minutes, this gives you almost 150 hours of porn to watch.

That might not seem like a huge amount for a premium porn site but this is content that is designed to be enjoyed, in full and, at your leisure.

Within the main genres there is a lot of diversity and you can find more educational, tutorial-style, videos alongside fantasy or fetish films but what they all have in common is that they are all realistic. This is porn that you can actually imagine yourself taking part in!

That doesn’t mean to say that kinks have been ignored but what you won’t get with Cheex is extreme content.

cheex vod review

Another defining characteristic of the videos on Cheex is that most of them (tutorials aside) have a plot and not of the kind that you normally see in mainstream porn. Instead of far-fetched seduction scenarios with random copier guys, the plots are more believable, the performers more realistic and the sex more achievable.

Despite what you might think, this doesn’t mean you are watching overweight amateurs indulging in missionary sex.

Quite the opposite.

Instead, what you get with Cheex, is superbly shot, well written and erotic scenes played out by performers who can create sexually charged drama that you can savor.

And the best part is that you can totally imagine it all happening in real life. It’s sort of like super-professional amateur porn, similar to True Amateurs but with a greater focus on eroticism.

Erotic Audio

Of course, one of the main selling points of Cheex is that it also caters to those adult fans who want to listen to sexy content as well as to watch it.

Which is why you can also find audio content on the platform.

erotic audio streaming platform

Very much recorded with sensuality at the forefront, this mix of sexy stories, fantasies and erotic ‘confessionals’ are a sultry way to unwind if you fancy a change.

For us, the beauty of audio content over movies is that you can listen to these anywhere, anytime.

All around 10-15 minutes long, these short stories are narrated by a mix of men and women chosen for their sensual voices.

There’s already a large library to choose from and you can get a real mix of genres from fantasy and fetish to romantic and erotic.

Sexual Wellness & Education

Answering the questions that ‘no-one dares to ask’, Cheex offers up a regular blog including articles, interviews and advice on everything sensual and sexual.

Recent topics of articles published on the platform include things like:

  • Does masturbation impact the way you have sex?
  • Myths & Truths about sexual pleasure
  • The Sex School teaches BDSM
  • Falling In Love With a Client – Real life confessions from a sex worker
  • Blowjob 101: How to let it become a mind-blowing experience
  • Pussy pleasure – How to lick it right

Short, punchy and (often) written by professionals and performers from within the adult industry, the articles on Cheex are pretty useful.

How Much Does Cheex Cost?

A European site, membership to Cheex is billed in Euros at a cost of €8.90 per month.

This gives you unlimited access to all audio, movies and educational content on the site.

New customers get access to a free seven-day trial so you can check out what is on offer before you commit to buy.

Payment can be made via PayPal, gift or credit card.

Cheex Review: Progressive Alternative to Adult VOD?

Maybe you are growing tired of the same old content on premium porn sites that you can watch the best bits of for free on tube sites. Or maybe you are looking for adult content which gives you more than a five-minute flesh-filled fap fest.

Perhaps you worry about the ethics of watching porn at all?

Whatever the reasons we certainly couldn’t put you off trying out Cheex as an alternative.

Ethical, or feminist, porn is just as hot to watch as any other kind of pornography and we’d be lying if we said it was softcore or boring. Far from it.

review of cheex streaming porn

The videos you can watch on Cheex are highly sensual and, in some ways, more likely to get you in the mood than watching mainstream hardcore content.

Without denigrating the fine work of any top studios or porn tube sites, Cheex offers an intelligent and sophisticated way to enjoy watching adult content.

You could say that whilst sites like Pornhub and xHamster are the fast-food restaurants of porn, Cheex is a fine-dining experience.

Don’t get us wrong, there is a time and a place for tube sites but when you have the time on your hands to really savor the porn you are watching then Cheex is definitely a treat for your shortlist.

At under €10 (or around $11), the cost to subscribe to this service is well worth it in our opinion and with a seven-day free trial to check it out before you commit, you won’t get many better bargains than this.

Sign up here to get started on the platform.

All featured images via Cheex.


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