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Want to take control of your partner’s chastity… remotely?

Say hello to Cellmate Chastity.

Sex toys are always pushing the boundaries of innovation and remote technology is being used in plenty of pleasure devices. From panty vibrators and cock rings to love eggs and dildos, you can use wireless devices to give your partner a thrill at a distance just by using your smartphone.

But what about a cock cage that you can lock and unlock from the other side of the world?

In this Cellmate Chastity review, we take a closer look at this latest development in remote chastity control technology.

What is the Cellmate Chastity Cage?

Chastity cages are intended for use to keep men from getting a full-erection and/or from using their dicks.

A popular device in the BDSM scene and used by female Dominas and male Doms to control the sexual pleasure of their submissives, you can find plenty of variety in the types of chastity cage available on the market.

Worn over the genitals and usually locked into place using a key (or numbered tag), cages are the ultimate in control and dominance.

Cellmate chastity review

The Cellmate Chastity Cage however is one of just a few high-tech male orgasm control devices of this kind that can be locked and unlocked using a remote app.

This means that one partner can retain dominant control over their sub from a distance.

Why an app and not a traditional lock and key?

The primary reason is, of course, that you can unlock the cage without having to be in the same room.

This means that a Dom could leave their partner locked up all day whilst they head out and delay the reward of release until an unexpected later point.

Some BDSM couples actively use distance chastity as part of their power play and, until now, have had to ship keys or swap locks in order to facilitate the practice.

Secondly, an app offers some technical reassurances that keys and locks don’t:

  • Keys can sometimes get lost and, we don’t know about you, using bolt-cutters in that region can be pretty hairy.
  • In an emergency, with no access to a key, it is far easier to get released using the app.
  • Padlocks can become stiff with wear and become difficult to open; not ideal for a Dom who wants to be in control if they have to fiddle with an awkward lock.
  • Locks can also become faulty for other reasons and having to replace them regularly with high-quality ones can become expensive over time.

Lastly, because you don’t have to be in the room with the device to be able to unlock it, the ‘gift’ of release can be delivered unexpectedly.

Cellmate Chastity Cage review

Using the Cellmate Chastity Cage

The cage itself is pretty simple to set-up and all you need to do is to order one and download the app. When your shipment arrives, it will have a pin locked into place which can only be unlocked using the app.

You need to be in the same room as the device to get started and connect the two using Bluetooth by pressing the button on the cage. Once connected, the light on the cage will glow and you can then set-up the app itself.

Cellmate allows you to set up each user and determine who has keyholder privileges. The app also informs the Dom when the cage is in use and whether it is locked or not and, due to the addition of geo-location data, exactly where the sub is at any time!

Unlocking the cage is a matter of simply pressing the unlock button on your device or you can set a timer so that it automatically releases your sub at a specific time. This can be minutes, hours, days or even months into the future.

A warning here though….once you set the timer, there is no way to change it! No back-up way to release your sub and no fail-safe.

The fit of the cage is pretty flexible and you can opt for two different sizes of device and each comes with two ring choices.

Worn under the scrotum, these are contoured in design for a more comfortable fit and (according to users) cause minimum friction. It is recommended that you use lubricant when fitting the chastity cage.

The end fit should be pretty snug for average sized subs and there is little to no access inside the cage for any cock and ball torture implements such as clamps or needles. Some BDSM players combine chastity with CBT so this is essential to know.

As for how discreet the device looks under clothing, the results are pretty pleasing and, unlike some chastity cages, the Cellmate doesn’t jut out at an alarming angle or look bulky. Obviously, if your caged sub intends to wear tight trousers then there will be no hiding his ‘situation’.

Cellmate Chastity Cage spec review

Technical Specifications of the Cellmate Chastity Cage

The Cellmate Chastity Cage is made from poly-carbonate and is available in two sizes:

  • Regular: Weight: length 3.9” (100 mm), width 1.5” (37 mm), 74g weight
  • Long: Weight: length 4.72 (120 mm), width 1.5” (37 mm), 80g weight

Two zinc-alloy rings are also included with each cage at diameters of 47mm (1.85”) and 51mm (2”).

The battery for the locking and control mechanism has a life of 8-12 months but users are reminded to replace these regularly even if the device hasn’t been in use.

The Cellmate Chastity Cage is IPX7 Waterproof which means it can (technically) be submerged in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes.

This makes it easier to clean and allows for regular daily activities to be indulged including showering and bathing.

However, it is important to point out that for good hygiene, the device should be removed at least once a week to allow a proper clean.

How Much is the Cellmate Chastity Cage?

The Cellmate Chastity Cage is being retailed at selected online and physical stores with prices varying depending on your supplier.

We’ve found this device available online as low as $160 plus postage and packaging (via meo.de) with some retailers charging $199.99.

how to use Cellmate Chastity Cage review

Cellmate Chastity Review: The Best Chastity Cage?

A keyless locking system for chastity play seems like a great idea and with no escape possible we can see exactly why the BDSM community are celebrating the Cellmate Chastity Cage.

One of the bestselling devices in specialist kink and fetish stores, this high-tech sex toy not only makes chastity easier to control remotely but is also ergonomic and comfortable to wear. It’s one of the most innovative products we’ve seen in the adult space in the last 12 months.

Paired with video calling, the Cellmate Chastity Device allows for remote education and sub-training but affords the Dom the ultimate flexibility to do this from work, whilst shopping or travelling.

The best part?

Your sub can’t cheat this device but it offers the safety of quick and easy release…unless you’ve set the timer!

It’s the only bugbear we could find with the whole system but as long as you opt to leave this function alone, we can’t see any problems.

Yes, there are some who understand chastity to mean chastity and a timer with a failsafe would be pointless. There are plenty of scenarios where you might want to override this kind of setting but, fundamentally, who is in control if the timer is in place?

Not the Dom but the App itself and that takes some of the fun out of playing with someone else’s chastity.

Lastly, we love the idea of geo-location data being added so that you don’t just get control of your subs chastity but you also get to keep track of them too.

Overall, it’s an ingenious device that long term will more than pay for itself as an investment for any BDSM couples who enjoy chastity play.

All featured images in our Cellmate Chastity review come via the Cellmate website.


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