The Best Phone Sex Chat Lines

The Phone Sex Guide

Looking for the best phone sex chat lines? We’ve got you covered! Our phone sex line guide has over 40 active chat lines for dirty talk or late night phone sex. Please note, unless otherwise stated, these numbers are for North America only (some US only, others both US/Canada). We’ll be adding international sex chat lines soon. Our … Read more

Best Escort Sites: The World’s Largest Escort Directories

Worlds largest escort directories

Looking for a call girl in your city? Hiring an escort in many countries is no less legal than hiring an accountant or lawyer with professional ‘services rendered’ being deemed principally for companionship purposes over prostitution. Sex between two consenting adults in this way is often fully legal although this can vary by country. Unlike … Read more

VPNHub Review: The Best VPN For Browsing Porn?

vpnhub review

Concerned about online security and privacy when you browse for porn? If you use your home computer to browse for a lot of adult content then you may have good reason to be cautious. Cyber security experts warn that hacking is no longer a case of IF but WHEN and most of us would rather … Read more

The VRBangers Time Capsule: Relive Your Own Sex Tape

vr bangers time capsule sex tape

Looking for a unique memento of your sex life? The sex industry has consistently been at the forefront of advances in technology; from teledildonics to sex robots and virtual reality. In fact, many industry experts believe that VR has only been able to expand the way it has due to the interest and investment of … Read more

Temptation Holidays: Strictly Adult Vacation Packages

temptation holidays swingers mexico cancun

‘Travel with a twist for grown up adventurers’ If you are looking for a break that is not just for adults-only but that offers some hedonistic and erotic adventure then Temptation Holidays may have just the vacation for you. Designed for lifestyle lovers including couples and singles as well as the LGBTQ+ community, these getaways … Read more

How to Book a Personalized Video From a Porn Star

how to get a personalized video from porn star

Looking for that perfect gift that is wholly unique and totally exclusive? How about a personalized video message from your favorite porn star? Yes, that’s right. You can now pay for a custom celebrity clip featuring the likes of Stormy Daniels, Tanya Tate and the porn legend, Ron Jeremy. At reasonable prices, each star will … Read more

ASMR: A Guide to Whisper Porn

asmr guide to whisper porn

Heard about ‘whisper porn’ and wondered what the hell it is? Also known as ASMR, whisper porn is about provoking a ‘braingasm’; that satisfying tingling sensation you get across your scalp or at the base of your neck when someone whispers close to your ear. Though not strictly speaking ‘porn’ on its own, this search … Read more

Is New York About to Legalize Sex Work?

could new york sex work be legalized

Could New York be about to follow Nevada in legalizing prostitution? A draft bill has been introduced in New York that might not see the state become the second region of the United States where prostitution is legalized but they could become the first to decriminalize sex work. In a package of measures aimed at … Read more

The Best VPNs for Browsing Porn Anonymously

best vpns for browing porn anonymously

Want to browse the internet for porn anonymously? You might want to consider a VPN to do this. A third-party service that offers internet users privacy and security to access content via their own servers, worldwide VPN usage has increased 165% in the last year. 2019 looks set to see this trend continue with more … Read more

The World’s Best Sex Museums: A Complete Guide

erotic museum of barcelona sex museum

Educational, informative and eye-opening, sex museums offer the general public an opportunity to examine erotic art, sexual aids and ancient porn from some unusual times and places. Though sex museums are declining from their heyday, there are still plenty of great locations to enjoy some titivation. From Amsterdam to Japan, the USA to Barcelona, we … Read more

The Swiss Blowjob Café: A Latte with Fellatio

get a blowjob with your coffee

You read that right, a café where you can get a blowjob with your cup of Joe. Or, to put it another way, more bang for your star-bucks. The news hit the papers some time ago when a Swiss entrepreneur announced his intention to open a blowjob bar. Though the venue is yet to open … Read more

10 of the Most Famous Red Light Districts

10 most famous red light districts

Most major cities around the world have some form of red light district whether they are publicly acknowledged and embraced or, more widely, swept under the carpet. Of course, some are more famous than others with many cities celebrating their adult industries. The biggest and most famous red light district is probably De Wallen in … Read more