The Best Phone Sex Chat Lines

The Phone Sex Guide

Looking for the best phone sex chat lines? We’ve got you covered! Our phone sex line guide has over 40 active chat lines for dirty talk or late night phone sex. Please note, unless otherwise stated, these numbers are for North America only (some US only, others both US/Canada). We’ll be adding international sex chat lines soon. Our … Read more

Porn Stars And Sexuality: The Economics Of Same Sex Porn

Economics of same sex porn

Ever wondered about whether those girl on girl porn stars are actually lesbians or how common being ‘gay-for-pay’ actually is? Adult movie stars get paid to have sex; we all know that but have you ever wondered whether performers earn more by starring in same sex porn? And what about homosexual adult stars who have … Read more

Best Escort Sites: The World’s Largest Escort Directories

Worlds largest escort directories

Looking for a call girl in your city? Hiring an escort in many countries is no less legal than hiring an accountant or lawyer with professional ‘services rendered’ being deemed principally for companionship purposes over prostitution. Sex between two consenting adults in this way is often fully legal although this can vary by country. Unlike … Read more

When (And How) Will The Porn Industry Escape Lockdown?

porn industry post pandemic

Wondering when the porn studios will start producing new content? Since lockdown began, global industry leaders have been facing the mammoth task of making workplaces safe for their staff. From introducing compulsory PPE to incorporating social distancing measures, implementing flexible working hours to installing protective screens, every sector from retail to construction has been hard … Read more

VPNHub Review: The Best VPN For Browsing Porn?

vpnhub review

Concerned about online security and privacy when you browse for porn? If you use your home computer to browse for a lot of adult content then you may have good reason to be cautious. Cyber security experts warn that hacking is no longer a case of IF but WHEN and most of us would rather … Read more

What Does Cornonavirus Mean For The Porn Industry?

will the coronavirus affect the porn industry

Can the adult industry survive this global pandemic? With social distancing measures now in place right across the world, the struggle many industries face (no matter what the sector) is the same; how can business go on as normal in the face of the current public health crisis? The porn industry is no different to … Read more

Deep Nude Apps: The Controversial ‘X-Ray Vision’ Apps

deep nude apps x ray vision

Heard about the latest deepfake technology? Known as x-ray vision apps, Deep Nude is a development of existing technology that uses advanced algorithms to turn a photograph of a clothed woman into a realistic image of that same person…..naked. Though the original app itself was withdrawn from sale after downloads of its services went viral … Read more

The Best Sex Tech Startups to Watch in 2020

best sex tech startups 2020

Want to know which new sextech companies to look out for this year? The last decade has seen some huge advances in sex technology from toys that bring pleasure via AI to apps that monitor our sexual health and much more in between. The adult industry has always been at the forefront of new technologies … Read more

Pornhub vs PayPal: Why Thousands of Amateur Performers Are Upset

pornhub vs paypal

Have you been affected by PayPal’s decision to shut off payments from Pornhub? The popular payment processing platform, PayPal, announced in November that it would no longer be supporting transactions for Pornhub’s Model Program. The decision has potentially left over 100,000 people without easy access to their online earnings. The sex industry is already discriminated … Read more

The Best Adult Industry Blogs: A Complete Guide

best adult industry blogs complete guide

Want to know the latest news from the adult industry? Here at the Red Light Network, we think we do a pretty good job at covering some of the best adult industry events and news but there are plenty of other great sources for information out there. Some come directly from the horse’s mouth with … Read more

The VRBangers Time Capsule: Relive Your Own Sex Tape

vr bangers time capsule sex tape

Looking for a unique memento of your sex life? The sex industry has consistently been at the forefront of advances in technology; from teledildonics to sex robots and virtual reality. In fact, many industry experts believe that VR has only been able to expand the way it has due to the interest and investment of … Read more

Is Amazon Alexa Snooping on Your Sex Life?

is amazon alexa snooping on your sex life

Did you know that Amazon Alexa could be activated by the sounds you make when you have sex? The adoption rate of smart speakers in our homes has been on an exponential rise over the last few years and, it is estimated that, more than a quarter of households in the U.S. and one in … Read more

Brain Heart World: Reaction to The Anti-Porn Documentary

brain heart world anti-porn documentary

Heard about the latest anti-porn documentary? The industry took another small blow in September with the release of an anti-adult industry docu-series that claims to lift the lid on the harmful effects of porn. Brain Heart World has been produced by the charity Fight The New Drug who believe that ‘porn kills love’. A movement … Read more

The Best Sex Podcasts: A Complete Guide

best sex podcasts complete guide

Want to know which podcasts to listen to if you fancy something more adult? Podcasts have never been more popular than during 2019 and these handy downloadable audio files have enjoyed unprecedented growth as an alternative source of information and entertainment. According to the latest stats, there are more than 700,000 active podcasts offering more … Read more

The Pornhub Awards 2019: A Full Preview

preview of pornhub awards 2019

Award season starts in the Fall with the Second Annual Pornhub Awards to be held in Los Angeles during October 2019. In 2018, the internet porn hosting giants, Pornhub, made history when they launched their first ever annual awards ceremony. Aiming to compete with similar industry events like the AVNs, the Pornhub Awards went down … Read more

Temptation Holidays: Strictly Adult Vacation Packages

temptation holidays swingers mexico cancun

‘Travel with a twist for grown up adventurers’ If you are looking for a break that is not just for adults-only but that offers some hedonistic and erotic adventure then Temptation Holidays may have just the vacation for you. Designed for lifestyle lovers including couples and singles as well as the LGBTQ+ community, these getaways … Read more

The EXXXXOTICA Expo: What to Expect in 2019

review EXXXXOTICA Expo 2019

‘The Largest Adult Event in the USA Dedicated to Love & Sex’ The EXXXXOTICA Expos are held annually in a variety of locations across the U.S. providing a showcase of entertainment, shopping opportunities and celebrity meet and greets. Ideal for anyone who is a fan of the adult industry or who just enjoys a risqué … Read more

How to Book a Personalized Video From a Porn Star

how to get a personalized video from porn star

Looking for that perfect gift that is wholly unique and totally exclusive? How about a personalized video message from your favorite porn star? Yes, that’s right. You can now pay for a custom celebrity clip featuring the likes of Stormy Daniels, Tanya Tate and the porn legend, Ron Jeremy. At reasonable prices, each star will … Read more

ASMR: A Guide to Whisper Porn

asmr guide to whisper porn

Heard about ‘whisper porn’ and wondered what the hell it is? Also known as ASMR, whisper porn is about provoking a ‘braingasm’; that satisfying tingling sensation you get across your scalp or at the base of your neck when someone whispers close to your ear. Though not strictly speaking ‘porn’ on its own, this search … Read more

Is New York About to Legalize Sex Work?

could new york sex work be legalized

Could New York be about to follow Nevada in legalizing prostitution? A draft bill has been introduced in New York that might not see the state become the second region of the United States where prostitution is legalized but they could become the first to decriminalize sex work. In a package of measures aimed at … Read more

Deepfake Porn: The Adult Industry Gets A Little Bit Creepier

deepfake porn and pornhub

Heard about the disturbing phenomenon of deepfake porn? In the current climate, fake news is commonplace and though some headlines can be so ridiculous they are obviously not true, others are alarmingly plausible. Combined with altered images and video footage (known as deepfake), it’s becoming harder to discern what is real and what is not. … Read more

How to Find Porn on Netflix

how to find porn on netflix

Looking for something a bit raunchy to Netflix and Chill to? Wait….Netflix has porn? Well no, not exactly but Netflix does have ‘steamy’ and ‘erotic’ content. However, you won’t find these titles simply by searching for ‘Porn’ or by browsing for a category clearly marked as ‘Blue Movies’. No, instead you’ll need our inside guide … Read more

Best Porn Documentaries: 21 Films About The Porn Industry

best porn documentaries

Want to really get under the skin of the porn industry? Looking for a revealing porn documentary? The world of the adult entertainment industry has fascinated us for decades and it is through documentaries that we can get a sneak preview behind-the-scenes. From titivating accounts of some of the biggest names in blue movies and … Read more

The Infidelity Index: Which Countries Have The Most Affairs?

Infidelity Cheating Relationship Affair Love

Looking for information on global infidelity statistics? Adultery, affairs, unfaithfulness, cheating….there are a lot of ways to describe infidelity and even more ways to go about it but not all cultures view the act in the same way. There have been many reports and research studies over the last few decades that claim to reveal … Read more

The Best VPNs for Browsing Porn Anonymously

best vpns for browing porn anonymously

Want to browse the internet for porn anonymously? You might want to consider a VPN to do this. A third-party service that offers internet users privacy and security to access content via their own servers, worldwide VPN usage has increased 165% in the last year. 2019 looks set to see this trend continue with more … Read more

The Top Adult Industry Events in 2019

aw summit 2019 adult industry events calendar 2019

Want to know which are the best adult industry events for 2019? If you are involved (or interested) in any sector of the adult industry, from live cam sites and pornographic movies to sex toys and lingerie then you are going to want to bookmark this page. 2019 promises to be another innovative and exciting … Read more

How Tube Sites Took Over the Porn Industry

how tube sites took over porn industry

Want to know how tube sites have affected the adult industry? The global porn industry is estimated to be worth over $97 billion per year and includes both the internet and traditional media. Since the start of the world wide web just a few decades ago, porn has become more mainstream and can now be … Read more

Cryptocurrency in the Adult Industry: A Look at the Future

cryptocurrency in the adult industry future

Interested in what the future holds for the adult industry when it comes to cryptocurrency? The adult industry is a lucrative market and one that extends to many different areas of the global economy. Pornography is thought to generate around $97 billion worldwide whilst prostitution contributes an estimated $186 billion. Add in the various other … Read more

The Adult Magazines Guide: Past and Present

The Adult Magazines Guide

The world of adult magazines has changed a lot over the last hundred years. From their humble but risqué beginnings as explorations of art and naturalism to their heyday of pushing the boundaries in the 1970s and today, where top shelf porn includes some hardcore and extreme action. In this feature, we look at the … Read more

The Best Adult Search Engines: Our Top Picks

best adult search engines in 2017

When it comes to searching for adult content, the big search engines don’t always come up trumps – even if you remember to turn off your Safe Search. Google, Bing and Yahoo might be the most popular search engines in the world and a definite go to when looking for local businesses or travel reviews … Read more

10 of the Weirdest Fetishes: A Kink’s Guide

weirdest fetishes

When it comes to fetishes, we’ve probably all heard of S&M, bondage and the fascination that some people have with feet. Whether it floats your boat or not is neither here nor there, if you’ve got a particular thing that tickles your fancy then nothing else compares. So, without any judgement, we decided to unearth … Read more

The World’s Best Sex Museums: A Complete Guide

erotic museum of barcelona sex museum

Educational, informative and eye-opening, sex museums offer the general public an opportunity to examine erotic art, sexual aids and ancient porn from some unusual times and places. Though sex museums are declining from their heyday, there are still plenty of great locations to enjoy some titivation. From Amsterdam to Japan, the USA to Barcelona, we … Read more

The Swiss Blowjob Café: A Latte with Fellatio

get a blowjob with your coffee

You read that right, a café where you can get a blowjob with your cup of Joe. Or, to put it another way, more bang for your star-bucks. The news hit the papers some time ago when a Swiss entrepreneur announced his intention to open a blowjob bar. Though the venue is yet to open … Read more

The Best Adult Industry Events in 2017: Q3 and Q4

sexpo brisbane adult industry events

The second half of 2017 promises to be just as busy as the first with trade fairs, expos and adult award shows. In this round up, we bring you the best adult industry events from July 2017 to December 2017. July 2017 Latin America Adult Business Expo 10 July to 21 July 2017 Cartagena, Colombia … Read more

10 of the Most Famous Red Light Districts

10 most famous red light districts

Most major cities around the world have some form of red light district whether they are publicly acknowledged and embraced or, more widely, swept under the carpet. Of course, some are more famous than others with many cities celebrating their adult industries. The biggest and most famous red light district is probably De Wallen in … Read more