The Best VR Cam Sites in 2020

terpon vr webcam cam site

There’s no doubt: virtual reality is the hottest trend in online porn.  While VR porn sites are popping up everywhere with a brand new immersive experience, there’s another trend that we’re excited about… And that is the emergence of VR cam sites. Cam sites have been popular for years, but the arrival of virtual reality technology makes it … Read more

How to Become a Stripper

how to become a stripper

Ever wondered how to become a stripper? Stripping can be an extremely lucrative career choice and as long as you have the right qualities, attitude and mindset and work smart then you can definitely earn a boat load of cash. However, this isn’t an easy job and doesn’t suit everyone and there are many talented, … Read more

How To Make Money On OnlyFans

how to make money on onlyfans

Looking to earn some extra cash by monetising your audience? Want to know how to make money on OnlyFans? OnlyFans is a content subscription site where anyone can sell the digital media and services that they create, directly to their fans. This could be anything from videos and photos to exclusive access to their social … Read more

Banned Stories Review

banned stories porn

Fed up with Instagram being too SFW? Have you tried Banned Stories instead? Adult stars are difficult to follow on traditional social media as their ‘real-life’ stories are often far too racey for the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In an effort to redress the balance, New York based porn production company BaDoink has … Read more

ManyVids Review


Want to get access to exclusive content from your favorite adult performers? Looking to sell more of your NSFW content? ManyVids should be near the top of your list! With many adult industry stars unable to work in a post-covid world, adult content sharing sites like ManyVids are seeing a huge uptick in new sign-ups. … Read more

Extra Lunch Money Review

Extra Lunch Money Review

Fancy making a little extra lunch money with your adult content? Extra Lunch Money was launched in 2011 as a digital marketplace for adults to buy and sell amateur sexual content. The site receives over a million unique page views each month with visitors being a mix of registered members looking to sell their services, … Read more

Just For Fans Review

just for fans review

Looking to buy amateur adult content? Maybe you want to sell your own? JustFor.Fans is a new platform for adult performers to connect directly with their fans. Similar to services like OnlyFans, models post content to a secure feed which can only be accessed by paying subscribers. In return for their fee, followers get exclusive … Read more

SquarePeep Review

squarepeep sell nude photos review

Want to discover some new XXX amateur content? Or make some money by selling your nude pics? If you like browsing for exclusive adult photos, or want to try a fun new way to sell your content, then SquarePeep could just be the site for you. Launched in March 2019, this new photo and video … Read more

Sex Work and Covid-19: How The Adult Industry Is Battling to Survive

How Sex Work Is Evolving In The Pandemic

Sex work and Covid-19. It’s not exactly a match made in heaven. Wondering how sex workers are coping with social distancing? The impact of the coronavirus has been felt right across the world with no community and no sector spared from the crippling effects of lockdown. From retail and hospitality through to education, healthcare and … Read more

Sharesome Review

nsfw social network sharesom

Heard about the new adult social platform, Sharesome? Already being used by Romanian porn stars, Jasmin Rouge and Candie Cross, this new NSFW social networking site is being hailed as the answer for those adult performers who are being banned from traditional platforms. Part marketing exercise for adult content creators keen to connect with their … Read more

How Much Money Does Porn Make?

how much does porn earn

Want to know how easy it is to make money from a porn video? Wondering how much money does porn make? The porn industry is said to make around $97 billion each year. That’s no small change! With so much free content out there, what kind of return on investment does making an adult movie … Read more

What Is It Like To Be A Porn Star?

Behind the Camera what is it like to work in porn

What is it like to be a porn star? Many of us have pondered this question! Getting paid to have sex with beautiful people – who wouldn’t want a career in porn? The reality of working in porn is quite different to the videos on your favorite tube site. The truth is that working in … Read more

How to Get Into Porn: An Industry Guide

How to Find Work in the Adult IndustryHow to Find Work in the Adult Industry

Looking for porn jobs? Wondering how to get into porn? Whether you are a budding fetish model, wannabe porn star or just a cameraman who wants a change of scenery, the adult industry can offer enormous rewards. Some people estimate that the porn industry alone generates almost $100 billion. So, when you add in camming, … Read more

OnlyFans vs ManyVids: Which Is Best For Performers?

onlyfans vs manyvids

Want to increase your passive income by selling subscription content to fans? Wondering whether to choose OnlyFans or ManyVids? OnlyFans vs ManyVids – which is best? That’s what we’re going to be examining in this guide. Performers in the adult industry already know just how valuable it is to engage directly with fans and how … Read more

ManyVids vs Clips4Sale: How Do They Compare?

ManyVids vs Clips4Sale

Looking to buy porn clips direct from content creators? Wondering where to sell your homemade videos to the biggest audience? If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of ManyVids vs Clips4Sale, then this guide is for you! Adult video content services aren’t new and there are lots of platforms available where you can purchase … Read more

How Much Money Do Porn Stars Make?

how much money do porn stars get paid

Ever wondered how profitable the porn business is? How much money do porn stars make? There is a whole lot of truth in the age-old adage that ‘Sex Sells’ and the adult industry is thought to be worth an estimated $100 billion globally. There are many kinky ways to make money, but porn remains the … Read more

How To Sell Used Panties For Money

how to sell used panties for profit

Looking for a kinky way to earn some extra cash? Wondering how to sell used panties? Whoever said “Don’t air your dirty laundry in public,” obviously didn’t know what kind of money could be made in the used-panty business. And, trust us, it is a good business. Selling your panties online is a decent way … Read more

The Best Cam Girl Studios and Agencies

best cam studios and agencies

Want to become a live cam model but don’t want to go it alone? Looking for cam girl studios that could help you get started? Despite offering the potential for huge earnings, camming is a competitive business. Unless you have a dedicated amount of time to spend on marketing yourself as well as camming, you … Read more

Biggest Chaturbate Tips: The Most Lucrative Cam Shows Ever

chaturbate biggest cam site tip ever

There’s a new record for the biggest Chaturbate tip. London cam girl, FitLariss received a staggering 338,000 tokens as one of her fans, Cowboybuff77, delivered the astonishing tip through Chaturbate this month. With models receiving around $0.05 per token, this generous gift equates to approximately $16,900. Whilst this is the biggest tip on Chaturbate to … Read more

How To Become a Cam Couple: Make Money Together

couples on cam getting set up

Want to make money as a couple having sex on camera? Wondering how to become a cam couple and grow your audience? Unlike traditional live cam sex sites, couples on cam have a unique selling point; the fact they can have sex, live on camera! Whilst there will always be a market for single cam … Read more

The Best Tip Controlled Vibrators for Camming

best tip controlled vibrators

Looking for the best tip controlled vibrator to maximise your earnings from camming? The live cam market is a classic example of how the adult industry is at the forefront of embracing new technologies. Remote controlled vibrators have emerged as one of the best ways to encourage fans to tip more tokens, and make a … Read more

How to Become a Cam Girl in 2020

How To Get Started Camming guide

Ready to make some serious money from the adult industry? Want to become a cam girl? The best cam girls earn over $1 Million per year, and many others consistently earn over $20,000 per month, making this one of the most profitable sectors of the adult industry to work in. If you want to know … Read more

Non Nude Camming: Can It Make Good Money?

non nude camming

Tempted to start adult camming but worried about the implications of performing nude on camera? Looking to get started with non nude camming instead? Yes, its pretty easy to set up and become a cam girl, but many women (and men) are cautious about how an online adult career might affect them. Whilst most cam sites … Read more

How to Start A Cam Show: A Checklist For Beginners

sex cam show checklist

So you’ve decided to become a cam girl… Great!  If you’re wondering how to start a cam show, there are a few things you need to know before you can start broadcasting. Camming is one of the most popular ways to make money from sex, but it requires some preparation. With the world of live streaming … Read more

How To Get Paid To Sext

how to get paid to sext guide

Fancy getting paid to flirt by text? Yes, it’s possible to get paid to sext, and in this guide we’ll show you how. Sexting is a popular middle-ground alternative to camming or working as a phone sex operator. Though still considered sex work, the appeal for most people is the anonymity offered. But there are … Read more

How To Sell Homemade Porn For Big Money

youkandy webcam modelling amateur porn make money

The porn industry is one of the biggest consumer markets in the world and is worth around $97 billion per year. Ever wondered how to sell homemade porn? It’s no secret that the top porn stars make a lot money. Porn stars like Hillary Scott can earn $250K per contract. The average porn star makes … Read more

Where To Sell Nudes: A Guide to Selling Dirty Pics

where can i sell my nude photos

Want to earn money selling your nude photos? Wondering where to sell nudes for the maximum profit? This is a nice little earner for cam stars to supplement their income, and a great way for models to make money from their pics. Selling nude photos online is big business if you know what you’re doing. … Read more

SkyPrivate Review

SkyPrivate Review.

SkyPrivate is a Pay-Per-Minute plugin which can be used to monetize Skype (and Discord) calls. It increases the way in which cam models can sell adult content to their fans. The main platform serves as a clip sales and pseudo-cam show site meaning greater reach to a wider audience. With more than 40,000 models registered … Read more

Switter Review

switter review

Looking for a safe and easy-to-use social networking platform that won’t censor you? Switter was created specifically for the sex work industry and offers anyone involved in adult entertainment markets a free, decentralized service for social networking. The idea was launched in response to the ever-increasing amount of censorship being applied to adult-content across mainstream … Read more

FanCentro Review


Want to sell or access exclusive premium adult content? FanCentro is a popular platform where adult entertainers and influencers can sell subscriptions to their premium social media channels as well as their own exclusive content direct to their fans. The benefits of managing the creation and distribution of your own media means that you stay … Read more

AVN Stars Review

review avn stars

Want to join one of the fastest growing adult social networks and sell/find the hottest content? AVN Stars should be high on your hit list! With the increase in adult industry stars being routinely shadow banned from mainstream social media sites, there has been a recent influx of websites aimed directly at performers and influencers … Read more

How To Make Money On Chaturbate

how to make money on chaturbate

Fancy making money with a career in camming? Want to know how to make money on Chaturbate? One of the top ten adult websites in the world with monthly audiences in excess of 360 million people, Chaturbate is the platform to use for running a live cam show. The service pays models $0.05 per token … Read more

20+ Top Adult Stars on Cameo

top adult stars on cameo review

Looking for exclusive videos from your favorite adult stars on Cameo? Cameo is a personalized video sharing platform where celebrities can sell one-off selfie videos to their fans. It is one of several services offering instant connections to some of the biggest stars in sport, TV/Film and music. The site doesn’t just have mainstream stars … Read more

13 Best Fan Pages to Sell Adult Content

Best Premium Adult Content Fan Sites

Looking for the best platform to sell adult content or gain fan subscribers? Cam-models, clip artists and adult entertainers know exactly how much money can be earned through online sales of social media subscriptions and adult content. The market is huge and the number of platforms offering you a place to sell your porn is … Read more

SugarBook Review: The Best Sugar Dating Site?

SugarBook review

Intrigued by the idea of sugar dating? Sugar relationships are a modern way of dating in which both parties agree a financial package in exchange for love and companionship. Considered by some to be a ’soft’ version of escorting, one individual (often a wealthy and older man) will provide financial support to their Sugar Baby. … Read more

The Best Gay Sugar Daddy Websites: A Complete Guide

find a gay sugar daddy

Looking for an older man to give you some ‘sugar’? Sugar dating in the gay community is no new thing and the relationship between a young man with a wealthy sponsor dates back centuries and is part and parcel of the culture. From students looking for financial support to entrepreneurs seeking mentorship, artists seeking an … Read more

How To Find A Sugar Baby

how to find a sugar baby

Looking for someone to sugar? Sugar dating has become a popular alternative to traditional relationships and is fast becoming more socially acceptable. Wealthy men and women who are prepared to compensate and support their younger partners in exchange for companionship with no strings attached are highly sought after.  And it’s not all about the money … Read more

How To Find A Sugar Momma

How to find a sugar momma

Want a sexy older woman to take care of you? The prospect of dating a MILF or Cougar is high on many straight guy’s lists but what about finding one who is prepared to ‘sugar’ you along the way? Sugar dating is often viewed as being between a wealthy older man and his, younger, sugar … Read more

BongaCams Review

BongaCams Review

Want to know more about one of the most popular live cam sites in the world? BongaCams is barely eight-years old but has achieved a lot in its short life. Ranked in the top 12 adult websites on the planet they even outperform SFW websites like Wikipedia, Amazon and eBay in some countries. Winner of … Read more

Rise of the Virtual Orgy: Sex Parties Head Online

Rise of virtual orgies house of scorpio

Fed up of lockdown and missing those sex parties? The coronavirus has temporarily changed our way of lives in ways as diverse as how we work and how we ‘meet’ friends and family to how we date and get intimate. We’ve recently featured ways for couples to stay ‘physical’ during under lockdown with long distance … Read more

CamSoda vs Chaturbate: Which Cam Site Is Best?

camsoda vs chaturbate review

We’ve all heard of Chaturbate but have you come across CamSoda yet? (Pun intended….) Chaturbate is the most popular live cam site around with a staggering 320+ million hits each month and is the 5th most visited adult website on the planet. Yet, the giants of online sex chat aren’t the only platform in town … Read more

MFC Share: A Guide to the MyFreeCams Community

MFC Share

Want to interact more directly with popular adult stars? Get closer to your fans? Launched in 2017, MFC Share is a private photo and video platform which allows models to sell content directly to their fans. The service complements their live cam site by offering a passive way for performers to connect with audiences without … Read more

9 Cam Sites to Enjoy in Self-Isolation

best cam sites for self isolation coronavirus

Looking for something to do whilst the nation is in coronavirus lock-down? The official advice from most governments and public health agencies is the same; help prevent the spread of the coronavirus by staying at home. Known as self-isolation or social distancing, the aim of these extraordinary steps is to slow the rate of transmission … Read more

13 Sex Life Tips For Couples in Lockdown

sex life tips for couples in lockdown

Struggling to cope with life in lockdown with your partner? In this feature, we’ll be looking at the challenges faced by couples living together in lockdown including the impact that such prolonged exposure to one another can have on a relationship. In particular, we’ll be looking at ways you and your partner can use this … Read more

Cam Soda: There For You In Quarantine

Cam Soda for Self Isolation

Can cam sites be a force for good in these difficult times? There aren’t many good news stories at the moment with reports of rising death tolls, panic buying and millions of people being redundant so we wanted to take a moment to share some light relief with a story of one companies efforts to … Read more

Skibbel Review

skibbel review sexting app

Enjoy sexting but want a new way to connect with people? Since the birth of the internet and even with simple text messaging services, cybersex has become a very popular way of getting your rocks off in this digital age. And, there’s never been so many ways to do it. From live cam sites to … Read more

Seeking Arrangement Review

sugar daddy dating seeking arrangement review - Copy

Want to become someone’s sugar baby or looking to be a sugar daddy? Offering wealthy men and women the opportunity to find a sugar baby to enter an ‘Relationship Agreement’ with, Seeking Arrangement is a niche dating platform that has been operating for 14 years. The service is being used by more than 10 million … Read more

No Strings Attached Review

no strings attached dating review

Are you married or ‘attached’ and looking for a bit of fun on the side? If you are in a relationship, whether you are married, engaged or just with a long-term partner, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to continue playing the field. No Strings Attached is a niche online matching service … Read more

Ashley Madison Review

ashely madison review

Looking for the best hook-up platform for a discreet affair? Established more than 18 years ago, Ashley Madison is the number one name in online dating for married men and women looking for an affair. Ranked in the top 30 sites in the world, their road to success hasn’t been a smooth one and the … Read more

The Best Porn Forums: A Complete Guide

Best porn forums

Looking for an alternative to sharing and searching for adult content via social media? Maybe porn forums are the way to go? Considered old school by some people, porn forums actually offer a few advantages over sites like Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter and other social media platforms when it comes to sharing content. They also provide … Read more

Imgur Bans NSFW: A Look at the Alternatives

imgur bans nsfw content reddit

Heard the news that Imgur has jumped on the band wagon and decided to ban porn too> As of 14th October 2019, the popular image-sharing service Imgur will no longer display NSFW subreddits on its platform. The decision has been taken by the company in a bid to prevent this kind of adult material from … Read more

Camversity Review

camversity review

Want to know more about the brand-new live cam site, Camversity? If you want an education in life then we all know that a higher institute of learning is the way forward; so, welcome to Camversity. Launched in 2018 by webcam models, for webcam models, this live cam platform is reaching huge audiences and gaining … Read more

CasualX: The CraigsList Alternative for Casual Sex

CasualX sex app review

Looking for an alternative to Craigslist for finding casual sex hook-ups? Mooted as the safe and trusted alternative to Craigslist for seeking casual encounters, CasualX is an app available for Android devices that promises to be like Tinder Minus the Marriage-Minded Daters. Offering a similar interface to that of Tinder and delivering up to 1,000 … Read more

Flirt4Free Review

flirt4free mobile experience review 2019

Want to know more about the live cam streaming site Flirt4Free? Known worldwide as one of the top ten live cam sites, Flirt4Free has had a difficult start to 2019 seeing its audience figures plunge from over 120 million visitors per month (March 2019) to just 45 million visitors in July 2019. Falling 581 places … Read more

Cam4 Review

join cam4

Want to know more about the popular live cam site, Cam4? With over 56 million monthly visitors Cam4 is one of the top 100 adult websites in the world. Known for providing good value for money and offering a huge range of channels, this European cam site is easy to use and features plenty of … Read more

Jerkmate Review: The Adult Cams Aggregator

Jerkmate review cams aggregator

Looking for a new live cam site? A newcomer to the world of interactive cam sex, JerkMate has been gaining in popularity over the last six months. Attracting a regular 2.5 million visits each month, the site offers its members a space to enjoy the art of mutual masturbation and provides some simple features to … Read more

Get Laid… On Facebook? A Guide to Secret Crush

Get Laid with Facebook secret crush

Got a crush on one of your friends? Soon, Facebook can let them know for you! As if Facebook’s monopoly on how we interact online could get any more dominant but Mark Zuckerberg’s desire to be master and commander of our digital social lives just took another giant leap forward. Secret Crush is set to … Read more

The 225 Best Adult NSFW Subreddits

best nsfw subreddits

Want to get the best adult content on Reddit? Reddit is one of the top ten social networking sites worldwide and caters to a huge variety of tastes. Offering users a space to connect and share content for any niche, subreddits are an ideal space to pick up plenty of great NSFW content quickly and … Read more

Tumblr After Porn: Will the Social Network Survive?

tumblr porn ban will the site survive

How is Tumblr coping since its decision to ban porn in December 2018? With a drop in viewing figures of around 30%, the decision by the social media platform and microblogging site, Tumblr, to ban ‘adult content’ has been seen by many as a huge failure. Though the intentions of the company were honorable (the … Read more

The 21 Best Porn Star Autobiographies and Memoirs

Best porn star autobiographies and memoirs

Looking for some erotic, but enlightening, bedtime reading material? Not known for their writing skills, the memoirs of most pornography stars have been written with the help of a ghost writer who help to set down in words exactly what it’s like to lead the life of an adult movie star. As well as being … Read more

The Best Sites Like Literotica for Adult Fantasy and Fiction

Best sites like literotica

Looking for free adult fantasy and fiction online? If you are, then you’ve probably heard of Literotica. A user-submitted erotic fiction site with over 420,000 stories, essays, poems and audio titles….all available to enjoy for free.; it’s like having an adults only library card. The site has been running for over twenty years and has … Read more

20 of the Most Famous Erotic Novels

21 of the most famous erotic novels

Want to know which of the many erotic novels published over the last few centuries are the most famous? From obscene tales of debauchery and provocative memoirs to racy ‘bodice rippers’ and saucy pulp fiction, erotic novels have been a part of the mainstream English literature scene for almost 300 years. With notorious titles like … Read more

Literotica Review: Still #1 for Erotic Stories?

literotica review

If you are looking for erotic stories on the web then it won’t be long before you stumble on Literotica. This free to use adult fiction site celebrates its 21st anniversary in 2019 and retains its popularity as one of the most visited and ‘stickiest’ adult websites in the world. With more than 53 million … Read more

The Best Sex Chat Roulette Sites: DirtyRoulette & More!

best sex roulette chat sites 2019

Looking for an alternative to live cam sites and heard about sex roulette chat? Already familiar with sites like DirtyRoulette and looking for more? 😉 This random way to get an instant connection with other adults looking for sexy chat is an ongoing trend that started about a decade ago with ChatRoulette, and provides an … Read more

Voyeur House TV Review

Voyeur House TV Review live cam site

Looking for a cam site with a difference? Voyeur House TV might be exactly what you are looking for and does exactly what it says on the tin. The cam models who offer live broadcasts on this site let you watch streams from around their entire home; kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms and living rooms….this is … Read more

Slut Roulette Review

slut roulette review

Want to know more about the popular cam site, Slut Roulette? A take on the popular randomized cam-to-cam chat service, ChatRoulette, Slut Roulette takes the idea to an adult level in this creative live cam sex site with a twist. Instead of pre-selecting your cam model, let the site choose one for you, completely at … Read more

Live Jasmin Review

live jasmin review cam sites

Want to know more about Live Jasmin? The multi-award winning live cam site, Live Jasmin is one of the top sites of its kind in the world and regularly competes with competitors, Chaturbate and BongaCams, for market domination. It receives more than 400 million hits each month and has made its owner the wealthiest man … Read more

Amateur Community Review

amateur community review

Looking for a live amateur sex cam site? Amateur Community is a European site that was launched in the USA in September 2013. It attracts a lot of German models and, as well as live sex shows, also offers users the chance to buy photo sets and personal videos from their favourite models. In some … Read more

MyDirtyHobby Review

adult social network my dirty hobby

Have you heard of MyDirtyHobby? No, we’re not asking you to witness our own side line of entertainment. My Dirty Hobby is one of Europe’s largest amateur porn sites and has grown considerably over the last decade. Based in Germany and offering a range of services, My Dirty Hobby celebrates home-made adult content. In this … Read more

The Ultimate Adult Cams Guide

Best Adult Cams Guide

If you are looking for an adult cam site then you are spoilt for choice with hundreds of results each offering what, at first glance, look to be the same thing; live sex. However, not all adult cam sites deliver the same value, so we’ve put together an ultimate guide to sort the wheat from … Read more

The Best Adult Chat Rooms: A Guide to Sex Chat In 2020

best sex chat rooms

Sex chat rooms were a popular means of ‘adult communication’ on the heady days of the early Internet in the 1990s. But here in 2020, cyber sex has been enhanced by more interactive means of communication – allowing us to see and hear who we’re talking to. Those who used to browse adult chat rooms will … Read more

OnlyFans Review

only fans earn money social media

OnlyFans, launched in 2016, has brought a whole new dimension to Twitter users with large followings; offering premium subscription services so that dedicated followers can access exclusive content and therefore allowing members to make an income from their social media account. Many of us use social media to interact with a network of people from … Read more