CasualX: The CraigsList Alternative for Casual Sex

Looking for an alternative to Craigslist for finding casual sex hook-ups?

Mooted as the safe and trusted alternative to Craigslist for seeking casual encounters, CasualX is an app available for Android devices that promises to be like Tinder Minus the Marriage-Minded Daters. Offering a similar interface to that of Tinder and delivering up to 1,000 matches per day, this app fills the gap in the market that was left gaping after the popular personals section was pulled from Craigslist in 2018.

In this review, we take a closer look at exactly how the CasualX app works, who is using it and whether it is proving to be as good as they say it is at hooking up for casual sex.

Craigslist: Alternatives

In March 2018, following the prostitution and sex trafficking scandal that rocked the personal classifieds market and saw Backpage closed down by the F.B.I., Craigslist took the decision to pull its hugely popular dating category, including the Casual Encounters section. Prior to the closure, Craigslist was the number one go-to for singles, swingers and the sexually risqué for finding their next hook up.

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CasualX casual sex app craigslist alternative
Craigslist Casual Encounters: What’s the alternative?

So, where can you find a casual encounter without Craigslist?

Well, there are several Craigslist personals alternatives that were only too pleased to pick up some of the traffic, including:

Not all of these services are free and some are more geared towards escorts than hook ups but they do serve as a similar resource for finding casual sex. However, there is another alternative to Craigslist…

CasualX: The Casual Sex App

Developed and launched in 2016, CasualX is a casual hook-up dating app only for those people looking for a no-strings attached date with some guaranteed benefits.

The idea is pretty simple and the company offers a friend finder service for the adult singles market for casual encounters of all kinds. It works on a similar basis to Tinder; swipe left to dislike or Swipe right to like and if you both like each other then you will get a notification from the app of a Match.

You can also access the Random Match feature and get a daily randomized profile to chat with.

CasualX sex app craigslist
Security and privacy are at the heart of the design of CasualX.

As well as offering a simple and user-friendly service, the team at CasualX have researched those features of other dating and hook-up apps and have included a “moments” feature. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, this allows users to share their thoughts and photos in a similar way to other social networks. That is as long as your photos adhere to the rules of the app store from which you downloaded it. Which is a good point. CasualX was once available from the Apple iTunes store but has since been removed…presumably as a result of users posting content that was deemed ‘pornographic’.

The app is currently ranked in the top 20 dating apps (Google Play) in North America (17th in the U.S. and 18th in Canada) and is thought to have been downloaded almost 750,000 times.  It will come as no surprise that traffic for the app leapt by around 200% when Craigslist closed its personal section in 2018.

Does CasualX Work?

After some initial teething problems when the app was first launched in 2016, mainly due to spammers and scammers, the team at CasualX now employ a mix of manual methods and A.I. technology to approve all accounts on their service. As a result, the service lays claim to have a large number of genuine profiles all looking for the same thing (not just random sexting).

CasualX casual sex app
CasualX claims to be matching 1000 people a day for casual sex.

CEO of the company, Michele Li, concedes that no app can 100% guarantee the authenticity of its user base but has claimed that the service is performing more than 1,000 matches per day.

Li has also gone on the record to claim that the ratio of men to women on the app is around 10:1. This is no surprise to any regular users of a hook-up app and means that women will find it a lot easier to get a match than men will.

Reviews for the app give it a 4.3 out of 5 stars with the overwhelming majority of users being pleased with the way it works, looks and the pricing.

How Safe is CasualX?

Safety and privacy are two key features for the CasualX app and from the moment that you download it to your device you will notice this. In addition to the traditional registration process of confirming your personal details and creating a unique password, you are also asked to provide a lock pattern on your device’s screen to secure the app. Secondly, all new profiles are manually verified. This can take anything from 20 minutes to several hours to achieve but is one of the ways in which the service offers superiority to some of those classified personals sites listed above.

As ever, there are no guarantees and all users are reminded of the risks and dangers of hooking up with a stranger you meet online. There are plenty of blogs and guides about how to conduct casual encounters safely so we won’t go into that here. Just remember to play safe, take precautions and always have a back-up plan.

Who is Using CasualX?

At the moment, the majority of the app’s users are based in either the United States or Canada. However, there is some coverage of the services in both the United Kingdom as well as Australia but outside of these countries there has been very little uptake….so far.

Users are mostly straight but the app does cater for gay men and women as well as couples.

CasualX craigslist alternative

How Much Does CasualX Cost?

The app itself is free to download and you can register an account for free, however the best features of the app are (of course) premium services.

Called Gold Membership, only premium users can access the messaging features of the site as well as some other bells and whistles; however, this does come at a price. The current charges for membership are $14.99 per month or an upfront charge of $54.99 for six-months.

There are a couple of ways you can get a free upgrade to Gold Membership, full details of which can be found on the official CasualX app website but are broadly as follows:

  • Share CasualX on Twitter: You get one day free membership for every 10 followers you have so, the more ‘influential’ you are, the longer you get.
  • Share CasualX on Facebook: If you have a fan page then you get one free day of membership for every 10 likes your page has or if you share it on your own news feed then you get one day for every 100 friends you have.
  • Share CasualX on Instagram: Get one day free membership for every 10 followers you have.
  • Mention CasualX in a Blog Post: The length of your membership depends on the quality of your blog post and the amount of traffic that the site receives. You can receive anything from a one day membership up to a lifetime one.

You can claim the free Gold Membership by taking a screenshot of your share/post and sending it to the CasualX team.

CasualX: We Say…

Since the loss of Craigslist, there is an obvious demand for apps like CasualX; a quick and easy way to connect with like-minded adults looking for a hook-up. The main difference between this service and the former classified personals site is obvious; one was free, the other isn’t.

Yes, CasualX will cost you $15 a month to use which places it into a premium rate category and which means it must compete with other services like Adult Friend Finder, Badoo etc. As a dating app, it also needs to compete with more well-known services like Tinder, Whiplr, Pure and OKCupid. Sure, some of these apps have more of a reputation for dating than for casual sex but they each have larger user bases and have a good coverage for the NSA market.

So, does CasualX have what it takes to compete with these sites and apps?

The short answer is, yes….if you are located in North America. At the moment, the coverage for CasualX isn’t great outside of the major U.S. and Canadian cities which means you will need to download the app and do some browsing before you decide if it is right for you. The beauty is that this part is free so there is no commitment to sign-up for expensive monthly fees if you cant find a match in your area.

Overall, the app is sleek and easy to use and, in time, could very well become the next go-to service for casual sex. Maybe.

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