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Want to spy on some real-life adult action?

Camarads is a voyeur’s paradise – it’s a hybrid between Big Brother and an adult cam site.

Voyeur cams first hit the scene about a decade ago and have a niche appeal to both the curious and voyeuristic alike.

Hitting a sweet spot in the live sex cams space where audiences are invited to witness the daily lives of real people, Camarads is one of a handful of platforms where the on-screen models aren’t ‘performing’ for tips.

Instead, they are paid to live in a house full of cameras.

In our Camarads review, we take a closer look at this popular live voyeur cam site.

What is Camarads?

Camarads is a specialist cam site operating ten apartments, each installed with multiple live streaming cameras.

camarads voyeur cam site

The occupants of the apartments have all signed up to have their daily lives broadcast uncensored and unedited to the paying public and include a mix of solo girls and couples. In return, they are paid up to 60% of the subscription fees paid to watch them.

Based in Europe, most of the participants in this voyeur cam project are male-female couples.

Apartments at Camarads change all the time and can even move with people as they change location.

The site is pretty popular with almost four million people hitting the platform up each month with the majority of these coming from France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

What Can You Watch on Camarads?

The cameras cover pretty much all areas in the apartment with relatively few blind spots which means you get to watch everything from the moment they wake up to the moment their heads hit the pillow at night.

None of the action in between is scripted or prompted and this can include domestic chores and simple activities like bathing, dressing and watching TV as well as those more explicit moments including masturbating and hardcore sex.

review of camarads voyeurism site

As an adult platform, most of the participants are aware that audiences want to see them ‘perform’ but like any reality TV you’ve ever watched, its hard to be anything but authentic when you are being filmed 24/7.

The result can be a mix of more ‘staged’ scenes to some genuinely spontaneous moments.

And, unlike a lot of voyeur cam apartments, the residents at Camarads are actually live-streaming some parts of their day to other cam sites.

This means you get a free view of their performances to the general public but, not from their webcam, from an exclusive bird’s eye view.

Of course, you don’t always get lucky when you log on  and there are occasions (depending on the time of day) when you can hit the site and find no-one to watch. After all, these guys have lives to lead outside of the home but members also get access to a 24-hour replay feature.

This means if you miss any memorable moments you can stream them on catch-up in full HD.

If you don’t have the patience to watch these moments unfold, or you’d prefer a sleeker presentation, we’d recommend a site like True Amateurs instead – which is, basically, a porn site featuring real couples.

Features of Camarads

Each of the ten apartments has multiple cameras covering every room including:

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Bathroom

In addition, each room has options of camera angle so you can get a general view or a more focused view (bed, couch, shower etc.).

review of camarads site

Audiences can watch the action in full-screen mode in mobile-friendly 1080p HD video.

Members also get access to recorded videos in the Gallery which feature memorable moments and include everything from solo masturbation to hardcore sex.

Lastly, a subscription also allows you to catch-up with any action you might have missed with the 24-hour replay feature.

How Much is Camarads?

Whilst you can watch some of the cams on Camarads for free, unlimited access to all cameras is locked away behind a premium subscription.

Members who sign up can view all the action in full screen mode and enjoy 24-hour replay access for the following fees:

  • $29.90 per month for 30 days
  • $24.90 per month for 90 days (total cost of $74.70)
  • $19.90 per month for 180 days (total cost of $119.40)

Camarads Review: A Popular Cam Site For Voyeurs?

We’re not going to spend ages trying to sell the idea of voyeur cam sites to you; either you enjoy the idea of watching people or you don’t.

camarads review voyeur cam site

So, if the idea appeals to you, then why should you choose Camarads over any of the other sites offering something similar?

There are plenty of rivals, including the popular Voyeur House TV and RealLifeCam.

Firstly, Camarads offers a nice selection of apartments all streaming in HD and using a highly responsive website which is pretty easy to navigate.

The participants in the project here have all been handpicked for their exhibitionist tendencies and are mostly young, pretty and fit with an appetite for sex.

The result is that there are several occasions each day when there is some great action unfolding. Which is perfect….if you are online at the time!

One of the downsides of voyeur cam sites is the fact that the action tends to only happen at certain times during the day and if you are in a different time-zone you could be missing the live action.

Which is why members get the 24-hour replay feature.

However, this does sort of miss the point of live voyeurism and watching something back is just like watching some amateur porn which, let’s face it, you can find in bucketloads for free on a tube site.

review of camarads voyeurism

But the thrill of being a voyeur is in waiting to catch something spontaneous happen….as it happens!

So, for our money, if you can watch Camarads in the GMT+3 time zone at peak hours then you may well find yourself treated to some hardcore action.

Overall though, if you are a firm fan of voyeurism or are just intrigued by the idea of watching real life cams with the possibility of explicit action happening at any time then Camarads is a solid choice.

Easy to use and with a choice of plenty of high-quality feeds the membership fees are competitive and compare favorably to other voyeur cam sites.

Plus with Camarads you also get the benefit of being to watch a full live cam show and, when these models turn up the heat for their online audiences, you don’t have to worry about putting your hand in your pocket to tip them.

Lastly, there is much more to enjoy here than just the nudity and sex (which is obviously a big selling point) but you do kind of get invested in the dramas and minutia of the housemates.

And becoming more invested in these people as individuals really does make those intimate moments more enjoyable. Which is one of the reasons why voyeur cam sites are so popular.

So, if you fancy becoming a peeping tom and enjoying some camera-loving comrades in action then Camarads will give you all the camaraderie you desire.

Sign up here to browse the live shows.

All images in our Camarads review come via their website.


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